Part Six

21 February
It is Presidents' Day and my last full day of liberty. I report back for duty tomorrow. I will work half days for a short time, contributing my skills at the submarine base nearby. My major sea assignments have been on destroyers. I have officer experience on other boats but have spent less time on submarines than on other craft. Submariners are a special breed to withstand and even enjoy being below the sea for long periods of time. I will board the nuclear subs at the nearby base but will conduct most of my work at the base offices. I am looking forward to this assignment.

Sar reminds me that she has plans for the evening. In actuality we have a date - something we do now and then. It works like this. I call her when I am out of the house and ask her if she is free on a certain night. She always responds seriously, making a to do about checking her calendar and reminding me that she has a curfew. She asks where we are going so she knows what to wear and before hanging up I usually hear her giggle. It always warms my heart to hear that giggle. Sometimes I do not call but I issue an invitation in the mail. She has to RSVP by return mail and the funny thing is that she never mentions it to me at home.

I leave the house without saying goodbye on the night intended, come back and ring the doorbell. When she answers, I dutifully hand over chocolate and flowers I bought for her and tell her she looks pretty. It is hard for her not to giggle but once we are in the car she usually gets very fresh very fast and tells me not to let any of my buddies know how easy it is to kiss her. Of course I take advantage of her forward ways.

We usually have dinner somewhere and sometimes we take in a movie or a play. Movies are the better choice because we can carry on like teenagers with hormones in the back of the theatre. At a certain hour - generally well before midnight - she tells me she needs to hurry home before curfew. We make a dash for the car and I get her inside the house in record time. The reason for our haste is that I'm anxious to get fresh with her. With just a bit of coaxing I have my hand under her skirt and her underwear off and as my wife says, the band played on.

As an aside, one night when we were fooling around I discovered she wasn't wearing underwear. I grabbed her arm and took us home long before her so-called curfew. *Chuckles* Our friends think we're nuts but I notice they touch each other more when we're around.

We get home and comfortable on the couch and Sar says she has a special dessert for us. I suspect it is chocolate cherry mousse and in our house that is a very special dessert. The sweet is an aphrodisiac and should be against the law if eaten outside the house or in polite company. Sar brings out a spoon and 2 goblets filled with the mousse and I open my arms so she'll sit on my lap. This is what they call heaven. I cannot describe the taste of the mousse but if there is a cookbook for lovemaking then this recipe tops the list. We feed each other and trust me when I say we went to sleep smiling.

22 February
It is hard to leave Sar in bed but it does me good to be back in uniform and I have a good first day back on the job. I call her mid day to tell her I miss her and she says I deserted her so she's going to run off with the marine K-9 trainer. I tell her the butcher would be a better choice and she agrees and promises steaks for dinner.

A sexy imp jumps into my arms when I come home - yeah, my wife. :) I almost trip over the dogs when I pick her up and carry her to the couch. We share our day and sip a bit of wine and I tell her this is the best part of my day. She winks and says the best is yet to come and I laugh. I give her tush a good swat but I'm still laughing.

Later that evening I discover the picture she sent to the Ghost for an online slumber party. I look like one of those male strippers you see in a club downtown. I yell that I'm gonna warm her butt for that and go looking for her. I see the closet door close as I walk in the bedroom. Sar is hiding in the closet and from the commotion she's got the dogs with her. I also see what I'm sure is the phone cord - she has her laptop with her. I am trying hard not to laugh. I'll let her get comfortable and then grab her.

I end up tickling her until she begs for mercy. Did I mention I love this woman and she makes my world complete?

23 February
There's a big box in my office when I get home. Sar says it's from our friend David. Turns out it's a crate of Cracker Jack boxes-- the original with prizes inside. He shipped them from Saskatchewan. Sar is thrilled. She loves caramel corn and she always saves the prizes for me. :) Something about those prizes-- reminds me of when I was a boy. Every time I say that she rolls her eyes-- probably afraid I'm going to relate some boyhood tale.

Sar is planning a birthday party for David. It's not till May but she says these things take time. I'm afraid to ask what mischief she's up to-- she always makes his birthday memorable and that's not saying that's a good thing. His staff and friends always look forward to it-- David loves her so he endures whatever mischief she plots. I won't warm her butt over it - he can stop her easily enough if he wants to but that doesn't mean I won't upend her for a swat or 2. Sometimes she's far too creative by far.

Which reminds me-- I've read the replies to these posts and thank you for reading and responding. I'd like you to know that all of life is not a constant bed of roses. Our life and our marriage are not perfect but it is what we choose to make of it. We have days when we need space and we have days when we need to remain calm so we can discuss and resolve those nagging things that bother any 2 folks in a relationship. I am not an expert on the subject but I believe "spanking" helps both of us focus when tempers need cooling and the cuddling after that reaffirms our bond.

We were apart for too long a period of time and it was a time when both of us were under a great deal of stress and needed to be together. This month of February is a catch-up time for us-- my posts have focused on the "good" parts of our lives. I am not one to air dissension or discuss problems in public. I believe the troubles some couples have are better suited for discussion between a man and his wife and not aired in public forums. I firmly believe that "putting your spouse down" in front of others shows a lack of respect for that person and diminishes the relationship - strictly my personal opinion.

If there is anything that I can attribute to the success of my own marriage it is that both Sar and I pay a lot of attention to each other. There is love and respect and a sincere desire to spend time in each other's company. I have always thought that is why folks marry.

24 February
I have spent a great deal of my adult life at sea and like most sailors I keep a journal. Like a captain's log, I write of the events of the days as they pass - usually every few days unless there is much to record. This is not a diary but a record of life as it occurs. In my captain's logs I have recorded life aboard a vessel for posterity and because the US Navy requires it. In my personal journal I record events and my thoughts as they occur to me. For this February series I post the best of what there is in my life - my life with Sar.

The moon is full tonight. Sar will find a way to dance regardless of what I tell her will happen if she does. The temperature is about 40 and it is a dry night. I tell her to go ahead and dance but that I want her back in the house in 10 minutes or I will warm 1 particular part of her anatomy. She does not argue with me. This does not mean she will listen but she does not waste time arguing.

I hear her talking to her dogs telling them to "watch" which means to watch for me so that I don't stop her from dancing. And when I step out onto the deck I see her naked body in the moonlight. She is beautiful. She is wearing leg warmers and a long scarf and her hair is down and she is a wood nymph that has invaded my yard. I am grateful we have a tall wooden fence to shield her from the neighbors. She is graceful in her dance but she is courting pneumonia and I yell at her to come in. It has been about 5 minutes. I am not sure but the sound I hear come from her lips reminds me a lot of the "raspberries" New Yorkers make at baseball games when their team is losing.

I dodge the dogs and go after her. When I catch her, her body is too cool for my liking and I swat her butt all the way into the house. She protests but snuggles into my sweater and I take it off and pull it over her head. She says a lap dance will warm her up. I say a lap dance will not get her out of a sound spanking. She says she wasn't out there 10 minutes. I spank her anyway and warm her up in other ways.


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