Raw Act of Possession
Part Five
by sarAdora


She didn't resist until she saw him reach for the fur-lined cuffs hanging on the wall. He pressed a lever and chains dropped from the ceiling in the center of the room. She fought as hard as she could, but couldn't free herself from his tight grip as he dragged her to them. With practiced ease, he cuffed her to the chains, her feet just touching the floor, barely able to hold her weight.

Jonas stepped back to admire her naked form on full display before him. Magnificent, he breathed, ignoring the obscenities she was spewing. He had seen numerous female bodies fully displayed for his inspection but this one was especially lovely. He was eager to enjoy the feast her body offered and grinned lewdly when she called him a sexual voyeur.

"Voyeurs just watch, sugar woman," he said, quickly spreading her legs and stepping between her thighs so she couldn't kick him. "I have every intention of fully participating in the pleasure you're going to give me." His hand moved over her belly, making her shiver as he lightly stroked the silk of her skin.

"Put me down, you pervert," she screamed.

"Eventually, sugar woman," he murmured as he lifted her legs to his shoulders and kissed and licked her sex. "Is this good?" he asked, lapping her moistness.

She didn't answer him, gritting her teeth, her lips compressed so she wouldn't scream with pleasure at the wonderful sensations shooting through her.

"Answer me," he ordered, his teeth nipping her tender flesh until she gasped. "Would you rather I do this?" he asked, turning her slightly and smacked her ass. "Or do you prefer I continue feasting on you?" His hands cupped her ass and he buried his mouth between her thighs, sucking the tender folds, licking and nibbling at her flesh until she moaned.

"Good, sugar woman?"

Her head was thrown back and she was breathing through her mouth, so close to orgasm, bucking into him and desperate for him to finish what he started. When she didn't answer him, he smacked her ass again - harder this time - and then sucked her nipples until she screamed.

He tongued her, lapping at her dew and sucked her clit hard until her body shuddered against his mouth. Not waiting for her to calm, he tongued her again and again until her body hung limp in his arms, her soft cries and moans the only sounds.

"Was that good, sugar woman?" he asked again, not expecting her to answer. He had purposely mouthed her sex until she almost passed out and then released her, letting her sweat soaked body slide against him until she sank to the floor. When she was on her knees, he gently pushed her further down until she kneeled, and when she did, he positioned her the way he wanted her to be... a slave waiting for her Master's words. She was on her knees with her ass in the air and when her head cleared and she realized where she was, she immediately lifted her head.

"Stay there," he said sharply, pushing her head down again.

"Fuck you!" she yelled, pulling away from him but he caught her and held her down.

"I'm your Master, obey me!" he ordered, easily morphing into the Dom. "Beg me to fuck you."

"Go to hell," she screamed, her fist aiming for his groin.

"I'll take what I want," he said simply, easily avoiding her hand, flipping her over and entering her hard. He plunged in and out while her mouth cursed him - her body saying something else, squeezing her inner walls around him, seeking the pleasure he could give her. He brought her to the edge, then stopped his thrusts, holding back his own release as well and pulled out of her. Straddling her hips, he bent down and kissed her hard, his tongue roughly invading her mouth the way he had invaded her body. He pushed his dripping cock between her breasts and squeezed them, ignoring the punches she landed on his chest and arms. Then holding her head still, he rubbed the tip of his wet cock across her lips. "I could easily force your mouth to take me," he said quietly, "but I know you'd bite me if you could."

"You can't force me," she dared him, her body limp again.

"I can," he said firmly, easily pulling her face into his groin, then lifting off of her, he crushed her to his chest and landed a fast volley of hard spanks on her ass. "You want me, sugar woman. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you."

"You can't make me want you," she hissed, her butt on fire again. "You don't own me!"

"I do own you," he retorted. "I could easily possess you forever. You want me and you're too stubborn to admit it. Admit it," he growled, plunging back into her, taking her hard and rough, unable to get enough of her.

"I can't," she moaned softly, her hips meeting the thrusts he hammered against her cervix.

"Do you like this?" he growled again, pushing two fingers into her ass as he continued to fuck her. "Do you?" He breathed harshly, pumping into her. "I own you and you'll like what I give you. Beg me for more," he roared, pouring into her.

She couldn't beg him for more; she couldn't speak. Her head was filled with blinding light as waves and waves of pleasure washed over her body. Shivers skated up her spine through her chest and limbs, her orgasm so intense she lost consciousness for a few minutes. When she opened her eyes, she was mush in his arms as he carried her into the shower.

Holding her against his chest, he washed her back, his hands lingering on her ass, stroking her, teasing the rosebud he had invaded and then he turned her around. His hands fondled her breasts, lathering them, teasing her taut nipples until they ached from his touch. When she thought she couldn't take any more, he bent her over his arm and suckled each one.

Softly, she moaned her need.

