My love is not tempered

Only the declaration of my arms around you

Halted by life's circumstances

Beyond my control

Touch me

I need you

You tease me like no other teases me

I stumble over the simplest things

when you tease me

I wonder why?

I, the articulate, pause in thought

Sometimes... in frustration

while you twist my words to suit your purpose

which is to spank me... and love me senseless

Spank me... please...

Love me senseless

Have I ever told you how much I love your laughter?

I want to feel your smile on my lips

I want to lose myself in your embrace

Do I ask too much?

When you have cuddled the child within me...

When you have kissed away my fears...

Will you accept the woman that I am?

The woman who needs the man you are

And... can you love all that I am?

Child... woman... imp...



At times... undisciplined

No symmetry

Half gypsy...

Half butterfly...

I need you


~ C ~
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