Part Five

April: Spring, many rain showers, the beginning of renewal and new birth, vegetable seedlings in the garden beds, color popping up in the flower beds, Easter and Passover and my wife's pockets filled with jellybeans. She favors the black ones. I don't understand why she doesn't have diabetes or rotten teeth but the medics tell me it's a genetic thing.

I've seen her give the red ones to the 3 Rotts, the green ones to the Mastiff and occasionally boxes up the pink and yellow ones to send to our friend David at his office. The package has a big pink ribbon and she sends it to "the sweetest Marine I know." This never fails to embarrass him. His staff - when they are feeling brave - like to kid him about his sweet tooth. In truth he prefers the black ones but Sar doesn't share those.

True to form somebody in my house ate the ears off every chocolate rabbit I brought home. I ordered a specialty basket for Sar and it included a chocolate rabbit that had a cream filling. I hid it in an out of the way place and high enough where she couldn't reach it even if she stood on a chair. I took it down to show David in case he wanted to order 1 or more for his lady friends. The ears were missing! I don't know how she does that but I still think Sar could teach a few tricks to the folks at Navy Warfare.

Most of you probably know that holidays are big treats in our house. Sar collects recipes for them and will bully cooks in ethnic restaurants to share their culinary secrets. We have eaten some spectacular meals in celebration of holidays I never celebrated as a boy. Some are completely foreign to me but as always, I am happy to indulge in the offerings at my wife's dinner table. Her cooking and baking are outstanding. She tells me that several folks here are also good cooks.

We always celebrate Easter and Passover. Sar isn't enthusiastic about the religious aspects of the holidays - she has great faith in a Creator but not in organized religion - but she can make everyone eating at her table glad they were invited for dinner. She's an equal opportunity hostess. Last year she invited the Navy (Christian) chaplain, a rabbi and a priest to our Passover dinner. This year, all 3 will be at our Easter dinner table. We'll also have friends over and a few military folks that don't have anywhere else to go those days. She finished a lot of the cooking and baking in advance and I had a chance to sample a few things. Let me just say that *Martha* would enjoy those meals.

In response to one of my previous posts someone wrote to me via the castle and asked if I was able to write anything that didn't have to do with Sar. Probably not. She is all the joy in my life and my anchor. After 20+ years together, seeing the world through her eyes remains totally different from seeing it through mine and very enjoyable.

For example: Sar had a jury summons recently. Any attorney that doesn't disqualify her is asking for trouble. She was selected in a pool of 50 or more folks to fill out a questionnaire about a sexual assault case. The attorneys go over the answers and interview folks and a panel of 12 come out of that.

One of the questions was "In general, how do you feel about sexual assault?" In my opinion, a stupid question. Sar's response: It's right up there with the American flag, motherhood and apple pie.

Another question: "If the defendant is found guilty, the court can accept one of several different forms of punishment offered by the prosecution. Not knowing what they are, can you offer a suggestion?" This is not a good question to give my wife. Sar's response: Cut off his balls!

Fortunately for the justice system Sar was not selected to be a member of the jury. I will tease her about this for a long time.

As I write this - I have been kicked out of the kitchen - my wife is setting the table for our Passover seder. Our guests are due in a few hours. She is using table linen someone gave her many years ago when she attended her first Passover dinner as a young girl. It has great sentimental value to her and I have asked her to tell of her time with that couple. Perhaps, with a bit of encouragement she will.

The animals were also kicked out of the kitchen. The tomcat sleeps on my desk and occasionally opens 1 eye to glare at me. Apparently, this is my fault. The smaller cat is rubbing against the Rott. The Rott is not happy about this. Both dogs sit in front of the glass door to my home office and try to spot Sar as she walks around the house. I know she is near when they both sit up suddenly. They will be put in another part of the house when our guests arrive and when they are finally released to roam freely, they will greet Sar as if they had not seen her in days. She will make a big fuss over them and treat them to some leftovers.

We are having a "traditional" meal this evening. We will not sit at the dining room table but will "recline" on large pillows on the floor. There is a large tabletop fashioned from a flat door. It is supported by several small dollies and is covered with the table linen I mentioned earlier. After imbibing a great deal of wine and eating all that Sar has prepared, I am not certain our guests will be able to stand once the seder is completed. Sar has mentioned that she plans to take pictures to put in her arsenal of photos in case anyone gives her a hard time in the future. I am certain she means David and myself. I hope to catch her in a candid moment as well.

We are flying back East in a few weeks to reconnect with some old friends and this summer I plan to take Sar with me when I visit a few of our military installations in Europe. It has been a while since they have been treated to a visit from the imp. She will charm the base commandants with her smile and a few chosen words. They will fall under her spell and ignore me. Such is life in our household. :)

Wishing you a joyous holiday, whichever one you celebrate.


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