Raw Act of Possession
Part Two
by sarAdora


He wanted her.

Before she could take the next breath, he had turned her face down across his knees and spanked her again. Two dozen hard stinging slaps were delivered across her butt, his hand large enough to cover both cheeks at the same time. She screamed, hurling curses at his head. He stopped to rub her butt, enjoying the heated flesh under his hand. She screamed again.

"If you prefer, I can use my belt. Perhaps, you'd like to feel the sting of a paddle or maybe a whip?" he asked, his hands enjoying the curve of her warm flesh. "Which would you prefer, sugar woman? Tell me."

She bucked under him, trying to escape his heavy hand but he held her easily. She tried to punch back with her fists, but he simply pulled her hands behind her back and used her bra to tie her wrists. He dropped a heavy thigh over her legs and held her still.

When she was sufficiently immobile, he gave her another dozen stinging slaps. "You will kneel in front of me. You will call me Master or Sir. You will obey me. Do you understand?"

"Go to hell!"

He slapped her sore ass again.

"Do you understand?" he asked again, his voice still soft.

"Go to hell!"

He slapped her ass again.

"Do you understand?"

Her butt was an inferno. She didn't know how much more she could take but she couldn't submit to him... not without a fight.

"Do you understand?" he asked, rubbing her reddened cheeks with a gentler hand.

"Go to hell."

He smiled at her softer tone and smacked her again - a lot gentler this time.

"Do you understand?"

"Go to hell," she said even softer, concentrating on breathing, her ass on fire.

"Do you understand!" he yelled, smacking her hard several more times.

It was more than she could take and she didn't respond - and lay across his knees, sobbing softly.

"I'm waiting," he said, his hand rubbing her very sore butt, easing the pain. In truth, he hadn't spanked her as hard as he might have - nothing like he would have had she been into the lifestyle and voluntarily asked to be his sub - and one that had displeased him. By now her ass would have been fiery red from dozens of paddle strokes and strapped to the spanking bench waiting to feel the strength he could wield with his belt... or a flogger... or a riding crop. But she wasn't his and that kind of punishment didn't turn him on - another reason why he had left the scene. He had hand spanked her to get her attention and it had worked. Now he just wanted to comfort her, teach her a few manners, and make her his by finding pleasure between her thighs.

He turned her in his arms and placed her on the bed, freeing her hands. She moaned when her butt made contact with the sheets and he shocked her when he slid his hand between her naked thighs and cushioned her butt with a large palm. She was too weak to protest and simply stared at him. He could feel the heat coming off her cheeks and correctly assumed she had never been spanked.

With his other hand, he brushed the damp hair off her face and neck and then moved to cup a breast. She was more beautiful nude than he had anticipated. Her large full breasts were like oversized muffins - delectable - with strawberry colored nipples that tempted his mouth. Soon, he smiled, eager to taste her charms. Her waist was smaller than he thought it would be and he stroked the smooth ivory flesh of her belly, watching her shiver from his touch. Her hips flared - full like her breasts and rounded. He knew it wouldn't be long before he enjoyed her.

Her limbs were long and firm and he wondered how often she worked out - her muscles highly toned. The lips of her sex were almost hidden, the dark black curls covering most of her. I'll have to shave that off, he thought, and soon.

She whimpered and turned toward him, still weak from all that happened in the short time since she had entered the room. "Now what?" she asked, suddenly unafraid and accepting of the situation.

"Now I'll train you to be a more obedient submissive," he said, his hand moving to cup her cheek, his eyes feasting on her beauty. "Then you'll pleasure me," he said in the same tone of voice. "And if you please me, I'll pleasure you."

She didn't respond to his remarks, her blue eyes intensely looking at his covered face, unable to learn anything about him from his eyes. He seemed larger than life all of a sudden, his hands gently touching her, but with impunity as if she belonged to him. She stiffened when he pulled his hand back from her bottom and stroked her inner thighs.

"Easy," he murmured as if he were gentling a wild animal. "I told you I would touch you everywhere."

"You miserable piece of shit," she yelled, bouncing up and back against the headboard. "How dare you! Who died and made you king of the universe?"

Jonas laughed. He adored her defiance and the challenge of taming her. She didn't have a chance in hell of getting away from him but she fought him anyway. She was breathing hard again, her chest heaving and her breasts expanding with every breath. Her nipples were taut and he was tempted to push her down and suckle them but her thighs were quivering and he had to touch her.