Masterfully, he played her clit, stroking it, tugging it, strumming it until she begged him for release. He lowered his mouth to hers and told her to kiss him. She kissed him, accepted his tongue into her mouth and sucked it till he brought her to orgasm. She didn't resist when he washed her sex and later, sat quietly on his lap while he toweled her dry.

It was still early evening when he took her to bed, spooning up against her body, his arms wrapped around her slender form. His body was sated from their lovemaking and he realized he was content with her in his arms. The thought intrigued him, wondering if he was losing his heart.

Then he snorted, remembering he didn't have one.

Then why are you so gentle with this woman? his conscience asked.

Don't know.

Just because she's here against her will... the thought lingered. Not like you to let her get away with defying you, hitting you. You haven't whipped her once.

I like her defiance. She's shown courage.


And... she's... he thought about what she was and how his body reacted to her body and how he wanted her again. He wondered how she brought all his protective instincts to the surface, instincts he shouldn't have on a personal level. He tried to be harsh with her and failed. He tried to force her to be submissive but he knew he wasn't forcing her at all. He thought about paddling her ass, whipping her until she was raw, but only spanked her hard enough to sting, and to shock her. He didn't want her to be submissive. He just wanted her.

Hours later, he woke with her back against his chest, her ass snuggled into his groin and his erection flared. His arms were wrapped around her, under her breasts and his hands cupped them, teasing her with his palms, her nipples immediately tightening into hard peaks when he caressed them. His hard shaft pressed against her ass, seeking the warmth of her cleft and he groaned at the heat he found there.

She woke when his fingers found her clit and moaned softly when he tugged at it.

"Tell me you want me," he whispered, nibbling on her ear. "Do you want it here?" he pressed harder against her ass then plunged between her folds to coat his cock and just as quickly withdrew to press against her ass again. "Do you want it here?" When she didn't answer, he turned her over and straddling her belly, slid his thickness between her breasts. "Here?" he asked, squeezing her breasts around him. "Maybe you want me here," he murmured, rubbing her lips with the tip of his cock, wetting her mouth with drops of pre-cum beading on the slit. "Do you want this in your mouth, sugar woman? Doesn't matter what you want," he groaned when her lips parted. "I want you here," he snarled and pushed into her wet heat.

She arched into him, her hips rising to meet his thrusts and he snarled again, her willingness suddenly unnerving him. Perversely, he wanted her to defy him, fight him, and curse him. Pulling out, he turned her on her belly, and roughly pushed back into her. "You're not allowed to come until I give you permission!" he informed her, pumping hard. "Do not come!"

He played her clit until she exploded and when she did, it pushed him over the edge. His hot semen filled her and her inner walls squeezed him, milking him until he smacked her ass. "I told you not to come," he hissed when he could breathe again.

"Fuck you," she muttered, still regaining breath.

"You just did, sugar woman," he grinned, pleased with her and eager to have her again. His fingers kept her body tensed, tugging at her clit, swirling his fingers around the tiny turgid organ, and keeping her arousal level high. "You're so beautiful," his deep voice rumbled in her ear. "Your pussy's hot and tight. You're sopping wet again, aren't you, baby?"

Dipping a finger into her heat, he felt her muscles tighten, the spasms clenching his prodding digit. "Every time I touch you, you're wet for me. I could lick your nipples and you'd be wet for me," his words and hot breath blanketed her neck, searing her. "I could rub against you in a crowded hall and your body would drip for me. I could just graze against you," he said softly, his finger pressing her clit again, "and you'd be sopping wet. You want me and you know it."

She couldn't talk. His hands were making her body respond, his words enflaming her. She rode the wave he caused in her, her body his, but he wasn't through with her.

He pushed a finger into the cleft of her ass and fondled her tender flesh. Before she could protest, his other hand covered her vulva and probed between her folds until he entered her. Her sex oozed from her juices and his ejaculate. "Feel good, sugar woman? What do you think of this?" he asked, rubbing some of their combined juices on her lips. "Taste us, baby. Do you like it? This is what we did together - this is what made us feel good. This is what we're made of when I'm deep inside you." He dipped into her again and rubbed their juices on her nipples, bending his head to suck them till they were hard. "Sweet... sugar woman... so very sweet," he murmured. He rubbed more on her belly and then on her ass, his fingers still pressing between her cheeks until she arched into his hand.

"You say you're not a sub, but you're submissive to my hand, you can't ignore my mouth on you, and you hunger for my cock." He captured her lips for a sweet kiss and licked her lips. "You don't have to admit it. Your body speaks for you. You want me and what I do to you. Remember me, sugar woman," his whisper a husky growl. "The next time you let another man between your thighs, you'll remember me and how I fucked you. You'll remember me and how I made you feel. You'll remember me and how I made you hot and wet. You'll remember how I filled you. Tell me you want me."

"I want you," she whispered, her breath shallow, her voice barely audible. "The next time I fuck a woman, she'll be you. I'll think of how you begged me to take you. I'll think of the sweet cries of your release. I'll remember you."

~ End Part Five ~

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