You're so elusive
I long for you.

I see you smile at me
that funny half-cocked grin
that teases and taunts
and flaunts your enjoyment of me.
I want to touch you.

You have a way of looking at me
It goes right through me
It makes my soul shiver
Please touch me.

I want your arms around me
Hold me close to your body
Press me against your chest and thighs
Let me feel your strength when you touch me
and the gentleness of your loving.

I want to feel your body's weight
full length on me
your body's heat
mingling with my own.

I want to feel your breath
ragged... then easy
as the tension leaves you
You relaxing in my arms.

I want to hold you
and maybe, tease you... just a little -
gypsy that I am.
I want to enjoy all of you
Your loving is sweetness
and I long for you.

~ (C) ~

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