You shared your home with me

and the warmth of you within it

I saw pieces of you

in every room

On all the walls - your image

etched with care

I saw a glimpse of other parts of you

and some of your cherished memories

We broke bread

and the barrier of time

Again, we reached that intimacy

our minds have always shared

You opened your heart to me

Oh - just a little bit

but that soul of yours

you shared fully with my own

For when our lips were silent

our souls conversed in depth

Continuing the rhapsody that began

I don't remember when

Perhaps it was somewhere

before our time

In some distant galaxy

or maybe in Atlantis

It doesn't matter when or where

It will come again

That intimacy

of two souls in rhythm

Perhaps in a month or two

or maybe even years

And if it should take lifetimes

my very special friend

We'll eventually continue

the echo of that distant star

~ (C) ~
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