Quickly kneeling up in front of her, he cupped her mound, his fingers moving against her sex in a provocative way. "Not king of the universe," he chuckled, "just your lord and Master, sugar woman, just yours." His other hand gently squeezed her breast as he easily pinned her to the headboard.

"Let go of me, you sexual deviant," she spat, pushing him and making as much progress as if she were pushing a brick wall. "I'm not yours and I never will be."

"You are, sugar woman. You just don't know it yet," he smiled, undeterred by her words and grabbing her hips, pulled her down to the bed. He put a gentle but firm hand on her mouth to silence her. "These are the rules. One, you will obey me in all things. If you do not, you will feel the weight of my hand on your pretty ass. Two, you will call me Master or Sir. If you do not, you will feel the weight of my hand on your pretty ass. Three, you will kneel on command. If not..." he let the rest of the sentence dangle. "You will not speak unless I give you permission and you will thank me for any punishment I give you. You will not challenge me, question me or disobey me." He removed his hand from her mouth and held her chin firmly, looking directly into her eyes. "Do you understand?"

"You're insane," she muttered as her legs shot up and she kicked him in the chest with both feet. He lost his balance and fell onto his back She was on him in a second, fisting his balls and squeezing. "You're going to let me go or I'll yank them off," she said quietly, her chest still heaving.

"Since you seem to like my balls so much," he grunted through the pain, "you can kiss them and make them feel better while you're there."

"Kiss my ass," she hissed.

"I intend to," he told her. "After I blister it."

"Turn over," she ordered, still holding tightly to his balls.

She leaned back to avoid being kicked, still squeezing him as he turned onto his belly. Without warning, her body reacted to all the events of the past hour and betrayed her by shaking violently and she released him, falling onto his back and softly sobbed.

She's not in the lifestyle, he thought miserably. That bastard Roger set her up.

He turned slowly, letting her slide to the bed and gathered her shaking body in his arms. "Hush, sugar woman. It's not as bad as it seems."

"Yes, it is," she sobbed, too weak to fight him again.

"Do you promise to stay away from my balls?" he asked, surprising both of them when he dropped a kiss on her brow.

"Do you promise to stay away from my ass?" she countered, still shaking, but to a lesser degree.

"No, your ass is in for some serious attention," he told her, his balls still aching. "It's been itching for a good whipping."

"You're going to whip me?" she asked, shocked, a tremor in her voice.

"No, little one, I'm not. But I am going to spank you - lightly, although you might not think so - and often enough that your delectable bottom is going to turn a nice shade of red and stay that way until I let you go."

"I'm not kneeling," she told him, "and you can go fuck yourself before I'll call you anything but..."

He kissed her, cupped her sore ass with one hand and the back of her head with the other, kissing her until she gasped for breath. "You're delicious, sugar woman. Might have to fuck you before I teach you some manners." Her mouth opened in shock again. She had expected to be raped but the calm, cavalier way in which he said he'd fuck her shook her and she was at a loss for words.

"But first, there's your ass," he murmured, easily turning her onto her belly and dragging her across his knees. His hand rubbed her sore butt, a gentle caressing rub and then, good to his word, he spanked her with a not-so-gentle hand - enough swats so she'd feel a deep sting, and hard enough so she'd ache for a while.

She didn't cry - didn't scream - just took what he dished out - her shallow breath the only indication of what she felt.

"Thank me," he said softly as he stroked her sore butt cheeks, admiring the view.

"Fuck you," she said just as softly.

"I'll spank you again," he warned, "and it will be much harder this time."

"You'll do it anyway," she said, resigned to the inevitable.

He gave her another slap, then slipped his fingers between her thighs. She was moist - not sopping wet - just moist - and it pleased him.

She squirmed when he touched her so he touched her again - his fingers slipping between her folds, stroking her. When he found her hardened clit, he pinched it, making her gasp and when she did, she inadvertently raised her butt.

He smiled, spanked her a few more times and told her to thank him. He wasn't surprised when she told him to go fuck himself.

"Don't you know any other curse words?" he laughed, smacking her ass again, then rubbing it with a gentle hand.

"Do you always use your size and strength to overpower someone smaller than you?" she dared to ask, the contemptuous tone of her voice meant to sting.

"You have a lot to learn," he said stiffly, swatting her reddened cheeks several more times with a much firmer hand.

Tossing her over his shoulder, he moved to the bathroom to fill the tub and lowered her to the floor. "Move and I'll blister your ass," he said sharply, pouring half a box of Epson salts under the faucet.

She sat up, bending her knees but pulled back when he snarled at her.

"Don't move!" he ordered.

Perversely, she got up on her knees, her bottom too sore to put any weight on it.

