I didn't say half

of what I wanted

that fury morning

we bid adieu


about the weather

checking drawers and closets

watching you stuff shirts and socks

remembering to pack my robe

I have difficulty finding words

I need rehearsal time

to sort my thoughts

to analyze - to synthesize

to seek gestalt

No simple Motiff One

to sketch

a time scarred pattern

simplicity outlined in azure sky

I warned you in advance

I'm stubborn and I'm strong

and have no tolerance

for temper

You played "let's pretend"

and I - pragmatic feet

upon the ground

pass through floating clouds

in dreams and airplanes only

There are no restraints upon my imagination

I must be free to speak my thoughts

Homogenize me and lose

whatever's ours to share

Attempt to possess me

and I'll leave your life

The cased butterfly is lovely to behold

but displays true beauty

only when in flight.

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