Raw Act of Possession
Part Three
by sarAdora


"Bastard," she hissed softly, pushing back into him, wanting more of what he had to offer.

"Should I fuck you now?" he taunted her, the bulge of his erection caressing the cleft of her ass. "Do you want my cock in you? Tell me."

"Go to hell," she muttered, unable to stop arching into his hand.

"You're hot for me, sugar woman," the deep rumble of his voice went from his mouth to her sex. "You're wet for me. I'm going to fuck you."

He lifted her and plunged, his thick cock filling her, his balls tight against her inner thighs. One arm was around her chest under her breasts, the other on her silky smooth mound. He pushed her against the bathroom wall and plunged again, making her moan. Jonas smiled at the sounds she made, his hand manipulating her clit as he pounded into her, stretching her, and filling her. "You're mine," he told her as he pumped his hips. "My little pet," he swore as he felt her body tense, then come, her soft cries confirming her orgasm.

He felt the tension building in his legs and ass. It seemed to go on forever, jumping up through his chest and down again, hitting a spot in his belly before tightening around his balls. "Mine," he growled as he exploded into her, his roar of release filling their ears as he collapsed against her.

He washed her again and took her to bed, wrapping his arms around her as her eyes closed in exhaustion. Her ass was pale pink, the color from his swats fading swiftly, a testament to his skill. She was luscious in his arms and he thought again that she was a beauty he would have liked to explore a relationship with, but not a dominant and submissive one. More than ever, he was convinced Roger had lied about her status and she was an unwilling participant in this scene.

He wanted her and it wasn't likely he'd ever see her again after Sunday night so he was determined to enjoy her all weekend. Tenderly, his hands caressed her breasts, stroking the sensitive undersides, then let his palms slowly glide over her beautiful nipples. She squirmed in her sleep and he reached over her belly to brush her clit over and over until he felt her climax again, her body shuddering in his arms. Her soft sweet moans convinced him that he could awaken a sensuality in her that matched his own. He had all weekend to find out if he was right.

She was disoriented when she woke the next morning, a dull ache between her thighs. Her hand moved to her mound and she shrieked when she felt her smoothly shaven flesh. His deep low laughter enraged her.

"You!" she shouted, turning in his arms. "You... you pervert! You sexual deviate! You FUCKER!"

"Have you already forgotten everything I told you?" he spoke softly, easily turning her onto her back, holding her down with his weight. "The more you fight me, the harder it will be for you."

"I hoped you were a nightmare," she admitted. "I hoped I would wake up in my own bed and you were just a bad dream."

"We can continue the nightmare," he murmured, cupping her face, "or you can obey me and enjoy the rest of our time together." He kissed her gently, then moved his mouth to her throat, nibbling lightly before sucking the hollow there.

He loved her shiver.

"What's it going to be?"

He watched the conflicting emotions fly across her beautiful face. Her hair was a mass of dark silky curls cascading over her shoulders, her piercing blue eyes staring into his brown ones. Her lips were luscious - kissable - and he kissed them again. She was soft in all the right places with a body that was fodder for wet dreams and masturbation fantasies.

She was his for now. And he was awake - and hard.

"Get off of me!" she demanded. "You weigh a ton!"

"That wasn't the answer to my question," he said with a hint of menace.

"Fuck you!"

"Your comments have become predictable," he said with exasperation, "and boring."

"Fuck you!" she hissed, snapping her teeth when she tried to bite him and missed.

Jonas laughed. It was going to be an interesting day.

"Hungry?" he asked, getting up and thinking about devouring her as he looked at her naked charms.

"Yes," she grudgingly admitted. "I am."

"Get up and kneel in front of me and I'll give you breakfast," he ordered calmly.

"Go to hell," she sighed and moved to stand on the other side of the bed.

A strong arm reached for her and wrapped around her waist, hauling her over his knees. "You can kneel or skip breakfast," he said softly.

"I'll skip breakfast."

His hand rested on her upturned butt and he gently rubbed circles on each delicious cheek. "You're going to be very hungry if you continue to defy me." He gave her a firm smack on each butt cheek. "Will you kneel?"

"Will you stop spanking me?"

"You're defying me," he said a little sharper, giving her another set of firm swats.

"You're..." her voice trailed off, deciding she wasn't in a position to tell him what she really thought.

"I'm what?" he grinned, his hand caressing her ass.

She remained silent and he laughed softly, turning her over on his lap. He cupped her chin so she had to look at him. "Learning to hold your tongue, my pet?" he grinned and proceeded to goad her into losing it. "Given enough time, I'll make a good submissive out of you after all."

"Bastard," she hissed, her fist aiming for his mastoid and missing, connecting with the side of his hooded face instead.

She was instantly on her back, both her hands above her head, held in one of his. His mouth covered one of her breasts sucking her nipple hard and nipping it, his hand squeezing the other one. She gasped at the sensation and arched her back into his mouth.

His free hand moved to her mound and palmed it. "Spread your legs," he growled. She clamped them tighter. He squeezed her mound harder and growled again. She kept them closed.

"Now!" he ordered. "Don't make me separate them for you."

"If you're going to rape me, I'm not going to help you," she yelled, her thighs aching from keeping them clasped together.

It never occurred to him to rape her. He planned to fuck her - yes - get her hot and wet and wanting, but not rape her. Her words enraged him and for a few moments, he lost control. He hauled her to her feet and pushed her up against the wall, his mouth on her neck, sucking her flesh until he marked her with his teeth. His knee forced her legs apart and he roughly grabbed her sex. Tears sprang to her eyes.

