Admiral's Log 1...
by Cowboy

Lost a bet with mia bambina - the following is part of my forfeit. My experience with writing is restricted to military reports. I held the rank of Commander when the following took place.

02 May '82 - The day my world turned upside down. I met Sar. Looking back I realize I should have turned HER upside down etc.

Washington DC
Smithsonian House
Commemorative dinner for Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Entertainment followed dinner.
Regaled with interpretive jazz/dance performance.
Solo dancer has great legs and other attractive assets.
Crashed the makeshift dressing rooms and overwhelmed her with my charm.
Late night supper. She ate dessert first.
She wouldn't let me kiss her goodnight.
I haven't let her forget that.


Sar's input: He was a tall, handsome sailor in dress whites and threatened to carry me out of the Smithsonian over his shoulder unless I'd have supper with him. I was hungry. I ordered cheesecake and steak. Today he's still tall and handsome and still bullies me and I still order cheesecake and steak.


18 July '82 - I proposed marriage. She turned me down.

25 July '82 - I proposed marriage. She turned me down.

01 August '82 - I proposed marriage. She turned me down.

08 August '82 - I proposed marriage. Sar laughed - then she turned me down. I flipped her over my lap, pulled her skirt up etc and spanked her and told her I was going to keep spanking her until she said yes.


Sar's input: Told you he was a bully.


15 August '82 - 16 weeks from the day we met, we swore our vows in front of a Navy chaplain in the main room of Smithsonian House. Sar's childhood friend flew in from Chicago and my childhood friend, currently a high ranking Marine, flew in from overseas to stand for us and witness the ceremony.

The chaplain said Do you take this woman? I immediately said I do! And Sar's friend who stands about as high as the middle of my chest, grabbed my arm and threatened my manhood if I ever hurt her. This was in the middle of the ceremony.

The chaplain said Do you take this man? Sar took a long moment before she said I do. Hours seemed to pass in those few seconds and my friend David looked at Sar and said loud enough for everyone to hear - I flew in from the other side of the world! I'm tired and hungry! I brought the chocolate wedding cake with the white chocolate icing. You're not getting any until you say I do!

Sar said I do.

We had about 100 guests and didn't know any of them. They were the people currently visiting the museum and I think every last one of them congratulated us and offered marital advice. It's been a wild ride since.

End Admiral's Log 1

Next: Admiral's Log 2: Look in any dictionary under the word imp. See the picture of the pretty lady? That's my Sar.


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