We could meet in Atlanta

I'll fly up~

You can carry my bags.


We could count on being together

two or three days~

I'll rub your back real good.


We could dine on the roof

of that big fancy hotel~

I'll eat the shrimp while you watch.


We could dress to the teeth

or just go jeans and t-shirts~

You can pretend we just met.


We could drink until dawn

or they carry us out~

I won't complain when you snore.


We could take a long ride

Tour the city's sights~

You can hold my hand.


We could sleep really late

Or get up to jog~

I'll give you a block head start.


We could snuggle together

Under the covers~

You can tickle my ribs.


We could love one another

The way we know how~

You can hold me tight.


We could meet in Miami,

St. Louis, LA~

New York would be all right.


Chicago, Dallas or Kalamazoo

Anywhere's perfect, my love~

When I'm with you.


~ (C) ~
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