Part Five

17 February
A special courier arrives early this morning with my orders for next week and some paperwork I need to look over. Sar gives the petty officer a large cup of coffee to take with him. He knows her and asks if she has brownies - the good kind. I chuckle at her reaction. We may have to relocate. Her reputation has spread far and wide.

She leaves me to my paperwork and spends the day in her studio. When I take a break I look in on her and she is concentrating on her work and doesn't know I am there. Watching her work is like watching a vision unfold. She has pulled fabric from her collection and it is spread on her worktables. In the middle of a pile of it she chooses one and then another and so on until it seems as if she has 50 or more different ones. Where I see a disorganized pile of cloth she sees a picture in her head and while I watch she cuts various pieces and assembles them on her design wall. I still do not see what she is creating but I know it will be formed into a finished piece of art that will please the person who commissioned her to do the work.

When she finally sees me she smiles and asks how long I have been watching her. Easy question to answer. I pull her into my arms and tell her I have been watching her ever since the day we met.

18 February
We have a dinner date with friends this evening. We'll go to a supper club with a decent menu and a pretty good dance band. We like to dance and so do they and I'm looking forward to it. Sar is going to work all day so she'll have most of the weekend free to relax. I remind her that she needs to take a nap later so she'll be awake this evening.

At lunch time I bring her a sandwich and a milkshake. If she's working and concentrating she'd never remember to stop and eat. When I look in on her, she's on her hands and knees in the middle of a raw quilt- a quilt she's still designing- placing pieces of copper wire here and there. I tell her I brought lunch. She hums something. I know her concentration is on her work but I want her to eat. She can't afford to skip meals. I lean over and pick her up.

She looks at me like she wonders where I came from and then leans into me. She demands kisses and I am happy to meet her demands. I watch her eat and when she's finished I give her more kisses and a bit of chocolate. Late afternoon I'm thinking I'll lay down for a quick nap myself. Instead of sleeping, Sar is in a chat room! She pretends to be asleep when I come in the room. I turn her laptop off and lay down beside her. When I put an arm around her, she giggles. I have to laugh too. A couple of firm swats and a tight hug and she's soon asleep in my arms. Any wonder I call her my imp?

Supper was good. The dancing was better. It was good to be out with old friends. Sar falls asleep on the way home and I look over at her and wonder if she'll wake up when I carry her to our bed. She stirs a bit when I pull the covers up but snuggles closer. I've been out dancing with the woman I love. Now she is asleep in my arms. Does it get any better than this?

19 February
Sar was already at work in her studio when I came home from the gym. She stands in front of her design wall with a small basket at her feet. It is filled with metal shavings. I don't know how she is going to attach these pieces to her quilt but as I watch, I see her place long pins over them to hold them in place. I don't know how they will be attached when the pins are removed but long ago I decided there are things about her art I don't need to know.

I come up behind her and whisper words she likes to hear- I have chocolate I tell her. That gets her attention and I am rewarded with a hug and sweet kisses. Late afternoon I make her stop working and we take a walk with the dogs. The air is cool and it invigorates us. When we get home, Sar says she is energized and will dance for a while. There is a bar in our exercise room where she limbers up and I settle down to watch her. She does not need music to dance but I slip a CD into the player and wait to see her reaction. It is one of her favorites- Maleguana. She listens for a while and then she tunes in to the music. Sar dances with her whole body. When she is lost in the dance it is very much like her work. She concentrates and I can watch her almost without her realizing it.

This is what she was doing the first time I saw her- dancing. I fall in love with her all over again.

She is tired this evening and we change our plans for eating out and have a quiet evening at home. I make linguini with butter and cheese the way she likes it and we sit together to share the meal. A bit of wine and biscotti and the night is ours.

20 February
It is a chilly morning. The sun is shining and it is just warm enough to lure Sar outside. This is too much temptation for the imp. When she woke this morning, it was with sniffles and a slight fever. I will use the treadmill and stay home to keep an eye on her. I tell her to stay indoors this morning and she comes up with many excuses for being outside- the dogs need to run, the sun is warm, the bird feeders need to be filled, the outdoor rotts need to be brushed and more I cannot remember.

My hand on her tush and a few quiet words and she knows I am serious. For years I was the biggest bully she knows but I am now the only baboon butthead in the US Navy which she assures me comes with my rank. I have become fond of being so unique and bring her tirade to a halt with a firm swat and a few demanding kisses.

In the early afternoon I catch her coming back into the house from the backyard. I stand in the doorway between the kitchen and the hall and Sar asks me to raise my arm when she comes up to me. I raise my arm and the imp tries to get past me by going under it! This is like taking candy from a baby. I upend her on the spot but she plays dirty. She giggles and I can't help laughing at her antics. She dares me *try* to pin her down. Try? I put her back on her feet and she takes off up the stairs and yells that I have to catch her first.

I take off after her but she calls her dogs and they come after me and we get tangled up on the staircase. This is a game to them and it takes a minute to disentangle myself from their wagging tails and their cold muzzles. I yell up at her that she's cheating. This makes her laugh. You're gonna get it when I catch you I tell her. Is that a promise she yells back which makes me laugh.

She jumps on my back when I pass through the bedroom door and I pull her around me and maneuver us to the floor but I don't want her to lay on the floor so I turn us over until she is on top of me. See, she says. You can't pin me to the floor. I decide to prove her wrong and take her into the shower and pin her to the floor where we get down and dirty and soapy and very happy with each other.


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