Who Decides?
by RobertLee

Walls and tides,
a smile,
a knowing
no challenge,
no competition,
can she resist?
can she say no to the pure,
unadulterated openness?
proof in effort,
proof in time,
proof unspoken
but apparent.
she knows
will she admit?
will she submit?
will she open?
will she respond?
will she decide,
to come or go,
give or withhold?
the setting made,
no games,
harsh rending of pseudo,
burning fear upon the alter of reality,
always urging forward,
care for the tender,
firmness for the stubborn,
it's there,
it's right there,
right before you,
all you have to do
is decide to take it,
decide to allow it,
decide to let go,
decide to trust.

Sar's Response
Walls and tides I do not fear - easily, they are conquered
A feral smile he sends my way? A knowing glance that shrouds me?
Do I shiver with anticipation of his plans?
Can I resist?
Can I say no to him... to his persuasion... to his passion?
He cares for me... 'tis true. He's proved it many times.
His touch... his kiss... his caress... his trust...
In what I am... what I have been... what he wants for me.
I know.
Will I tell him so? Not in so many words.
Will I submit to what he wants for me... what he needs for me to help me grow?
Will I accept his gifts? For that is what they are.
Will I respond to his desires... will I grace his hand or withhold my consent...?
Will I stay or go?
The answer is between he... and me - no one else should need to know.
Reality lifts its head - harsh and true and I... nerve naked and alone... look at him and wonder...
Will he be tender with his touch... or so firm I burn and cry?
He is velvet coated steel... and so am I.
Will I allow what might be... embrace him... lean on him... and trust?
He may not fully know how much I care for him
And if he is pleased, then so am I.


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