Fantasy III
by sarAdora

"You're devouring me," she exhaled slowly as his mouth made inroads on the silky skin inside her elbow, sweeping over to the other... a quick detour to nibble on the turgid peak of a satin breast.

"I love the taste of you," he murmured. "Can't get enough. Going to have all of you... every part... each inch... so good, baby... so good."

"What do I taste like?" she asked as she caressed the back of his neck, her fingers massaging his skin, pressing... stroking...

"Different tastes on different parts... too many to describe," he replied as his tongue sought the hollow of her throat, his lips imprinting... breath warm.

"Give me an example," she moaned softly as his mouth caught the edge of the other nipple with his lips... suckling too lightly to suit her... pushing up to meet his lips. He chuckled at her frustration... and eagerness... teasing the tip with feathery kisses... licking... blowing soft heated breaths... then delivering shivers as he captured it fully.

"What do you think you'd like to taste like?" Certain she'd say chocolate... he teased the curve of one shapely hip... the side of his hand slipping... sliding... descending.

"Brie... firm and smooth on the outside..." she whispered, warming to the subject. "Creamy and soft on the inside... silky texture... pleasing to the tongue... lingering on your palate... inhaling me... absorbing me... filling your senses... filling mine. Do you love me?"

"Brie?" he blinked, startled. He was sure she'd choose a chunk of her favorite chocolate... rich... moist... A chocolate to suck on and savor... a chocolate that would coat her tongue and the recesses of her mouth, slip down her throat like the finest and smoothest wine, the chocolate he loved to lick off her lips when she kissed him... her kisses sweeter than the wine.

Chocolate cheesecake, he mused. Would have thought she'd choose chocolate cheesecake. Personally, he always pictured her as peach cobbler, a sweet, delicious dessert and favorite of his. He remembered licking his lips and swallowing briefly... the thought making his mouth water when he turned her over and peeled off her panties, exposing the alluring cleft of her bottom cheeks... his mouth anticipating the sweetness between her thighs.

"Of course, I love you! Brie?" he echoed, his voice muffled as he sucked the sensitive dimple at the base of her spine.

"Mmm..." she sighed and arched her bare back as his tongue circled... dipping further south... slowing... continuing the dancing tease.

He paused, his hands on her hips, holding her close, the side of his face on one rounded cheek... His lips pursed, ready to kiss her... pausing to inhale the scent of her skin... vanilla... edible... Closing his eyes in appreciation... his tongue began to lick... one cheek, then the other... her scent stronger... the sweetness between her thighs evident now.

Smiling at her body's response to his lovemaking, he inhaled more of her, nosing the sensitive spot between the lowest arc of her cheeks and the moist opening between her thighs... the scent of her... her sweetness begging his mouth.

"God, I love you so!" he swore, lifting her higher, his senses in control... sight... smell... touch and texture... taste... the sweet taste of her. Her soft moans and deep sighs held him in thrall, head and heart one and in euphony, his soul anchored to the woman in his arms.

His hand rose... descended... his palm catching the curve of a rounded cheek... impacting sting... releasing sweet warmth... and again... fingers rubbing the spot... the heel of his hand pressing and quickly replaced by his lips... "You're mine," he murmured, the breath of his words heating the flesh his hand anointed. "All mine."

She sighed deeply as warm, tingling sensations spread from her bottom cheeks... shivers skating up her spine as her warm, wet well spilled... She turned toward him, love lighting her eyes, her body glistening... the dew of her thighs a bouquet, and begging his mouth.

"Mine," he reaffirmed as he dipped his head to sample... to tease and taunt... to claim... Turning her back on her tummy, his hand and his eyes were drawn to her shapely bottom... peach blushed from his loving spanks... incarnadine... from ivory to sweet cream, pink darkening to pale red.

The rhythm of his palm was followed by his mouth, his lips and tongue drawing the sting, absorbing the heat he had caused her to generate... his mouth blessed... and kissed until she sighed. And when she was brought to her peak, her love spilled over... thighs sopping... shudders soaring... leveling... He turned her, pressing his mouth to her breasts, suckled with abandon, and held her until her sanity returned, eyes glazed, wrapped in his love.

"Are you all right, little one?" he asked softly, containing his own need, caught between a raging erection... and a desire to prolong their pleasure.

"Mmm," she murmured, barely inhaling sufficient air... reaching for him...

"Soon," he promised, his mouth seeking the sensitive inside of an arm... the other... his breath heating her again. Warm kisses covered her side, his mouth drifting down... covering the edge of a rib, his lips pressing between each one, tongue and lips alternating as he paid homage to the satin surface of a feminine hip and thigh. His mouth... sharpened senses... crossed her mons... lingered... moved to the other thigh, fingers pressing, caressing... as his lips moved north again.

"You love me," she whispered, her hands pressing into his shoulders, palms gliding up... down... the slope of his corded neck... the curve of his jaw... her heart full.

"I love you," he affirmed, her soft sighs filling him as his fingers slick with her juices, sought her heated opening. He probed her inner heat while his thumb rubbed her clitoris in a gentle circle, her hips arching in response.

"I love when you do that," she hummed, her body tuned to his.

"I know," he smiled, knowing he was blessed; she made him whole.

"I need you inside me," she begged... sweetly... and wound her legs around his waist, pulling him in tight. "Now," she urged. "Love me now."

Kneeling between her thighs, he ran both hands over her warm belly then pushed her knees further apart and bent his mouth to her once again. Her nectar rolled over his tongue, the taste creamy like Brie, and so sweet... warm peach brandy... caught on the curl of his tongue... liquid fire... gliding down his throat... He dipped his tongue in further, losing himself in the pleasure he gave her, her soft moans begging fulfillment. Unable to wait any longer, he lifted her straining hips, his cock rock hard and dripping and pushed firmly into the heaven between her thighs.

Arching her back, she met him in counter thrust, pulling him in... tightening her inner walls around him, binding him to her... offering her body again... her heart and soul already in his possession.

Groaning, he spilled his seed deep inside her, filling her to overflowing, riding the cresting wave of their lovemaking. As his body softened inside her and their breath returned, he rolled onto his back, the length of her snuggled against him. His hands cupped her bottom cheeks and stroked the silky flesh, both filled with the knowledge that he would warm her bottom again and again... filling her... loving her... loving her... loving her...

~ Fini ~

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