Every Moment...
Part Five
by sarAdora


"Do you want me in your life, Freya?" he asked again as they lay comfortably entwined in the aftermath of her first spanking and an incredibly satisfying sexual union. "Are you willing to be everything I want in a woman? Think carefully before answering," he cautioned as he stroked her back, his other hand imprinting the fullness of her breast into his palm.

"Will you always spank me?" she asked softly, not certain how she felt about the possibility of a permanently sore posterior.

"Yes," he answered solemnly, "but..."

"Will it always be a hurting spanking?"

"Maybe... maybe not. Don't interrupt me when I'm talking."

"What do you mean maybe? Doesn't all spanking hurt? I can't imagine a spanking that didn't hurt. I can't..."

"It's supposed to hurt," he answered. "If it didn't hurt, how ever would you learn?" Hugging her tightly, he enlightened her further. "And some spankings can be very sensual, very pleasant... you might even start begging me for one. In fact, I'll stake my life on it."

Michaela pulled back from his embrace, startled at his words and now certain he was missing a bit of gray matter... He's lost his marbles... a shooter... a tiger's eye... he's insane! The man's gone off the deep end! Loony tunes! He's bloody loony tunes!

"Ask for it?" she smirked, taking his words as absurdity in the making. "Ask for a spanking?" Soft giggles escaped despite her best effort to be serious but the notion of asking for a spanking threw her off kilter. "I can't imagine asking for a spanking. I can't..." She scrunched back down into the pillows, her auburn curls in disarray, her bare breasts pressing against his chest and looked directly at him. "Tyler?"

"Hmmm," he hummed, as he looked back at the beauty in his arms, admiring the rosy glow of her post coitus. His fingers teased her nipples... pinching lightly... tweaking them to attention... gently tugging... Inch by inch, he moved his body back and away... still tugging... making her come to him to alleviate the pressure on those sensitive peaks...

"What... what else will you do?" she inhaled sharply as the pressure built, her nipples stinging... pleasurable pain... the churning in her abdomen making her lightheaded... dizzy... More... I want more... I... God! What is he doing!

"What are you doing?" she squirmed, indignant and excited in the same breath. Tyler...!"

"What else will I do?" he echoed, ignoring her outburst but pleased by it. He pushed her onto her back and straddling her thighs, his mouth replaced his fingers... licking a reddened turgid peak... savoring it... moving to the other taut morsel... kissing lightly, his tongue continuing the slow sweet torture of pleasure... mixed with pain... mixed with pleasure...

"I'll make you insatiable for my touch..." he assured her. "You'll beg for my approval..."

"Beg for your approval?" she arched a doubting brow and cupped his face in both hands, stilling his mouth. "God's bones! Why would I need...? Beg your approval? Beg for what?"

"For everything, sweet Freya," he smiled, but the smile didn't reach his eyes and it was noted...

A battle of wills, the goddess, Freya mused as she observed the mortals... seeing them as they had been... as they were now... as they could be...
Delphinine... bitter... unyielding...
Humbled in the past... he had been hurt by another...
Delphinium... garden flower... female... lovely... independent...
Delphinus... a northern constellation... he, part Altair, part Pegasus. She...

I can play this game,   she decided, determined to humor the arrogant... Heathen! My Mum said blood always tells and she was right!   "Approval for everything?" she queried, a false smile at the corner of her mouth, her palms still cupping his face.

"Your wardrobe, your manners, your body, behavior," he rattled off the main categories he would scrutinize, reassessing the breasts beneath his mouth and rating them perfect. Full... round... muffins. Delectable muffins... mine!

Michaela tried to quell the multitude of butterflies lined up in her tummy... one take-off and landing after another... Clothes, manners... Like hell he will! Does the man think he's the bloody king of England?   "Would... um..." she continued the charade with a shy smile. "Would I have to call you Master? Because if I do... I don't think..." "No. You'll call me Tyler."

"But I thought the whole point of this dominant man/submissive woman thing was to obey you in all things and maybe, make me do things I don't want to do. Isn't that what a Master does?"

"The point is to make you better than you are... make you adhere to higher standards... my standards..." He gave her a genuine smile, warming to her submission and blessed her cheeks and brow with light kisses... kisses that smacked of approval.

Good girl!   she smirked inwardly. If he says good girl, I'm going to slap the barbarian into next week! Yes I will!

Unaware of the turbulence taking place inside her head, Tyler continued to educate her into his philosophy of a D/s relationship. "There are many different types of D/s relationships. This is mine. Listen!" When he was sure he had her attention, he spoke. "Eventually, you'll want to please me in *all* ways, and you'll do things you never thought to do, but will deeply desire to do and with my guidance," he added somewhat smugly, "you *will* do them the way I'll instruct you."

Insufferable pig! Heathen! Godless heathen!

"You seem very certain, Tyler Hamilton," she began when he interrupted her.

"I *am* very certain," he told her, his words simple, direct, not open to speculation.

"And if I refuse to do something or behave in such a way that does not meet your approval?" she asked, her tone implying that she thought his words absurd. "What then?"

"Then I shall correct you," he admonished, "and swiftly, so you'll know the consequences of my displeasure." He didn't give her a chance to respond, rolled over and pulled her tightly against his chest. One arm held her around the waist while his other hand rained hard spanks to her sore bottom cheeks.

"Insufferable pig!" she squealed, the pain penetrating her mind as it heated her bottom to boiling point.

Taking her to task, he spanked harder and faster, both cheeks chastised equally hard, and then pushed her onto her belly to admire his handiwork. Her formerly cream colored globes were now a deep crimson and he knew she regretted her words. One hand held her down; her sobs mixed with vocal protests, making them indistinct. Her body shifted and wiggled, the pain jerking her in different directions until she calmed. And when she did, he applied lotion to her bruising flesh, his hand gentle and caressing, his murmurs as soothing as his hands.

"Learn quickly, my sweet Freya," he cautioned as he rubbed the lotion over her heated mounds. "I have no objection to spanking you until you understand what I expect of you, but I don't want to have to hurt you each time we meet."

Each time we meet? The man's insane! We're not meeting again!

The goddess, Freya nodded... the mortal woman... duly chastised... but so incensed she didn't realize the punishment had been mild... especially mild by this particular man's standards. She pondered the dilemma.
The god of mischief, Loki, mused as well. His mischief had already been set in place... the man found the woman irresistible... she found his actions despicable, but was unable to resist her body's awakening to the sensuousness of their mating... hungry for more.
So much more...

~ End Part Five ~

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