Who Decides?
by RobertLee

there you will stand,
without recourse,
without outlet
take what is given
all that is given
take it all inside.
Hold it,
feel it,
taste it,
sense it,
swim in it,
let it build,
higher inside as layers outside are shed,
each wafting to the floor
until without you are totally,
no savior,
I am your savior
and your tormentor,
your judge
your jury
your executioner
your lover.
Watching your eyes
ever your eyes
as flesh ignites
skin glistens,
nerves scream,
points contract, points expand,
demanding more
given only enough,
enough to rile,
enough to tease,
enough to see the tide in your eyes,
battering the walls of your prison,
making you wait,
molding, shaping,
you have to
you must,
you will,
no choice given,
each step meticulous
subtle as wine,
fiery as a brand,
this when you want that,
that when you think this,
sting instead of caress,
hug instead of invasion,
intrusion instead of a kiss
until you scream a release.
in the end,
it was you that decided
it was you that demanded
it was you that commanded
it was you that trusted
it was you that allowed.

Sar's Response
Here - Here I stand - Without recourse - Without an escape
Take what you give - All of it - Absorb it inside
You give it to me - You make me feel
I taste it - sense it - swim against the tide
It builds - rises - surges - so high I think I'll drown
My outer shell peels back - discarded on the floor
You make me shed those layers until I am totally
Exposed - vulnerable - and very much alone
You are my tormentor
My tormentor
My tormentor
Are you my lover, too?
My eyes flicker with recognition - at what you've done to me
My flesh burns - where you've marked me
My breath uneasy as you
rile - and tease - and taunt -
and glory - in your conquest of my senses
You make me wait - you try to mold and shape me
To what you want - to what you need
Yes, I have to.
It is your will that counts - Not mine
You force me into places - I would never go
You think you're subtle - But you're not
Your intentions are clear to me
It makes no difference
If you sting - caress - hug - invade - intrude - prod or kiss
I'll reach nirvana when you say I will.
In the end - It was you that decided for me
It was you that made the demands - Forced me to your will
Because you can.
I trusted - More fool I - And gave you permission
To do what you would
Oh -
That you would care - That you would love me, too.
Is that too much to ask?


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