If there is life
beyond these times
then you will live

to share your joy
and wisdom
and uncanny zest
for living

If there is more
to life
than this
then the world still has
a promise
a hope for future times
with you
the gardenia scent
and magnolia

But how I wish
that you were here
with me
sharing a glass of warm vodka
an aged old tune
sitting by the fire

Your hair would be
long and loose
and only slightly curling
Your gown mauve and wine
and gathered to the hem

Your eyes would sparkle
with delight
as you related some old world tale
and I could glimpse
your other life
and dream along with you

When you come back
and I know you will
Will you wait for me
I want to share it
with you
all over again

~ (C) ~
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