The night began with an argument
Your arms tightened around me


You didn't want no
You wanted yes

You laid down the law
Explained the rules
Threatened consequences
Promised rewards

Bided my time
Planned my escape

Don't even think about it!

How dare you! You don't own me!

Oso I dare
Siete miniera You are mine
Siete il mio cuore You are my heart
Appartenete a me You belong to me

Don't touch!
Don't kiss!

Sto andando baciarvi ogni pollice I'm going to kiss every inch of you

E andare sculacciarli and then I'm going to spank you
Giuro I swear it

You delivered sting from a hard and heavy hand
Our bodies - entwined in intimate song
Spooning in the aftermath
Of tears and consequences and blissful rewards

Moonlight and whispered breaths
Slumbering in your arms
You locked inside me again
Love words murmured over and over

Siete la mia tesoro You are my treasure
Mia anima My soul
La mia vita My life
Miniera Mine

Sono il vostro I am yours

~ (C) ~
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