"I warned you," he growled, yanking her to her feet and gave her two sharp slaps on her aching behind.

"Shit, fuck," she cursed. "Miserable son-of-a-bitch!"

He dropped her back to the floor where she landed on her sore butt, her eyes overflowing from the pain.

"Obey me!" he snarled.

She didn't respond and squealed when he picked her up again, gently this time, and placed her in the tub. The warm water felt hot and scalding to her aching butt and she fought him, trying hard not to sit, but he held her down until the heat permeated her stinging flesh and she was eased by it. Then, picking up a sponge, he washed her. First her face - brushing the damp tendrils behind her ear, his mouth following his hand, his lips caressing her.

She was confused. He had just harshly spanked her and now he was being gentle and tender with her. She bit her lip before saying something that would set him off again.

Jonas' lips curved, watching her and wondered if she was giving in and ready to obey him or just trying to avoid being spanked again. She didn't move when his hands moved over her neck and down to her breasts, cupping them and testing the fullness of each in his palm. She bit her lip when his thumbs found her nipples and teased them, making him smile. He knew she wouldn't admit that she liked his hands on her.

She remained still, her blue eyes closed as he washed her belly and bent each leg in turn to wash her thighs. It wasn't until he put an arm around her waist and lifted her, intending to wash her sex that he noticed the tears streaming down her face at this intimacy. Tears in a sub had never moved him to change his course of action, but tears in this beautiful woman made him pause. He pushed the thought away.

"You're mine," he whispered, his hand caressing her sore butt and slipping between her folds. "All mine, sugar woman."

"I'm not," she protested.

"You are, little one," he insisted, kissing her face, licking her tears. "All mine."

He had removed his T-shirt when he put her in the bathtub and now draped a towel over his shoulder and pulled her wet body against him, her back to his chest. Spreading her legs, he held them apart with his thighs. "Don't move," he told her, thoroughly soaping her sex with his hand and picking up a straight razor. "I'm going to shave these curls and I don't want to cut you."

"No," she protested vehemently.

"Yes," he answered simply. "Subs aren't allowed to have hair on their sex."

"I'm not a sub," she squirmed, trying to back away from his hands.

"You're mine and I want you shaved clean," he said firmly, catching her earlobe with his teeth and nipping her. "I can always tie you down," he warned. "Would you like that?"

"No," she whispered, afraid he'd cut her badly.

"I won't hurt you," he promised. "Keep your legs apart. It won't take long."

"No," she whimpered.

"Yes," he said softly, moving the razor over her.

She stiffened when he slid the razor over her mound and then her outer labia, gasped as his fingers held each fold in turn, eliminating all her fur. The back of his hand protected the tender inner labia from being nicked and she breathed sharply as it rubbed over the sensitive flesh. She moaned when she saw the curly hair fall to the floor but remained motionless, knowing she couldn't stop him and afraid of being cut. She was mortified that he had touched her so intimately and cried softly when her mound was as bald as a baby's butt.

He smiled at the sounds she made when his hands checked every inch of her sex, ensuring she was smooth to his touch. He knew she was embarrassed by this intimacy and was impressed that she hadn't cursed him through the brief ordeal. He liked the feel of her in his arms as he shaved her and had taken his time to finish the task. He also shaved her inner thighs and the sensitive flesh between her sex and her butt and when he was done, he rinsed the remaining soap and toweled her dry. Her soft cries had bothered him and again, he pushed the feeling aside.

"Beautiful," he murmured, fondling her again. "Beautiful, sugar woman. I'm pleased with you."

"Fuck you," she replied, when he put the razor down, making him smile.

"Maybe," he murmured, a growing huskiness in his voice. He was hard for her. He stood, pulling her up with him and gently, but with force, brought her hands together behind her back. He had been touching her naked body for too long and now he needed to relieve the pressure on his balls. He dropped his sweats and stroked her breasts, cupping them, discovering that the undersides were an erogenous zone. Slowly, he worried the strawberry nipples until they stood taut like peaks and then probed the smoothly shaven slit of her sex.

She didn't resist him when his strong arms held her against his chest, letting him touch her without protest. She knew she didn't have a choice and prayed he wouldn't be too rough with her. She was surprised at his gentleness and aghast that she was enjoying his touch. He stroked her gently, circling her clit, pressing into it, stroking her again until he felt the dampness of her sex. His mouth nuzzled her neck, his breath hot on her skin and she shivered from the sensation.

"Tell me, sugar woman," he breathed in her ear. "Is your pussy wet?"

~ End Part Two ~

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