Admiral's Log 4...
by Cowboy

Ok, this is probably going to make my dolcezza blush but she has written enough stories that make me blush so what's fair is fair.

Here goes - I'm usually awake before Sar is and I fully admit that one of the joys in my life is waking up in the morning with my arms around her. She's soft and sweet and she smells good. I like to pull her close and just hold her. It's the one time of the day I can look at her and honestly tell you she looks like a beautiful angel. I feel certain children and teenagers with all that angst and hormones have that same angelic look when they are asleep. Don't want you to think Sar is a terror. She's not. But she sure looks like an angel when she's asleep. Baciarme bella.

One morning when she wakes up in my arms I tell her that I hired an off duty marine to prune our trees and not to be alarmed when she hears a chainsaw. The guy is expected to show up around 1400 hours and will start in the back. I walked the property with David a few days earlier and he'll tell the guy what to do and show up later to make sure the major stuff is done. Sar nods like she's heard everything and goes back to sleep. I leave a note on the coffeepot reminding her that the trees will be pruned today. The rest is pure hearsay.


David's comments: From what I can piece together, Sar was in the house when the corporal showed up. She probably watched him from one of the 2nd floor windows and he's doing what he was hired to do. It's about 1730 hours and I'm pulling my vehicle into the driveway and I see her charge out of the front door.

OK, a little description first. The corporal is a former logger. He's closer to 7 feet than he is to 6. God knows what he weighs and his neck looks bigger than Sar's waist. He's carrying a chainsaw that professional loggers use, not the kind the average homeowner has. His is a 2-man saw and he's carrying it in 1 hand. We call him Bull for a reason.

Sar is barefoot and she's wearing a long full skirt and one of those halter tee shirt things and because of what she's wearing I know right away that she's been dancing or doing her dance exercises. I suppose you could say David meets Goliath but since I'm David I'll say it was more like Goliath gets stung by a bumblebee.

I'm barely out of the car. Sar storms out of the house and charges Bull. She punches him in the gut which is just below her eye level and is trying to kick his kneecap out. Bull reaches down and picks her up with one hand. The other hand has that chainsaw. Fearless Sar tries to punch his eye out, then she aims for the pressure point behind his ear and the whole time this is going on - a matter of seconds really - she's hissing at him. I didn't catch the words but knowing Sar it was probably "shark bait" or "bottom feeder" both of which she considers insults.

I reach up for her and take her out of his hand. He says thank you sir and backs away, engages the safety on the chainsaw and sets it down and just stares at her - shock and awe I'd say. I'm guessing no one Sar's size has ever confronted him before. Then it dawns on me that she jumped a guy with the chainsaw on ready. If he hadn't had the presence of mind to hold her off with one hand, she could easily have bumped his other hand and the saw would have been turned on. I'm breathing easier knowing that she wasn't harmed and livid that she's so damn impulsive.

Her excuse: There's a birch tree near her front door with starling nests and cherry blossom trees that have branches that form an arch over her front walkway. She had yelled at him from the window not to trim them and when it looked like he was going to do that anyway, Wonder Woman a.k.a. Sar came storming out the door to save the day.

I drop her over one shoulder and tell the guy to check with me in the morning and take Sar into the house. She knows better than to kick me but that doesn't stop her from hurling insults. The one I remember is that I'm dead meat and not worth the spit of a baboon. She's still madder than a wet hen and wiggling all over the place. I just hold her on my lap till she runs out of steam.

When she finally calms down, I tell her how close she came to serious injury and that Cowboy is gonna blister her butt for putting herself in danger. She says if I love her I won't tell him. Cowboy marches into the house about that time and says I do love her and for that reason I'm going to give him every last detail. He takes Sar out of my arms and holds her tight. His eyes are on her and I know he knows I wouldn't be holding her unless something was wrong. I suggest she tell him what happened but Sar sees it differently and wants to know why Cowboy is home early.


I have to laugh when Sar tries to turn the tables on me demanding to know why I'm home early. Whatever happened, she's ok and that's all I need to know for my heart to stop pounding. When I saw David holding her, I knew something was wrong. David tells me what happened and I notice that Sar doesn't argue with what he has to say.

My birbantella knows what's coming next. I take her upstairs and lock the dogs out of the bedroom. I'm wondering where they were when she charged Bull. She's pretty quiet when I sit on the side of the bed and hold her on my lap. Usually she asks if I'm mad at her or if she's going to be spanked. This time she doesn't say anything and that worries me a little. Sar is never sorry for what she does, only sorry she got caught at it.

I ask her what she thinks would have happened if David hadn't shown up. She doesn't answer me. I tell her that she put herself in a really dangerous situation and that I'm barely holding myself in check. By all rights she deserves a severe spanking. Not for trying to save the trees and the nests but for putting herself in a position where she could have been seriously injured. She tells me I'm not spanking her for this.

She's wrong. She got spanked - not the really hard spanking she deserved but hard enough that she knows I won't tolerate that kind of impulsive behavior again. As my bella innamorata says in some of her stories - and the band played on - yes, I loved her after the spanking. She is the joy in my life. I was relieved she was safe. Of course I loved her. Devo fare l'amore voi cara mia.

The next morning Bull drops by the house and Sar invites him in for coffee and breakfast. The big guy got shy when she smiled at him. He apologized for scaring her. David and I looked at each other. We're pretty sure he was the one that was scared or at least stunned but neither of us is going to tell him what we think. Sar pats him on the cheek and he turns red. She has him eating out of her hands in a matter of minutes. Mentally I chalk up another conquest for my birbantella.


~ End Part Four ~

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