Every Moment...
Part Three
by sarAdora


From his great height, Zeus peeked over the shoulders of his high court and chuckled softly. His minions seemed vastly amused by the antics of the mortals they were watching. Perhaps, he thought, those two could use divine intervention. I shall approve of their coupling as if an Oracle of Delphi.

Delphic... from the Greek word... Delphikos...
an ancient city in central Greece...
the site of an Oracle of Apollo...
...the god... the man... ambiguous...
...even when appearing in control... his libido raging... cock twitching...
balls tightening... palms itching...
to dominate... to subjugate... to call his own... to spank and fuck...
...or so he thinks...
...or so his Mummy told him...

"I asked if you had ever been spanked," Tyler repeated. "Have you?"

"Spanked? Bugger and blast! He *is* a godless heathen! "Of course not!" Michaela retorted. "I didn't grow up with barbarians. I'll have you know my parents..."

""Should have spanked you," he confirmed, placing a finger over her mouth, silencing her. "I shall have to correct that matter." "

"Wh-a-a-t!" Michaela sputtered. "What did you say?"

""I said I'll have to correct that..."

""I heard you!" she retorted angrily, rising from her chair, putting it between her and the man who just informed her that he would... "How dare you! How dare... dare... you! You're a barbarian! You're a beast! You're a Ne...an..der..thal!" Michaela was so enraged as she backed away from him that she bumped into the chair behind her, startling the patron who immediately choked on his drink, spilled it onto his shirt, and swore royally.

""Clumsy woman! Were you raised in a barn, lass?" his voice so loud Michaela's face was crimson. "Your Da should have taken a birch to your hide, yes, he should have. No manners these days," he continued to grumble. What's the wee world coming to? I'll have you know... in my day..."

""Apologize to the gentleman," Tyler quietly admonished Michaela.


""I said apologize to the gentleman. You've upset him by your clumsy antics and immature behavior."

""My immature...?"

""I sincerely beg your pardon," Tyler said as he stood and approached the irate gentleman with ale stains on his otherwise crisp shirt. "She didn't mean to bump you. May I pay your cleaning bill?" he offered and reached for his wallet.

"He caught up with the fiery woman just as she exited the pub, long auburn curls flying behind her, the wiggle in her bottom cheeks catching Tyler's eyes and imagination, his libido stirring once again.

"Going to enjoy you *so* much, my sweet Freya,   his mind in overdrive picturing her bared across his lap... her bottom upended, pale ivory globes... bouncing... pinking... soft, sweet flesh... heating... burning... under my hand... like fire, my Freya, like fire, my lovely poppet.

"Before she knew what was happening, he had ushered her into his car, buckled her seatbelt and sped away from the curb. "I want you, Freya," he told her, keeping his eyes on the road but touching her hand. She had no need to see his fingers move toward her. The electric sparks his touch ignited sent her emotions topsy-turvy, somersaulting into space... all sanity relinquished.

""You... you want me?" she asked, unsure why she had allowed him to herd her into his car... unsure where they were going... unsure what they would do when they got there... unsure... bullying me... as if... as if... he had a right... Sweet Savior, forgive me! I must be crazed! I want him!

""You want me, too," he stated, ignoring her question. "Don't you, Freya?" His voice soft, but firm in his conviction, he touched her again, his hand clasping hers this time and not letting go.

"Michaela remained silent, excited... tingling shivers skating down her spine... unsure of her feelings, hesitant to speak for fear she'd say something she didn't want to say... really *did* want to say... She was convinced she shouldn't speak... suddenly had the urge to... He's a barbarian!   she reminded herself. A godless and barbaric heathen!

""You want me, don't you, Freya?" Tyler's voice softer... nothing subtle in his words... his tone implicit in the proposition... assuming consent. "Tell me," he commanded.

""Yes," she whispered so low the word was barely audible but the admission loosened the tension in her body... the last of her inhibitions evaporated... her hand relaxed in his grasp.

