Raw Act of Possession
Part Seven
by sarAdora


Jonas watched her. She's good, even has the Director sitting up and listening. From the looks of her, you'd never know she spent last weekend naked and submitting to your demands.

She didn't exactly submit, he covered his mouth to muffle his snort.

She's not only beautiful, she's smart. Guess you didn't know she was FBI.

Never asked what she did. Didn't ask her name. Didn't give her mine. He looked at his yellow pad. She had been introduced as Special Agent Teddy Sullivan, Teddy a nickname for Thea. He noticed that he had written her name half a dozen times. He also noticed that his cock twitched every time he looked at her.

Must have been trained at Quantico the way she outmaneuvered you a few times.

Yeah. Even the agents in human resources get the four-week course. No weapons training, though.

"AD Marlowe," the Director's voice rang out, interrupting his reverie. "We're waiting for your answer."

"Sorry, Sir," Jonas looked up at the waiting faces. "Was mulling a few ideas around. Lost the thread. Would you repeat the question, please?"

"I asked for your views on Maslow's Hierarchy of Self-Actualization and in particular his thoughts on *gratification* as I've outlined it, Mr. Marlowe," Teddy Sullivan said, reading the name placard on the table in front of him. "Are you in agreement? Do you think your agents' needs come before your own?"

He looked at the woman he had thoroughly fucked, wanted to fuck again, and suppressed his grin. Teddy Sullivan? Gratification? Her luscious body? That sweet ass? My cock pumping in and out of her sweet pussy? "Absolutely," he said never breaking stride, his AD persona in place. "Whoever is subordinate to me comes first."

She turned to write something on the easel, hoping her face wasn't flaming red. His words and their obvious double meaning caused a few titters and guffaws from the others, some of whom coughed to cover their laughter. "Glad to hear that, AD Marlowe," she said to the easel, writing his name next to several others and then froze, her marking pen in mid-air when her mind registered his rich and rumbling baritone voice.

She turned and stared, her beautiful deep blue eyes widening as she looked at him, her cheeks showing a hint of pink. He stared back, his expression neutral, unwavering until she turned away from him again, smoothly moving on with her presentation.

It's him! How could...?

She knows. She recognized my voice.

Teddy was a pro at what she did, continuing to move through her presentation as if she never noticed that a particular FBI assistant director had massive shoulders. She didn't shiver when she saw the fabric of his starched shirt stretch across his muscular chest as he moved. She didn't flinch when her eyes momentarily focused on the large hands wielding his pen and pad, hands that had spanked her, hands that had caressed her body, gentle on her breasts, hands that had teased her sex, hands that had invaded her. Her heart didn't pound when she saw him drink, his lips curved on the rim of the glass the way they had curved around her nipples and her clit. But she swallowed hard when he caught her licking her lips and he licked his in turn - both remembering the way his tongue had licked her sex, the way it had plunged in and out of her damp heat like his cock. She felt the moisture gather between her thighs and turned away from him before she saw his smile.

"We'll start our human resources training schedule next week," the AD in charge informed every one. "Agent Sullivan will spend approximately twelve weeks with each of you - training you and your agents - observing your methods, and making suggestions. Her first few weeks will be spontaneous observation throughout the Bureau. Don't be surprised if she suddenly shows up in your weekly staff meeting. She's there to observe and take notes; she'll let you know when you are scheduled for more intensive training."

Intensive training? Jonas thought. Wonder if she'll try to whip my ass? He smiled at the thought, relishing it. When she was his to control, he had enjoyed her thoroughly, reluctantly kept his part of the bargain and took her home at the end of the weekend. Though he knew where she lived, he would respect her privacy and refrain from knocking on her door uninvited. He hadn't even known her name until today and he hadn't expected to see her again. Her presence at the Hoover building changed everything and he was intrigued by the possibilities of a relationship.

"Have you decided the order?" the Director asked.

"I'm pulling division names out of a hat," the AD in charge smiled. "It's called random selection."

"Works for me," he agreed.

Several ADs and their special assistants chose to speak with Teddy as she gathered her presentation materials, surrounding her, asking questions. She was relieved one particular man wasn't one of them.

I could be wrong, she thought as she made her way to her new office on the fourth floor.

Not too many men built like he is, her conscience said. Those shoulders, those hands... and then, there's his voice...

Sounded just like him, she groaned. What am I going to do?

Play dumb! Let him make the first move - if he makes any move at all.

"Mmmm," she hummed and stepped into the elevator, her arms filled with a box of slides, and several files of transparencies.

"Can I help you with those?" he asked, taking a step toward her from the back of the elevator.

"Gnngff," she suppressed her scream but dropped her files, startled by the voice she recognized.

"Do I frighten you, Agent Sullivan?" he asked with a wicked grin, stooping to pick up her files.

