If I could get
inside your head
I'd fill it up with me
and picture images
of myself
when I've shared space with you.

I'd stretch your long lean legs
till they were resting
on the bed.
Your body relaxed
your vibrant smile
and you looking at me
looking at you.

I'd lean you forward
till we touched
and rested your head upon my breast
and let you inhale
the scent of me
and fill you up with my hug

Then I'd let you hold me tight
and tickle my ribs
and be glad for the two of us
and shift your weight
over my thigh
so you could look at me
looking at you

If I could get
inside your head
I'd know what you are thinking.
I'd project beautiful thoughts
and memories
and the very same need inside me.

~ (C) ~
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