Part Four

About this time last year I made several posts about life in our house in the month of February. That time is here again and the imp is walking around with a grin on her face. I suspect she's been planning mega mischief. She likes to tell me I'm too old to keep up with her but this old sea dog has more than 1 trick up his sleeve. I think the 10 year difference in our ages gives me that much more experience to tackle whatever she throws at me. No matter what she does, she will still end up over my lap when I catch her and then there's that sweetness that follows.

In case you didn't know it before, I am a Neanderthal at times. Sar accuses me of worse things when she's really unhappy with a decision I've made that she disagrees with. The imp has a quick temper when she thinks I've done her wrong and she has no qualms about fighting dirty. It was a weak moment on my part when I agreed to let a former drill instructor of mine teach her how to kick box. I thank my lucky stars I am considerably bigger than she is and that she usually just wears socks rather than shoes in the house so her kicking isn't as bad as it could be.

As I write this we are at the beach for a long weekend. I promised our friend David I would help him panel his den and when that task was completed, we made a fire on the beach and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. It's mighty cool out there this time of year. Sar was bundled up and her dogs had their heavy sweaters on. She tried to wander off after feeding most of the *dogs* to the dogs but I caught her and tackled her before she got too far. David was yelling *spank her* and the dogs were all over me having a great game of it. Sar was giggling. It was a fun night.

I have a few surprises for February - chocolate of course and some pretty underthings. She will love the undergarments but when you think about it, they are really for me to enjoy when she wears them and whatever follows. Enough about that. I will not be repeating the posts I made last year - you can use your imagination to figure out that it will be a sweet month in our house.

The beach in the winter months is a completely different place than it is in warmer weather. The Orca whale pods have migrated to southern waters. Occasionally, a lone whale lags behind and lingers in the area for a few days. There are a couple of sheltered coves where they can find enough sea life to sustain them in the short term. Once in a while I spot one with high-powered binoculars. Speaking of whales--

We have a small cabin on one of the remote outer islands and spend weekends there on occasion. One summer Sar and I were there for an entire week and during the course of that week, the imp wore bathing suits I would rather she not wear anywhere else - bikinis, clinging tank suits and thong bikinis. It's a hot summer day, there's a cool breeze and Sar joins me on the beach wearing a thong bikini. I'm tossing 2 balls back and forth to her dogs and Sar catches one and takes off. Her dogs immediately chase after her and the mastiff gooses her with a very cold nose.

I doubled over with laughter. Sar leaped into the air-- so high-- I thought she was going to fly away! Of course the mastiff had to do it again. I volunteered to warm up that part of her anatomy which only made her throw the ball *at* me. She's good too - hit me square in the chest. Then-- I chased her and warmed her up. I like to remind her that she chose to wear that bikini - it wasn't the dog's fault that her bottom was totally exposed and so attractive that the animal had to goose her and I had to follow through.

As soon as I had her sufficiently warmed up we heard loud splashing sounds. We look up and not too far from the shore, a whale has breached. The large tail is smacking the surface of the water. Sar yells that we have a peeping Orca. I laugh that the leviathan is merely applauding our performance.


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