by Cowboy

Have you blogged yet? I have about as much time to blog as I have to write anecdotes or stories. To please mia bambina, I try to write something here but blogging is out of the question. If you're in the dark about blogging it's an online journal. Why anyone would want to read my daily thoughts escapes me. Members of my staff have assured me that thousands of people write their personal journals for their friends to read - like a Christmas letter, another thing I abhor. I don't want to write them and I don't want to read them. There are sites where anyone can read your journal. Apparently videotape doesn't do enough damage - now you can make a journalistic record of your foolishness in cyber space.

Mea culpa. I think writing anecdotes is the same as blogging.


I am a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and have always held the skills and ideals they teach in the highest esteem. I felt confident I had received a full and well-rounded education. It was only after I met Sar that I learned there were huge gaps and deficiencies in the curriculum. For example:

**The U.S. Naval Academy teaches military strategy. I excelled in this subject.

It does not teach "Sar logic" - a subject I fail to fully grasp.

**The U.S. Naval Academy teaches weaponry. I passed with flying colors.

It does not teach how to resist the weapons of an imp's seduction, her artful innocence or her tears. I willingly fail on all counts.

**The U.S. Naval Academy teaches evasive maneuvers. I was at the top of my class in this skill.

It does not teach the chasing and catching of an imp that climbs trees, slides down banisters, and who is expert in "catch me if you can" and 16 ways to be invisible in front of my very own eyes. We need Sar to teach those skills.

**The U.S. Naval Academy teaches leadership. I did well in this area.

It does not teach being led around by one's nose and-or various other parts of one's anatomy - figuratively speaking - by an imp.

**The U.S. Naval Academy's BUD/s training (Sealy School in Sar's terms) teaches how to survive jungle warfare and other potentially lethal situations. I was a Seal on active duty in jungle warfare and successfully accomplished my missions.

It does not teach how to survive the unpredictability that comes from living with a birbantella (naughty imp.) One can only sit back and watch her antics in amazement. She constantly makes me laugh. It also does not teach the utter peace that comes from holding mia birbantella in my arms while she sleeps.

My education and training did not include many things that Sar taught me. I did learn patience but she has taught me *infinite* patience and the joy of frequent and unexpected laughter.

Growing up, I learned to appreciate the way my parents interacted with each other. They had a close and loving relationship and that's what I wanted for Sar and myself. I discovered that emotions for each other easily rise to the surface. Until I met Sar I had no idea they could overwhelm you. Mia birbantella can overwhelm me with her smile.

Sar didn't have role models when she was growing up but she's a "natural" when it comes to loving. I don't know about other husbands but my wife of over 20 years still greets me at the door at the end of the day with a tight hug and kisses and many times by jumping into my arms to say how much she missed me. If I was tired when I came home, I am rejuvenated when I see her. Yeah, I love her.

I'd like to tell you all the sexy things mia Adora has done to assure my immediate attention when I come home from work but I'll refrain. She would only embarrass me further by writing the most intimate details of our lives and posting it for all to read. As if she hasn't already done that!

I admit my face is permanently set on happily married. I also admit that the interior of my vehicle is cleaned once a week so that the floor doesn't remain permanently stained with the remnants of congealed fast food. Sar and her pups equate driving with eating. I should write the manufacturer and let them know their SUVs do double duty as waste disposals.

A bit of this and that and I'll leave the writing to Sar. I don't have a lot of leisure time and what I have, I like to spend with la mia bambina rather than trying to write. This took me weeks to put together.

Sar doesn't dwell too much on her life before we met. She's shared of course, but a lot of what I know about her youth came to me by way of a couple of close friends, friends she still sees and speaks to regularly. She missed a lot of the normal stuff - toys, playing with dolls, riding a bike, trick or treating, Christmas.

For our first Christmas I asked her what she wanted and Sar said she wanted ribbons for her hair. Ribbons. I bought wide ribbons, narrow ribbons, every color and barrettes. To this day, she keeps the ribbons in the same wicker basket they were in when I gave them to her. The basket sits on the edge of the bathtub. One of the special joys of my life is randomly choosing one and slipping it under her hair to keep it off her neck when she gets in the tub. Sar saves the used ribbons to use in her art quilts and every couple of months, I replace the ribbons with new ones so there's a never ending supply. All these years later, new ribbons always make her face light with pleasure at that simple gift.

She got other presents that Christmas, the best one for both of us was that we shared it together.

It is no secret that I am in love with my wife. She is my world. Contrary to the picture she often presents, she is not always into mischief. She is the beautiful and charming woman by my side at official functions. She is the agile birbantella up a tree challenging me to catch her. She is the sexy siren that can stop my breath with a look and the sweet bundle in my arms when she finally sleeps. And the best part is that she is mine.


~ End ~

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