Part Three

9 February
It's Ash Wednesday and Sar asks me if I'm going to church. Yes. I'll attend morning services and say a prayer of thanks for my many blessings. I don't put ashes on my forehead but I appreciate that there are those that are more devoted. She tells me not to bother with the wine - it's watered down and tastes awful. I give her tush a firm swat. Sar is not Catholic and I'm wondering how she knows this.

She tells me she is giving up green vegetables for Lent. I remind her she isn't Catholic and not required to give anything up. She assures me it will be a great sacrifice but she's up to the challenge. I give her tush another firm swat.

I think you should give up sound spankings she tells me. It's something you really like to do and that would be a true test of your faith. I assure her no one is testing my faith and giving her a sound spanking if she needs one is gonna happen Lent or no Lent. She reminds me that baboon buttheads are not known for their couth. Swat number 3 coming up!

If you're going to be very Catholic during this time she says, then I will be very Jewish. I was very Methodist last year but they don't have fun food. I'd rather be Jewish. Ok I can't resist - I have to ask. What kind of food do Methodists eat? Potato salad she says. Swat number 4!

I don't take her with me when I go to church. The priest gets very nervous around her and I don't want to know why. Afterwards I take care of errands and pick up a few things I saw in the window of a store I frequent for Sar. I try not to go into a ladies store when I am in uniform. It's difficult to talk to salesclerks who want to show the sailor items I'm not interested in. This shop is one I go to regularly. They know me and know that I am shopping for my wife and they also know that I am not interested in having them model anything for me. Ditto with lingerie. I want to see a nice selection, buy what I want and get the hell out of there. They gift wrap the items I selected and wish me a happy holiday with my wife. I think about Sar's reaction when she sees these things and decide to pick up a special bottle of wine and a white and dark chocolate confection made locally.

Dinner is a "Jewish" meal. Sar has made a beef brisket with mashed potatoes that have fried onions in them and the aroma just about knocks me over. My mouth waters. She has also made Jewish wonton and matza balls and put them in her homemade chicken soup. That soup is one I dreamed about when I was at sea. It's a thick soup and rich in taste. I think she could bottle it and make millions. For dessert there is honey cake with a raspberry liqueur and chocolate sauce. I am fast warming to her being very Jewish during Lent. She gets a very sweet spanking after dinner.

10 February
The next morning she tells me to close my eyes while she gets out of bed. I want to know why. She says I have no sense of adventure. Sure I do, I tell her. I married *you.* I get pinched and chuckle at her glaring at me and to make her happy, I close my eyes. Don't peek she says. I put a hand over my eyes and look through my fingers. Sar throws pillows at my head and jumps me and I forget what we were supposed to be doing and let nature take its course. I'm going to miss all this when I report back for duty. Later in the day I am in my study doing paperwork. I sense her before I see her. She leans against the side of the door and I push my chair back and watch her. It's February she reminds me like I didn't know. Why the hell I am so lucky blows me away. My sweetheart is standing there holding a large red heart over the front of her body. I know she can't be wearing anything else. Ok - she had a red ribbon holding her hair up and I see she's wearing red high heels. Come here I tell her.

Ok but don't touch she says. (Yeah. Sure.) She says she's gonna dance for me. She danced and every time she turned I got a damn good view of her bare backside and as soon as she got close enough to grab - I grabbed. My desk will never be the same.

11 February
Sar teaches at the university today. I haven't tagged along with her for that class in about a year so I take her. She looks sharp and a bit too sexy to be out in public without me. She spins around to let me see her outfit and asks me what I think of it. She's wearing the red leather boots I sent her when I was overseas and I think about those boots and my desk and realize I didn't answer her question. She tells me not to flirt with the ladies in her class. I give her tush a firm swat.

Her class has grown. The last time I was here she had about 15 students. Now she has about 35. And the work they are doing under her tutelage is spectacular. No other word for it. She has brought them "out of the box" as she describes it and is extraordinarily proud of them. There's nothing quite so fine as seeing the person you love burst with pride and hearing her bubble with laughter.

