Dance For Me
by sarAdora

"Dance for me," he said softly when she came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, damp curls hugging her shoulders.

"I can't," she smiled at the handsome man on the bed. "No music."

"You can," he smiled back at the almost naked nymph, thinking he'd like to lick the drops still lingering on her thighs. "There's music inside your head."

"I can't," she insisted. "I'm naked."

He arched a brow and beckoned her closer to the bed. When she approached, he pulled her towel away. "Now, you're naked, baby."

"I'm not dancing for you naked," she pulled away.

"You are," he pulled her back, his hand gliding over her rounded bottom, kneading the flesh, then watched her take a sharp breath when his other hand cupped her mound. "Love me? Want to please me?" he asked.

She nodded.

"Dance for me, naked baby. I want to watch you dance. Seduce me," he said, the huskiness in his voice washing over her. "Make me hot for you."

He nosed her sex, kissing the dampness there and gently, pushed her away from the bed. She gasped, her face pinking up at his erotic kiss and turned her back on him.

He smiled at her instant blush. She could be a wildcat in their bed; yet, deep down, she was actually very shy. He loved that ambivalence in her.

>His eyes feasted on the banquet she presented, the smooth silky stretch of her back, the flaring of her hips below her spine, and the rounded curves of her bottom cheeks.

His palms began to itch.

Watching her as she stood silently, he knew she heard music inside her head and when she sank gracefully to the carpeted floor, knew exactly what she heard. The musician inside his own head listened and watched as she heard the soft, sad notes of a bow slowly etching its way across the bridge of a lone violin. The instrument's cry called to her, begging her to acknowledge its wailing tones. When she didn't rise to her feet, the tone changed and, in a slightly faster tempo, tried to cajole her to dance. When that also failed to move her, its mournful cry shifted to soft seduction.

Slowly, she began to stir. The violin music grew louder and faster inside her head, the bow flying across the strings... and when it seemed to cry one last, long, single note, she threw her head back and rose from the floor as if she had emerged from the earth whole.

He was instantly hard.

Very slowly, she turned in place, her arms outstretched as if welcoming someone into her embrace. Then she hugged herself, her breasts spilling over her arms, her thighs quivering as she moved into the dance. Whirling on her toes, turning gracefully, she lost herself in the movements, her body responding to the joyful noise inside her head. Her limbs moved of their own accord... engaged in concord and symphony.

Finally, she slowed her steps, sliding a hand down her side, fingers edging toward the center of her clean shaven mound. Eyes staring at the man on the bed, she peeked at him from under her lashes as she turned again. Her thighs spread in her steps, her sex teasing his gaze as the music inside her head slowly faded. She turned her back once again, her round bottom in plain view, enticing him to come to her.

He joined her in the dance, his body touching hers, his burgeoning erection pushing against the cleft of her ass. Wrapping her in his arms, his lips sought out the sweet spot behind her ears while his hands cupped the fullness of her breasts.

"Dance for me," he murmured as his breath warmed her neck and his hips pushed into her. "Keep dancing, naked baby."

She turned her face toward him as she swayed - her hips moving left and right, teasing his shaft. Arching her back as she stretched her spine, she pushed her ass back into his groin. He caught her sensuous smile and pulled her against one arm, his fingers plucking at an engorged nipple while his penis rubbed against the side of her hip.

"Are you hot for me, yet?" she teased softly, her own sex beginning to swell, moist and needy with desire.

"Mmmm," he agreed, bending her back so his tongue could tease her breast.

"Are you going to love me, now?"

"Mmmm," he murmured, pulling her upright and cupping her ass. "You're going to dance across my lap before I do."

"Promise?" The color rose in her face.

"Promise," he smiled at her pinking face and took her back to bed.

He led her into the next dance, his hands guiding her across his lap, positioning her bottom for the first steps of a new rhythm. She wiggled her butt as he patted it, then sighed deeply as he bent his head to kiss both cheeks.

"Now," she demanded, her voice soft and sultry but impatient with need.

"Soon." He smiled at her testiness, rubbing her flesh with both hands, teasing, tickling, and caressing, her hips beginning the sweet sway into his hand.

"Please," she begged, changing her tone to a plea, arching into his hand.

"That's better," he chuckled, beginning the light spanks, interspersing kisses between sets of three - left, right, down. "Is this good?" he asked, as he warmed each globe, his hands stroking up and down over and across her butt, tickling the cleft. "Do you like this, naked baby?" he asked as he stretched her body further over the bed, spanking just hard enough to sting, his kisses more intense as his mouth couldn't resist following his hand.

"Mmmm," she hummed in answer to whatever he said, her head floating in space as he warmed her bottom, her hips moving with the rhythm of his hands. "Mmmm... more," she begged, wiggling her bottom when he laid his cheek on her pinking butt.

"How much more?" he teased, licking the heat he had caused, his lips and tongue raising goose bumps on her skin, his hands wandering to her belly, her mons.

"Much more..." she gasped and tensed when his fingers sought the moisture between her thighs.

"You sure?" he laughed softly, nosing that moisture then nipping her tender cheeks.

"Yesssss," she moaned, trying to turn in his arms but he kept her face down, re-attacking her bottom with a lightly stinging hand. His lips soon followed, sucking her flesh one pink spot at a time, swirling his tongue and licking her until she begged for release.

"So soon?" he taunted her, turning her on her side so he could tease her sex with his mouth while his hands caressed and fondled her ass. "More?" he asked again, his fingers parting her cheeks, tickling the soft tender skin he exposed, making her breath harsh. "Do you want more, naked baby. Tell me what you want and it's yours."

"Love me, now," she begged, arching into his mouth. "Then, spank me again."

His tongue teased, staccato... his lips drawing her senses into a rhythm of sensuality, his hands in tempo on her bottom cheeks. She peaked - crescendo - then waves of ecstasy and peaceful bliss.

He rose above her, thickened with need, plunging swiftly into the heat of her, his hands cupping her warm bottom, kneading her flesh in time with his thrusts. "Dance with me, naked baby," he urged, pulling his legs around his waist as his powerful hips pounded into her.

"Dancing," she breathed harshly, tightening her inner walls around him, sucking him deeper inside her, and in counter thrust, controlled the dance. The choreography was hers but he was the maestro, after all and kept her rhythm in check until the very last note was played.

"Now," he growled low as his body tensed and made the final plunge, flooding her womb, her own release mixing with his, her soft purrs a sweet song in his ear. Their bodies still joined in ecstasy, they floated... the cresting waves washing over them, then receding, their hearts pounding... then slowing... breath easing and finally, inner peace.

They sat out the next dance, each curled into the other as the music continued to play in their heads and then, his body hardened again. "May I have this dance?" he murmured as his hands swept over her body, teasing her breasts, her belly and her mons, and finally, cupping her warm bottom once again. "Dance for me, naked baby."

And she did.

~ End ~

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