"You startled me," she said, hoping there wasn't a quiver in her voice, admiring his handsome face, recognizing his mouth, remembering the curve of his lips.

"Do you startle easily?" he asked, noting the mauve mark on her neck where his teeth had marked her and placed the files in her arms. He purposely invaded her space and was satisfied to see the rapid pulse at her throat, eager to taste it again.

Teddy took a step back, aware that her heart was pounding and certain he could hear it, wondering if he could also smell the scent of her arousal.

"Thank you," she said, not looking at him. "Which... um, I'm not sure... you're... AD...?"

"Marlowe," he said softly, his voice caressing her, the voice of the man that had made her thighs melt. "AD Jonas Marlowe. And you're Agent Sullivan, Teddy Sullivan." He stepped back against the elevator wall and folded his arms across his chest. "I like the name Teddy," he added, his voice seductive... his look stripping her, making her blush. "It suits you."

You miserable fucker! She compressed her lips so she wouldn't curse him. "I'm sure my mother would be delighted to know you approve," she smirked and turned her back on him.

He almost laughed aloud. She was so easy to rile. She's cursing me.

He was surprised when she exited on the same floor as his office and walked down the hall with her, stopping outside her door when he realized which office she had been assigned. "I'm looking forward to your intensive training, Agent Sullivan," he said formally, briefly shaking her hand, his expression neutral.

"I hope you will enjoy it and benefit from it, Mr. Marlowe," she replied as formally, her composure barely intact, her hand burning from touching his.

"I always enjoy training," he replied, pausing to let the words linger in the air. His nostrils flared when he caught the scent of her, certain she was wet. Smiling briefly, he moved down the hall to his own office before he ravished her on the spot.

He wasn't sure but he thought he heard her call him a son-of-a-bitch and he grinned. Life was good.

She was able to avoid him for a few days, going out of her way to spend time in other divisions and almost convinced herself that she could handle any future encounter.


Teddy prided herself on her exercise routine. It was one of those things she did for herself, like enjoying bubble baths and the occasional chocolate soufflé. Exercise was a stress reducer and it made her look good and feel good. She was ready to try out the FBI's gym.

She hit the machines at 6PM on the button, thinking an hour's workout would be just the thing to relax her after a long productive day. Then she'd hit the shower and the drive home wouldn't be as crowded.

Her heart was pounding by the time she finished jumping rope and she bent her body over, her hands resting on her knees as she regained her breath. He came up behind her, put an arm around her waist, and pulled her upright, wiping her face with a cool towel.

She gasped, startled by the contact and then recognized his scent.

"Do I frighten you, Agent Sullivan?" he asked, a chuckle in his voice as he handed her a bottle of water.

"Not in the least," she lied, pulling away from his grasp. "Do you always touch women in the gym?"

"Only those who seem to be overdoing it," he said, admiring the fit of her gym shorts and the soaked T-shirt clinging to her breasts. He laughed when she blushed from his gaze, watching her pull her shirt away from her body.

"Just starting your workout routine?" she asked politely, drinking the water a little too fast and choking on it, making him grin.

"Yeah, did you want to watch?"

"I'm not a voyeur like some people are," she said, her gaze focused directly on him, reminding him of the appellation she had used on him.

"Some people don't have any manners," he agreed, grinning.

"No Sir, they don't," she said emphasizing the word. "They only think of their own desires and needs as if they were masters of the universe."

"You're mighty brave for such a little one," he taunted, his voice husky with desire as he remembered her nude beauty. Chuckling softly, he watched her turn her back and walk off the gym floor.


She sat in on his case file meetings, always courteous, listening quietly, and making notes. Each time she showed up to observe him with his agents, he greeted her cordially, invited her questions and kept his distance. She "sir-ed" him at every possible opportunity. He had a hard time containing his laughter but loved the game she was playing and complimented her on her respectful manner.

"Thank you, sir," she grinned one afternoon while in his office, her self-confidence at an all-time high. "By the way, you really are an SOB, SIR!"

He arched a brow; she had gone overboard this time.

He caught her just before she exited his office. "Push me, Agent Sullivan, and I'll show you what kind of an SOB I really am," he snarled.

"I already know," she hissed, the mood swiftly changed, the air charged, and pushed his hand away.

"No, you don't," he growled. "Whatever side of me you think you've seen has been my sweet and tolerant side."

"You have a sweet side?" Teddy snorted, then surprised both of them when she suddenly cupped his cheek. "I wish... we had met under other circumstances," she said softly.

"So do I," he murmured as he grabbed her hand and gently kissed her palm before opening the door for her.

The door closed quietly behind her and Jonas leaned against it, his thoughts in turmoil. He wanted to make love to her again... Shit! What I really want... I want her naked... in my arms... her sweet, soft body under mine... my hands rubbing... teasing... I can taste her... I can... "She thinks

I'm an SOB?" he snorted. "She has *no* idea!"

~ End Part Seven ~

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