Free Fall
Part Four
by SarAdora


True to his word, Craig loved her in one way or another for the rest of the night. Twice, they stopped to shower and nibble on the leftover Chinese takeout, so tuned in to each other that neither noticed that the food was cold. The macaw added rude commentary until it fell asleep and when all was finally quiet and their bodies were sated, they drifted off to dreamland in each other's arms.

"Are you still here?" Pip moaned when the morning sun slipped through the bedroom drapes.

An answering moan assured her she wasn't alone and then, in record time, she was under him and he was buried deep inside her, his hands everywhere at once, his body one with hers again.

"Are you insatiable?" she asked as she raised her hips to meet his thrusts.

"Hmmm," he hummed and smiled at the sleepy sensuous woman beneath him.

"Do you take Viagra?"

"Don't need it yet. Maybe, when I'm old and worn out."

"At this rate, that's gonna happen in the next week or so."

"I can fuck you and spank you at the same time, you know."

"How come you can curse and I can't?"

"My apologies. I can make love to you and spank you at the same time. How's that?"

"Much better, but it's not love, just sex." She yelped as his arm snaked under her, lifting her and his other hand briefly connected with her backside, one hard slap startling her.

"Mamzer!" she shrieked and managed to land a couple of hard smacks on his butt until he rolled onto his back repositioning her on top of him.

"So you wanna play rough?" he grinned, his hands twin drumsticks on her bottom while she tried to keep her balance, both of them nearing the pinnacle of their pleasure and neither wanting to stop the momentum.

"I'm going to unman you," she warned as she pushed herself down as hard as she could on his manhood.

"Feels good, Pipster," he sighed and held her flaming cheeks steady as he thrust up into her again and then pulled her onto her side as they both collapsed in a heap.

"I'm not sure I'm going to be able to stand and sign all day," she moaned.

"Your butt sore?"

"Yes, and so is my... Jesus! You can really screw a girl so hard that..."

"I can love you gently too," he said between clenched teeth as he rolled her over his lap and lit a fire on an already tender backside.

"What the fuck did I say?" she yelled and tried to wiggle away from his pulverizing hand.

"I want a lady in bed with me, not a harridan. I want a soft beautiful and willing woman beneath me, not a fishwife with a foul mouth. Are we clear on that yet, Pipster?" His words were accompanied by firm hard smacks; her answering yelps and gasps all she could manage until he finally stopped.

"I hate you Craig Mitchell," she groaned when he rolled onto his back and pulled her to his chest. "I hate the way you smack my butt and I hate the way you screw me..." His look made her pause. "Um... I mean, I hate the way you make me so hot I don't want you to stop doing what you do, what you did, what you..."

His mouth on hers caused complete silence. She couldn't talk, couldn't moan, could barely catch a breath, his kisses overwhelming. And then he hugged her, squeezing gently, his palms roaming over her heated bottom, his mouth searching for passion points on her throat, between her breasts, and back to her mouth.

"Don't..." she moaned, unsure why she wanted him to stop.


"Your queer bird is awake," Craig laughed. "Do you feed him at this hour?"

"Don't have to feed him. Going to roast him for dinner," Pip quipped and they both laughed.

"I have to get to work," he said pulling her out of bed. "Shower with me?"

"What time is it?" Pip squinted at the clock.

"Time to get up and just enough time to get home and change before I'm due at the office. What time do you have to be at the capitol to sign?"


"Okay, let's shower and I'll give you something to think about while you're signing all those boring speeches."

"You just gave me something to think about. Don't know if I can take much more."

"You're not FBI material, Pip," he chuckled, pulling her into the bathroom, turned on the water and shoved her under the spray. "Not enough stamina to do the job."

"I'll show you stamina," she grumbled and reached for him causing him to chuckle and groan at the same time.