One of her older students - a retired teacher - tells her they could use a break. Before she can question him, several of the students come forward with platters of chocolate cupcakes. They assure her there is a fudge filling and I can see the chocolate frosting. Someone wheels in a coffee urn and suddenly we are having a party. It's a chocolate surprise-- so for my wife, it's 4th of July and Christmas combined.

Everybody digs in-- with gusto! Some of us have seconds. Guess who had thirds! There is camaraderie and lots of laughter and a group of people who wish my wife would teach a class every day instead of just twice a month.

On the way home I am wondering out loud if this is what retirement will be like - days like this with my wife. Sar assures me she will find chores for me to do if I don't find them myself and then tells me the kennels need to be hosed out and the heating system checked. She also wants me to take down the art quilts on all our walls and help her hang new ones. Then there's a new design wall she wants installed in her studio and when am I gonna do something about the downstairs hall closet that is overflowing with my duffel bags and other Navy gear. I'm thinking I should put retirement off a bit longer.

12 February
We were lounging in bed with coffee and the morning papers when the dogs barked. Our friend David has a house key and we heard him yelling that nothing was cooking in the kitchen. Get your butts out of bed he says and feed me.

Sar laughed and pulled the covers up to her chin. I didn't expect David to barge into our bedroom but he's a marine. You never know. We could hear him outside the bedroom door talking to the dogs. You decent he wanted to know. No I yelled through the door. Cripes! You 2 make the Energizer Bunny look bad. I got a good laugh at that and to prove him right I reached for my bride of 20+ years and smooched her good.

How's my favorite girl he says to Sar when we emerge and hugs her and tosses her up in the air the way he always does and catches her tight. She swats his arm and reminds him that she's planning his birthday surprise early. He tells me he's gonna spank her 1 day. I tell him over my dead body.

David and I catch up on events while Sar makes French toast and more coffee. This is a breakfast he likes and she makes it to please him. For all the cooks out there, she puts vanilla in the egg batter and melts butter with cinnamon. I know this because I've seen her make French toast hundreds of times. It is another of her specialty dishes and we all dig in, including the dogs. When David and I can't eat another bite, she brings out her apple crumb coffeecake and eats some just to torment us. David asks if I ever got the imp checked for tapeworms. She punches both of us.

There's a small lake nearby and David wants to know if we're game to walk our meal off. It's about 4 miles around the lake and we're agreeable. We take the dogs and drive over there. It's an enclosed area and the dogs can stay off lead. Sar wants to know what David bought for all his lady friends for Valentine's day. One's getting me for the day he says and the other for the evening. The evening lady is the bimbo she asks. David looks at me and says if I don't spank my sassy gal he's gonna do it for me. I give Sar a swat that makes her giggle. She doesn't stop there. She says you in the buff isn't enough. Bring wine and chocolate and flowers. David looks at me. I toss the imp over my shoulder and give her another swat.

Long after David has left to shop for his lady friends and long after dinner has settled and I have dragged Sar off the computer, she asks if I'm ready for our late night date. I'm good. She locked the door to the spare bedroom earlier - the room where our exercise equipment is spread out and where she does her dance exercises. She warned me not to look in there today and knowing she is up to mischief we'll both enjoy, I went along with her. When she says that's where our date is, I'm wondering if she thinks I'm going make love to her on the treadmill or the stationary bike. You have to take your clothes off she tells me. Well hell, why not! Did I mention February is for *both* lovers?

When we're in our birthday suits Sar opens the door and the first thing I see is a big blue tarp on the floor and in the middle of the tarp are 2 paint size cans. Brown paint? Then it dawns on me. Chocolate - liquid chocolate. I skip the directions and tackle her to the floor, a brush in my hand and voila! She laughs and manages to use her hands instead of a brush and I'm covered and she's covered and when she asks if I know what we are going to do next, I take the initiative and we wallow in it in a most satisfying way. I might add that the removal of a substantial portion of it was equally satisfying. The rest is none of your business.

There's a bathroom attached to this room and we rush to the shower when we're upright again. A most creative and satisfying interlude with my beloved imp. Valentine's day is 2 days away and I'm thinking I need to add a few extra touches to the plans I made for that day.


~ End Part Three ~

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