"I could whip you till you bleed," he snarled. "I could force you to suck my cock until your throat aches. I could beat your ass with my belt so you'd never sit again." He heard himself and instantly regretted his words. Leaning against her, he took several long and deep breaths until his rage subsided. "I'm not going to whip you," he said softer. "You deserve it," he added, "but I give you my word I won't take a belt to you. Look at me," he ordered, tilting her head up. "I am going to fuck you and you're going to enjoy it."

She didn't say a word. His strength had overwhelmed her and she was afraid of pushing him further. She didn't resist when he tossed her on the bed and lay down beside her.

Pulling her into his arms, he pressed her breasts into his chest and held her until he knew his anger was under control. When he was calm, he gave her butt several harsh slaps. "That's for making me angry," he said and then fondled her flesh, rubbing the sting away. "And that's because you've got a beautiful ass."

Except for one sharp cry when he swatted her, she remained silent, her hands flat on his chest, her face buried in his neck. As frightened as she was, she was both attracted and repelled by his brute strength. His chest was all muscle, ribbed and hard and the fur on his chest felt good against her breasts. His arms were gentle as he held her and she snuggled further into his embrace. She had felt the harshness of his hands on her sore butt and she had felt their gentleness as well. She bit her lip, afraid she'd say something stupid about how complex he seemed. His thighs were tree trunks, hard and wide, the muscles rippling against her smaller ones as he tensed them. Her glimpse of his firm butt almost made her swoon - the most beautiful one she'd ever seen on a man.

And his cock she sighed into his neck. Magnificent... I must be crazy to want him.

He heard her sigh and turned them on their sides. "What, sugar woman?"

"You confuse me," she murmured, unable to meet his eyes.

"Not as much as you confuse me," he murmured back and filled her mouth with his tongue.

He didn't fuck her. He made love to her, slow and easy and tender love. He seduced her with his deep rumbling voice, telling her how hot she was, how luscious she felt, how hard she made him. His hot breath blanketed her neck and throat, his lips caressing her skin, his teeth nipping lightly. His hands explored her body with such a soft and sensual touch that each stroke was an individual and intimate act. His lovemaking captivated her, ensnared her, stretched her body's need for him and she slowly responded to his touch. But when his mouth followed suit, his lips and tongue tasting all of her, she was undone. She wanted him when he suckled at her breasts, each nipple wakened and alert for him, desiring more of his hot mouth. She wanted more when he licked her belly, and when his lips dropped feather kisses on the hollow of each hip, she would have sold her soul for more. She arched up to meet his mouth when he licked the smooth surface of her mound and groaned aloud when he licked her clit. She was in agony as his mouth moved further down her slit.

"Please," she heard someone beg, unaware it was her body calling his.

"What do you want, sugar woman?" he asked, lying between her thighs, his hands cupping her ass and lifting her closer to his mouth.

"Please," she repeated, unable to say more, her body weak with need, craving his.

"Tell me," he said, watching her and when she remained silent, he lightly flicked her clit.

"You," she murmured, reaching for him. "I want you."

"I know you do," he smiled and gave her what she wanted.

He sucked her outer labia between his lips - up one side, down the other - his hot breath bathing her overly sensitized lips. His tongue licked the silky fullness of her flesh and then he lightly sucked her clit until she arched her hips. The scent of her arousal filled him as he sampled her sweetness, but he waited for her breath to ease before teasing her inner flesh. The tip of his tongue lapped at her inner folds, sucking them into his mouth, scraping his teeth against the soft and tender lips.

She was sweet to his tongue and he lapped her, listening to her moans of pleasure as he brought her to the edge, withdrew, and chuckled when she cursed him. Sitting up between her legs, he pulled them over his shoulders and spread her sopping petals with his thumb. His lips kissed, his tongue feasted, and his teeth teased her unmercifully until he heard her beg.

It was what he was waiting for and he smiled, satisfied she wanted him.

He sucked her clit, gentle at first and then tugged harder until she bucked into him and when her body stilled, he began again. She cried in ecstasy, then in need and then in ecstasy again and finally, he filled her, his balls about to burst. He plunged into her sopping heat and in seconds, shuddered as he flooded her, his juices hot and thick and plentiful.

He couldn't let her go, still holding her legs aloft, both of them sticky with his seed, her sex oozing, coating her thighs and his, dripping to his balls, her ass, and down to the wrinkled linen.

He knew he should have whipped her for defying him - smacked that pretty little ass until it was crimson red - forced her to kneel - forced her to call him Master - maybe, fucked her mouth. Instead, he had made love to her like a man possessed, a man in lust with her, a man who wanted her more than he sought his soul's peace. He didn't understand these feelings for a perfect stranger - a beautiful woman who was supposed to submit to him - no questions asked.

Easing her legs off his shoulders, he cradled her to his chest, rolling onto his back and soothing her. "You're delicious, sugar woman," he told her quietly, the only other sound her calming breath. "I'm going to fuck you all day."

She lifted her head to look at him, knowing that was a physical impossibility, and when she caught his grin, she paused. He was such an imposing man with a presence that commanded her attention and a body that was difficult to resist. She had a moment of doubt. Maybe, he could fuck her all day. She wasn't sure if that prospect excited her or frightened her. She'd know soon enough.

~ End Part Three ~

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