Part Two


I've always liked September. It is a month of new beginnings. Fall is in the air and though the summer comes to a close it is a time when we often feel the first cool mornings. I realize this depends on what part of the world you live in. When we lived in South Florida it stayed hot until November but here September is the beginning of big changes in the weather. It is often abrupt-- one day it is warm-- the next day the wind blows. It won't be long before the leaves change color and drop to fill Sar's flowerbeds.

The imp loves Fall. She and the dogs will roll in piles of leaves for the sheer joy of it. I have seen them sit in the middle of a pile of leaves and watched while Sar hunted and picked particular ones that she brings into the house to dry and preserve for her fiber art. She has a collection of leaves and small branches preserved. And pine cones. In Florida our pine trees had very large cones. Out here the cones are very small. Sar drops them into flowerpots and other small containers around the house that hold various items - keys, paper clips, her ribbon baskets, etc. There is a small wicker trunk in our breakfast area that she has turned into a living greenhouse. The lid is open and the body of the trunk is filled with large pinecones. A thick vine with heart shaped leaves grows out of the nest of pinecones. It adds a nice touch to that spot. When our pines drop their cones I fear she will collect baskets of them. With a little luck, those baskets will end up on the front porch or out on the back deck.

I got sidetracked.

Sar starts baking in earnest in September, baking what she calls "tests" throughout the summer, then everything intensifies the closer we get to the holiday season. Some of her "tests" will be part of our holiday entertaining. Some she will bake to give to friends. There are traditional standbys she makes for our table and occasionally one of her new recipes is added. She keeps a book of favorites to be sure certain baked goods are on hand when particular guests come to dinner. Trust me when I say a lot of folks do what they can to insure they are invited over at least once during the holiday season. For a couple of years other matters took precedence in our lives and our holiday entertaining was scaled back considerably. This year I think it will be back up to speed.

September is the month of Sar's birth. As far as I know she never celebrated her birthday before we met. She has her reasons but when we knew we would spend our lives together, I insisted the past be put behind her. Birthdays are to be enjoyed and I make sure she enjoys every one of them. Her first birthday with me came a few short weeks after we were married. It was her 20th. It was a memorable one and I promised to make the rest of them as memorable as I could.


The house smells good when I open the door. Sar is baking fruit pies-- apple and blueberry and peach. I hope that peach pie is for us. When I come into the kitchen, she stops what she is doing to hug me and over her shoulder I count a dozen pies. Why so many? I ask. It is the weekend we are having a pre-Halloween party and Sar wants to offer pie along with all the candy that we are supposed to "sample" to make sure it is good to give away for Halloween. This is a joke of course because Sar does not give away any candy she really likes on Halloween. I remind her that I will be the one answering the door so that the trick or treaters will actually get candy. Traditionally it is cold and raining here on Halloween and she is prone to respiratory problems. I do not want her answering the door.

She has been working too many hours lately. She and a group of friends are making quilts for the hurricane Katrina families. They have pledged to make a large amount and have already sent 500 quilts to various agencies to disperse to those in need. While I applaud their efforts, my one and only concern is that she does not work so hard her health is in jeopardy. She continues to maintain our home and see to my comfort but I have warned her that she cannot keep going at this pace. The occasional swat has been effective in small measure. I have warned her that she will slow down now or pay the consequences.

If you do not see her online for a day or 2-- it is because I have abducted her and taken her away for a much needed weekend of comeuppance and relaxation.


~ End Part Two ~

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