"He smothered his grin at her confession, squeezed her hand and kept squeezing it while he drove to his home. The silence in the car was deafening... for him... anticipation of the battle won and the spoils of war... her submission... For her... excitement and trepidation... leaping toward the unknown... willing it... wanting it... afraid to admit it... fearful of how that admission could change her life.

"He pushed her through the door, locked it behind them, and in the length of a breath, they fell over each other in their haste to remove their clothing. Michaela felt warm but swift and strong hands pulling her skirt off, her knickers yanked down, gathered at her ankles, her back and thighs hitting the couch as Tyler's cock was suddenly jammed inside her. Their first joining was pure and unadulterated mating... hard thrusts... counter thrusts... animalistic heat... neither of them sated until...

"Michaela's back arced... reaching... reaching... exploding into the bright light, her orgasm so fierce her body curved so high... seeking... drifting... Tyler gasped as her inner walls caught him... vice-like... squeezing... pulse points drumming, his heart pounding... Vaguely, he wondered at the roaring that he heard, unaware it came from him.

""You are mine, my lovely Freya," he told her later as they lay quietly, their limbs entwined, garments strewn or half-off and in disarray.

""Michaela," she murmured. "Call me Michaela."

""You are Freya," he corrected her, reaching under her shirtwaist to free her breasts. "And I want you, again.

""So soon?" she asked, a blush creeping up her neck, suffusing her face with color and the tell-tale hardening of her nipples expressing her own renewed need.

""You want me, too," he assured her, his voice husky with silk... sweet and heavy silk... raw silk and deepened by the fire in his loins. "I want to taste your want... I want to taste your need. I want to make you so crazy with need, you can't speak... but you *will* feel, my sweet Freya. And more..." he murmured as he methodically stripped the rest of their garments.

""More?" she asked, slivers of fear rising... circling... surrounding her... pricking her inner core. Unsure again... her senses bleeding... Michaela's heart skipped beats as her lungs sought what little oxygen seemed to linger in the sexually charged atmosphere... "What do you mean?" she dared to ask when she could speak.

""You want me," he repeated. "And to have me in your life, you will do as I say, won't you?" he asked, the question nothing more than rhetoric as his lips found succor at her breasts... teasing... the dusty rose nipples at perfect attention.

"Michaela relaxed considerably, smiling at the man expertly teasing her nipples with his tongue. Taking his words as jest, she arched her spine, cupped his face and pushed further into his mouth, daring to tease him. "You act so fierce," she giggled, "when you're just a horny sod. Isn't that true, Tyler Hamilton of the Hamiltons of Plymouth?"

"He raised his head to look at her and reassessed the task at hand. "Do you know what a D/s relationship is, my Freya?" At her look of puzzlement, he spelled it out in simple terms. "I am a dominant man; you are a woman. Women were born to be submissive. You will submit to me," he said softly but distinctly, his tone firm... confident... "In all ways, my sweet Freya... you will submit in all ways."

""Sub... sub... submit to you?" Her eyes wide, she stared at him, mouth open and breath stilled. "Submit to you? Are you daft for sure?" she sputtered and then inhaled sharply when his hips suddenly thrust forward and into her wet heat once again. His body was firmly joined with hers, prelude to promises... those promises sealed.

""Yes, you will submit to me," he smiled and self-assured, raised her spread legs until they were snugly wrapped around his hips.

"She continued to stare, unmoving as his body retreated, and thrust again. "Submit?" she spat when she finally recovered her wits. "Never!"

"Tyler grinned at her denial and holding her firmly, he filled her body, his own relishing the feel of her warm softness beneath him. He ignored her strident words and set about to woo her, his hands caressing as he thrust into her heat, his mouth exploring her neck and throat, filling her ears with whispers of naughty delights to come.

""I will not submit," she declared even as she responded to him. "Never!" she insisted as her body once again betrayed her, her arms holding him close, pushing her head back to expose her vulnerable throat to his nipping teeth.

"Like lightning, her orgasm crashed down and swirled around her... all consuming... leaving the shell of her body wrapped in his arms, her mind vacillating between the surety of his embrace and the startling revelation of his words. "I am not a submissive woman!"

~ End Part Three ~

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