Who Decides?
by RobertLee


to have and to hold
is what they say
is what they promise
is what they vow
intoned deliberately, with conviction
eternal words etched in adamant
but the words are not the act
how do you reach out, having and holding?
words of power, words of action
not words of illusion, to cast a spell,
tho a spell is cast, a summons sent,
a demand most humble in the presence
of a gift so precious, so very precious.
phrases, snatches thereof filter in and out
as the enormity strikes and sinks deeply,
'to what do I owe the honor'
'abandon all hope ye..'
'I now pronounce you..'
'to be...'
'whether tis....'
near panting with the weight
burdens so lightly
yet so poignant and piercing.
to have,
'still, hold, remain'
heart... attacking
she glows life
like no man could ever know
offering it
just words, so simple
yet hold so much, mean so much.
to hold
in my hand, in my heart, in my mind,
the flesh, the love, the image,
the flesh,
to shiver, to sting,
she gives it even past comfort
the tinge of fear, laden with love,
gasp of red, touch of finesse, bead of sweat,
breasts rise and fall faster
pointed ends harden, showing the way,
never hidden
to kiss, rising to her toes
expecting? urged?
never knowing
the instrument's
light touch is confusing
the hand's
harsh impact is confusing
the acceptance is total
never a question
of refusing
always assure
spill into her all
that I am
all that I can
a submission
all its own

Sar's Response

The naughty words you whisper in my ears
warm me...
Your hot breath on my neck
sears me...
I want you.
The looks you send my way
melt me...
The heat sizzles as they pass
from your mouth to my sex.
I liquefy before your eyes.
The names you use when I fill your heart
Imp... kitten... brat...
Love... sweets... gypsy... adora...
I am yours.
You handle me so hard... and easy...
So rough... and gently...
Aggressive with passion...
In violence and peace... you take me...
Loving me...
I am undone and lost with the force of you inside me.
When did your will supercede mine...
When did I accept without question?
When I knew I was loved?
When I lay across your lap?
When I felt your hand warm me... again... again...?
I am branded by our trust... our love.
Was it when your breath raged in my ear...?
Telling me I had no choice...
Accepting you...
Was it when you spread my thighs...?
Unzipped your fly...
Pressed into me?
I need you now.
I whimper... crying out my need...
For you...
Your hand comes down
Forceful... burning me... with ease... soothing gently...
You tell me how good I feel...
How good I smell...
How good I taste...
How you love the way I beg.
I beg...
For you... I beg.
You fill my shallow spots with glory
You push inside my body
Talking... cajoling... urging... encouraging...
Taking... giving...
With you inside me
I soar
With you beside me
I am
Love you? I vow
I give you my heart
Honor you? I vow
I glory in you
Cherish you? I vow
I treasure you
Comply... conform... behave...
I vow to try...
Deliberately and with conviction...
I try...
You let me love you...
I can do no less.


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