Help me through this pain

this hurting

Hold me - like a babe

swathed in the comfort of your arms.

Take me into you

and stroke away the world.

Let me feel your strength.

Let it warm me - calm me

and rub away my raw and wounded parts.

Make me whole again.

I need you - now

more than I've ever needed before.

Fill the space

the empty void

the pit that caverns through and down

to my eternal source

where sleek and icy smooth

I search to find a foothold,

an edge to balance on.

I need to hear your voice

feel your heartbeat

the breath upon your lips.

I need to see your smile,

your eyes, your mouth,

the gentleness of you

I need to feel your hands,

your arms, your body's weight

heavy on my own and light within my soul.

I'm falling through eternity

and space

and only you can break the fall

and make me right again.

I need you - now.

~ (C) ~
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