Part Seven

She's mine!

And she's mad at me - again.

I spanked her. I spank her regularly when we make love, the kind of spanking she likes and the kind I like to give. I deliver the occasional swat in passing. Most of those make her giggle even if it's a serious swat. I admit I'd stand on my head if it would make her giggle but this was a real spanking. She hasn't had one of those in quite a while.

She knows the reason for the spanking so no need to rehash it here. Suffice to say she did something without thinking - something she knows I'd object to. I don't spank for just anything; it has to be serious. So when she puts her health in jeopardy, she pays the price. I came home and caught her by accident and when it dawned on her that I was watching her, she got that worried look that told me she wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

I didn't give her a chance to back away. I grabbed her, tucked her under my arm and warmed her backside up good.

Let me say here and now that my wife doesn't take a spanking passively. She's not one to hand me a hairbrush, drop over my lap, thank me for the punishment and go stand in a corner until I say she can move. Not in this lifetime - not in the next. Frankly, that's ok with me. It doesn't suit her personality and her personality is one of many things I love about her.

So while I'm warming up that little tush, she's cussing a blue streak, calling me all sorts of names and making all sorts of threats. I've heard them all before. I'm immune. I toss her over my shoulder, take her upstairs and as soon as I set her on her feet, she charges. She always fights back - punching, kicking, pinching, grabbing, whatever she can do to avoid going back over my knee. And she fights dirty. Nothing is sacred when she is fighting. She'll grab any part of me and put all her strength into it.

The only way I can stop her without hurting her is to hold her close and tight to my chest with a leg around her so she can't kick me. I hold her until she's out of breath and then a little longer. I've learned that if she seems to be relaxing - or she seems to be out of steam - there's a good chance she's faking so I generally hold her longer than necessary.

As quickly as possible I pull her jeans down and sometimes it's a bit of a struggle because she's back to fighting me but once she's over my lap, it's a done deal. Sometimes I tuck her arms under her with my hand on her back holding her down so she can't bite my leg or pull the hair on my legs. There's also a pressure point on the back of the knees. She found it once and I'm not going to let her find it again. Holding her arms under her helps to keep her in one place so I don't accidentally spank too high or too low. You spank too high and you chance hurting the kidneys. You spank too low and you get the thighs. You bruise the thighs bad enough and she won't be standing or walking too steadily. She's not that big and all I want to do is light a fire on that little tush, a hot fire.

The first few spanks startle her and her body jerks with each one but soon I get a good rhythm going - spanking one cheek and then the other. My hand holds her in position and she holds her tears in check. Once in a while I get both cheeks at the same time and her breath catches. I listen carefully. I know when I've reached her limit. The color in her bottom cheeks pinks quickly then it's just a dozen or more spanks and it's getting bright red. When the color deepens or when she's completely motionless I know I've reached her limit. If the spanking is hard enough she'll mentally disengage. It's a defense mechanism she used as a child when her life was physically hard and when that happens it takes a while to get her to come back to me. She doesn't always disengage - I don't usually spank her hard enough for that. But I do light that fire.

When it's over and she's exhausted from it, I hold her close. This time I pushed her onto her back and laid on top of her. I know her bottom was raw but I wanted her to feel the burn for a while. That's what a real spanking is all about.

I told her how much I loved her and when I kissed her throat I knew she was ok 'cause she tried to bite me. I lifted her, gave her another hard swat and lay her on her back again. She tried to slap me. There's only one thing to do - I pull her shirt and bra off, hold her arms over her head and bury my face between her breasts. This makes me happy and I know she's having a hard time fighting the feelings that are happening.

She tells me she's going to be mad at me for a long time. That's ok. I can still make love to her and if she gets ornery, I'll just love her that much more. Eventually, she'll either get over her mad or fall asleep. I'm a patient man. I can wait.

My wife is not a whiner. She doesn't pout or stamp her feet or have brat tantrums. She doesn't do bratty or immature things. She plots revenge. She's smart and cunning and diabolical. Those are compliments and between you and me, the government could use some of her strategies to fight our enemies.

I tell her I don't want to have to spank her like that again but if I catch her repeating what she did to earn that spanking, the next one will be far worse. She has limits and I respect them. That means I won't use an implement on her and it also means I won't do what I personally consider punishments suitable only for children: standing in corners, mouth washing, writing lines and essays or grounding. And while I won't betray those limits, I will give her a hard spanking over and over again if necessary until she gets my point.

Lovemaking after a hard spanking is a bit of a duck shoot. I want her - always - and I'm going to make love to her as gently as possible. I want her to know how much I love her, how much I want her to stay well, and even though I spanked her hard, I still love her. That's a bit redundant but I'm at a loss for other words. She, on the other hand, is mad at me for the spanking, angry that her tail end is on fire and annoyed that what I'm doing to her body is arousing her in spite of her anger. She doesn't want to reciprocate. She wants to lay there and let me direct all the lovemaking as if it didn't effect her but I know from past experience that won't happen. My wife is a sensual person and when her physical passions are awakened, she has no choice but to give back what she gets. It's another one of those things I love about her. She's mad about the spanking but I'm giving her pleasure and she won't deny me any pleasure. Am I a lucky man or what?

She'll stay mad for a while and isn't likely to admit what she did was wrong and that's ok. I won't apologize for spanking her either. With any luck she won't repeat what she did to earn the spanking but that's wishful thinking on my part. She'll also remind me that she won't forgive me for the spanking. No news there. She's never forgiven me for any spanking that wasn't a fun one.

In any lasting relationship there has to be an alpha. In ours, that's me. My wife is a dominant personality but mine is stronger. She's equal in all things in our life except where it concerns her health and safety. In that, my word supercedes hers and when she crosses that line, I let my hand remind her that she's pushed beyond her limits.

She accuses me of being overprotective and maybe I am. But she's mine and that's my right. There are several constants in our lives. Our love is strong. She loves me in spite of the occasional hard spanking and I love her no matter what.


~ End Part Seven ~

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