by Cowboy

Working regular hours again has cut down on spare time for writing anything. I like to spend leisure time with Sar and friends. Writing for public consumption is not high on my list. No offense intended, just have other priorities.

Sar and I have an ongoing bet. The bet is personal but the outcome is that if she loses she has to follow my orders for a week. If I lose I have to write something with her. Trust me when I say she does not want to follow my orders for an hour let alone a week and she will do all she can to win the bet. I do not want to have to write a story with her that is difficult for me to write so I am also putting in a bit of effort. My advantage is that I am bigger than she is. Her advantage is that she cheats without 1 iota of shame.

May's here so summer's around the corner - summer and the beach and bathing suits. Sar likes to wear bikini bathing suits. To my eye those things are bits of string and 3 small patches. Doesn't leave much to the imagination. She has a tank suit - forget it. It's about as revealing as her birthday suit - sticks to her like glue. I bought her a regular bikini, the kind that has more cloth than a few postage stamps and straps for the top and covers the essentials. The only problem with it is that when she puts it on she looks so damn good I just want to rip it off her.

Back to the bikini made of string. The downside is that she may as well be naked. The upside is that the *target* is readily available. Makes my hands itch. I notice she tries to keep her backside out of my reach when she wears it and she only wears it when we're at the beach together. We go to an isolated one near David's house - not too many folks ever go there. I think she wears it to make me nuts.

We're house hunting. It's a bit of a job. I want to be closer to a body of water, maybe the ocean although we have a few large lakes out here. We've been looking north and west of where we are now - some nice little towns. So far we haven't settled on one place yet. The San Juans are good location wise but I'm not ready for a long commute every time I want to take mia bambina out for a night of dancing with a live band.

Taking Sar house hunting is a lot like taking 5 small kids to the circus. She plays tourist and has to see everything, eat everything and do everything. She brings a large duffel filled with snacks. She and the dogs eat nonstop. You name it. They eat it. Then she wants to know when we're stopping for lunch. I go out of my way to avoid driving by food stores when we're on the road in case she'll want to restock.

On the upside, seeing new things through her eyes is not only enlightening, it's a song in my heart.

We passed an alpaca ranch on our last house hunting trip. It was time for a break so I pulled in. The minute Sar went to the fence to look at the animals, they rushed over. Ever seen an alpaca? They're related to llamas but have these cartoon faces. I'm not sure who was happier - Sar or the alpacas. No she's not getting one but she had a good time petting them and they had a good time listening to her chatter. In case you wondered, with the owner's permission they ate the cracker jacks she offered. They made pitiful sounds as we walked away, not sure if it was because Sar was leaving or because the cracker jacks were going with her.

All kinds of animals are drawn to her - she's a natural with them. You should ask her to tell you the story of the time we were in Vermont one winter and a French Percheron followed her back to the Trapp Family Lodge. FYI- Percheron is a large draft horse similar to the American Clydesdale, usually all black but there is a strain of white ones.

We spent the night at a B&B and Sar was so worn out she missed supper, falling asleep shortly after we checked in. I ordered pizzas for us and the dogs and she didn't stir when it was delivered. Got her into bed and when she woke up - about 3 AM - wanted to know why she didn't get any supper. Threatened to warm her butt if she got out of bed but as usual I underestimated her. She told the dogs to "kiss the squid" and while close to 300 lbs of dog fur overwhelmed me, she dug into her snacks until she was full again.

The B&B was on the water and after an early breakfast we took a walk. The sand is packed tight on that stretch of the sound so walking was easy. I had a picture of what it might be like if we were to find a house we liked somewhere in the area. We talked about it, got a phone book to check a few things out and made note of realtors for the future. Will go back to that area another time to check it further. Sar's dogs are well behaved and were a big hit at the B&B. We would be welcome to return on another trip. The owner packed a big lunch for us that included chocolate cake with chocolate icing. This made the imp dizzy with happiness.

David was at our house when we got back. He's been traveling the Pacific Rim and said he was good and ready for some of Sar's cooking and hoped she had a Boston cream pie for him. She made him wait till she greeted the animals we left at home and showered and then she fed him like royalty.

Lucky for me I got to eat too. :) Sar teased him that all his girlfriends were desperate to see him again. He told her his heart belongs to her and they would just have to wait. She told him his heart was hers only as long as she fed him. He agreed which made all of us laugh.

David's being extra nice to her. His birthday is coming up soon and he's trying to win points so she doesn't embarrass him too badly. I promised to warm her butt if she goes overboard, not that she'd admit to any wrong doing. It was David who took care of her last summer after her run in with a dune buggy and I was overseas. She might go easy on him because he was good to her but I wouldn't hold my breath. I don't call her my imp for nothing.


~ End ~

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