Fantasy I
by sarAdora

The sweet spanking you gave me in bed this morning had me tingling all day. Admittedly, it wasn't just the warm glow your hands had imprinted on my bottom cheeks; I still shiver in memory of your caresses, your manhood thickened with need and thrusting between my thighs. I want nothing more than to love you back and can't wait for you to come back to me.

When I hear you return, I quietly walk up behind you, wrap my arms around your waist and urge you to listen to me. You are a dominant man; this will be hard for you, but for the moment, you humor me. You stand still as I give you instructions to close your eyes and let me guide you. You nod your head in agreement. I lead you into the bedroom and place you standing with your back to the foot of the bed. Quickly, I stand on the bed behind you and tie a silk scarf around your eyes.

"Don't talk. Just feel. I'll make it good for you."

"Promise?" you ask, your voice already husky with desire.

"Promise," I whisper.

You stand quietly, tilting your head to the side, listening for clues to what I might be doing. I strip as quietly as I can, and still on the bed, wrap my arms around you again. You take a deep breath and sigh heavily as I press my flesh into your back, my nipples taut as my breasts rub against the grain of your shirt.

I want more of you.

Pulling your shirt over your head, I lean on you again and feel the satisfied shivers you make as my breasts rub against your bare flesh. I whisper "shhhh" as I nuzzle the back of your neck and let my mouth rain kisses down your spine - my hands are busy, softly caressing your skin, teasing and tormenting you until you groan with need. The onslaught of soft touches and light kisses takes their toll as I move back up your spine, my tongue pausing to caress that spot behind your ear. You are unable to do more than shudder in response.

You feel the gooseflesh erupt on your skin - you feel the tightening in your stomach and in your groin and I know you're wondering if you'll be able to remain standing. I see the bulge of your crotch and know you can feel the blood flow to your shaft, engorging it in direct response to my teasing touches. I move to stand in front of you and undress you, unbuckling your belt, easing your slacks down... fondling the hardness of you, smiling at the damp spot staining your silk shorts, knowing it's for me... nobody else... just me. I see your lips moving - you're praying for me to hurry... and you're praying for me to take my time...

You want me to torment you and satisfy you at the same time. I do.

I lift my head to nibble on your chin as my hands palm your flat male nipples. You inhale sharply, shiver as I touch you and make the sexiest sounds when my lips move to suckle, doing to you what you do to me.

Does it feel good, lover man? Tell me. Not in words. Show me how my mouth pleases you. Let me feel you respond to my loving you.

My tongue moves down your willing body, licking, tasting... my hands leading the foray over your belly, out to your hips, down to your groin. I lower myself to my knees and rub my cheeks against you, my lips teasing, my fingers seeking, my hands embracing your hardness, your sensitive sac.

I love the velvety feel of you.

My hands in concord with my mouth, my lips and tongue embracing you, and you... unable to suppress the moans and shivers as your body responds. Only my mouth and my hands matter. The need you feel for release takes precedence over everything... nothing else matters... not sustenance, not wealth, not shelter, not the gods of man... just release.

"Please..." your lips form the words, your body falling back on the bed, the intense pleasure building as I tease... torment... your balls tightening... your hips rotating... pushing... your hands reaching for me...

The sounds of your release wash over me, your chest heaving as your body erupts in mindless orgasm. I swallow but feel the stickiness of you on my chin, my breasts, my belly and climb on top of you. Your heart racing under me... your breath warm on my neck... your murmurs soft and sweet... your hands cupping my bottom cheeks... I smile at what I know comes next.

You're going to spank me... sweetly... please me... mightily... love me... senseless... I can't wait.

~ Fini ~

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