He made it to the office in record time and wondered if he could manage a mid-morning break so he could drop by the capitol and watch Pip sign. He had an urge to see her in action and then remembered what she said about the instructor at Quantico. He'd have to look into that matter. FBI instructors were ruthless in their training; in order to turn out good agents they had to be. Singling out an individual candidate on the basis of her physical traits, however, was frowned upon. It didn't do anything for the FBI's image. They were still living down that fiasco in Waco.

Not far from the Hoover Building, Pip was silently groaning as she shifted her weight from one foot to another. She had a dull but throbbing ache between her legs and another occasional sharp twinge in her backside. She wasn't sure which one bothered her the most. The fact that Craig Mitchell, a virtual stranger as of 24 hours ago had spanked her irritated her beyond reason. The fact that she had willingly spread her legs for him didn't bother her overmuch but who knew it was going to be an all-night affair?

"Lord, he's hot," she muttered to herself. And then she remembered all the hot things he had done to keep her on the edge and how Hoover, her macaw had yelled obscenities at the most inopportune times and... I wonder if he'll call me? I'd like to see if he's as good a second time as he was the first.

"Have to give Pip a call," Craig mumbled as he looked over his morning appointments. "Take her out, see if she's as hot as I thought she was last night. Got to see if she's more than a beautiful warm body beneath me."

A visual of what the sensuous woman looked like sprawled naked beneath him made him pause. He had an urgent need to see her again... now. He called his secretary to rearrange his schedule and without a word of explanation, took off for the capitol to watch Pip in action.

He didn't have to look far. One of the more bombastic congressmen was having a field day criticizing the opposition party's campaign on gun control and drug dealers. As if any of that crap actually makes a difference as to what goes on in real life when you're safely tucked into your well protected bed, Craig thought and shook his head when the man put a hand over his heart and swore to uphold any law that... blah blah blah and yada yada yada.

Pip stood just off to the side of the congressman and with a neutral face, her hands and fingers flew as she signed the man's words. Craig thought it was just as well that some of those listening were unable to hear the man's voice as he spewed nonsense. He watched her closely and thought she looked just as delicious today with clothes on as she had earlier that morning and the previous evening. She was dressed demurely, no blatant sexual posturing, just straight professional work. He didn't know sign language but he could tell she was getting the message across to those in the crowd that watched her and they watched her intently.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a man he knew - watching her. The man could hear. What the fuck?

And then he knew that was the FBI instructor that was harassing Pip.

Returning to his office he thought about what he needed to do to end the harassment, not just of Pip but of any female candidate. The FBI needed as many good agents as they could get; recruitment was down. Time to help the cause.

He made a few phone calls and juggled his schedule so that he could be at Quantico when that particular instructor was on duty. He'd arrange to "observe" the latest training techniques and go along with whatever he saw. There would be time later to report any untoward teaching methods to those in charge. And he'd see about that new mentoring program that helped prospective agents adjust to the rigors of training. One or more was bound to have heard whether there had been inappropriate "hands-on" reinforcement and if so, that would end. If it had been a one-of-a-kind instance regarding Pip, that was a different kettle of fish.

His mind made up on what had to be done left him free to fulfill his daily schedule and arrange to meet Pip a second time.

"Dinner with you?" she asked when he called to invite her out for the evening.

"Yes, dinner with me," he chuckled. "Your bird isn't invited."

She laughed but gave regrets. She needed a night to recuperate from their liaison less than 24 hours earlier.

"Just what I thought," Craig smirked. "You dropped out of the FBI training program because you're a wuss. Don't have the stamina to fulfill the job. Okay, if you're such an old lady, I'll give you time to recuperate. How about next week? Next month?"

"Mamzer!" she shouted into the phone making him laugh.

"Yeah, I *am* a bastard. Tomorrow, Pipster?"

"Tomorrow," she agreed, both of them saying goodbye on a high note.

"I'll fix him," Pip told Hoover when she fed the bird his supper. "He'll need that Viagra in no time."

"Oh Pipster," Craig laughed as he hung up the phone. "I am going to light a fire all over your body and you're gonna love it."

~ End Part Four ~

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