Who Decides?
by RobertLee


opposites inhabit
mixing about
swirling confusion
clarity from doubt.
simple as spanking,
complex as a look.
dancing, emoting,
hearts ovens do cook.
new highways and paths
intertwining does make.
she thinks I do lead,
its fearless steps that I take.
the unknown our feet go,
but together as one.
no matter what happens,
steel bonds are thus spun.
the words unimportant,
hearts aim pure and true.
demanding perfection,
her demons I slew.
her bruised self image,
that bashes ideal.
clearly I see,
already perfect, already real.
pretending to wrestle,
what's conquered and done.
unseen to herself,
what's blatantly won.
I know what lives,
what perfections reside.
in darkened heart chambers,
iron doors cast aside.
revealing a vision,
I've already seen.
merely showing what's true,
with love washing clean.
she'll see what I see,
the road doesn't matter.
defenses we master,
in rubble they clatter.
adorned or stark naked,
kneeling or bent.
impaled or upended,
all energies spent.
ferocious, unflagging,
never a rest.
she'll know what I know,
in her heart I do rest.
amongst her perfection,
of that I'm assured.
no doubts to remain,
eternally cured.

Sar's Response

All that I am... I would gift to you
Take it... it is yours
No strings... no conditions... no "ifs" or "buts"
No doubts fill my mind
What I am is yours
What I have been is my internal core - the foundation covered by my form
It's yours - to take... to enjoy... or to reject
The choice is yours
What I will be depends on you
If you are receptive to what I am...
If you care well... if you love deeply...
If you can accept my foibles... my fears... my insecurities
If you can live with my strengths... my passions... my lust for life
You could, of course, accept... and then ignore me
And I would whither in the shadows... shallow shell...
Empty... malnourished... and deprived
Do not be indifferent... for then I will surely die.
Accept my gift... we could blossom - side by side
Reject my gift... saddened cheek... I will survive
Ignore my gift... that would be a mockery
For I am what you need to make your life complete... and whole again.
Please... do not turn from me. I am you... simply in another form.
Accept my gift and we are one.


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