Taking Control
Part Three
by SarAdora

She was startled when her cell phone rang and automatically answered, finding it difficult to drive balancing her weight on the side of one hip. Her eyes instantly recognized their home phone number on the readout and she remained silent, the phone to her ear.

"Talk to me, Puss," he said quietly, waiting for her to respond.

She didn't say anything, the hurt in her heart blocking her throat, her breath staggered as she tried to inhale when she heard his voice.

"Baby, I love you," he reminded her. "Please come home." He wanted to tell her that it was over, that she didn't have to stand in a corner and think about why he had spanked her. He wanted to assure her that they'd talk it out, start over. He wanted to tell her anything that would bring her back to him, but he wouldn't lie to her. They had issues to resolve and he couldn't waver from his course of action no matter how much he wanted to. He heard her breath, loud and harsh in the phone's receiver, so close to his ear. Was it from the pain of sitting on her bruised bottom or was it from the pain he had caused in her heart? Probably both, he thought. He was desperate to hold her, touch her, kiss the pain away - his and hers.

He wanted to blanket her with his body, shield her from hurt, go back, and start the day all over again. He desperately wanted to relive their morning loving, let his hands and mouth roam all over her, mapping her curves - memorizing the hills and valleys of her soft, sweet body. He wanted to plunge into the moist treasure between her thighs, fill her with his loving, and let her know how precious she was to him.

Instead, he listened to her open mouth breaths and willed her to talk to him.

"I need you, Puss. Come back to me," he murmured.

She pulled over onto the side of the road, his voice piercing her heart, her soul registering a clot of grief as she was overcome with warring emotions. At first, she tried to blink away the tears but there were too many and she gave up and just sat there, softly sobbing.

His heart heard her and took flight, leaving him bereft with a deep and aching emptiness in his chest. "Puss," he said gruffly, choking on his breath.

She ended the call, turning the cell phone off, afraid his voice would draw her back to him. She wasn't ready to confront him and the trust that was no longer hers to lean on. She wasn't ready to face her old fears - the ones she thought were gone, nor was she able to consider the new ones that had dropped her out of heaven into hell.

"Paul," she cried softly. "Why?"

"Baby," his heart responded from somewhere inside her, causing her to look around.

But she was alone.

And so was he.

~ End Part Three ~

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