Free Fall
Part Five
by SarAdora


He took her to a mom and pop restaurant tucked into a Virginia hillside and off the beaten path. Natives ate there, the food so good there was a waiting list for reservations. Craig never had a problem; his table was always available and had been since he and an FBI negotiator had rescued the owner's son from a kidnapper. The incident had happened years ago when Craig was still a field agent but the couple insisted that they owed him a lifetime debt for seeing their son home, safe and sound.

"You eat whenever you want at our place, no charge," the father had said, his wife nodding her head in agreement.

"No, just doing my job."

"I insist," the man replied.

"A standing reservation. That's all I'm willing to take."

They shook hands on it and Craig knew they were relieved to be able to pay back a huge favor in what they considered a token gesture.

"I've never been here," Pip said when they were seated. "Is it always this crowded? How did you get reservations so fast?"

"Secret," Craig smiled, and sat beside her in a dark corner booth. "The food's great. Let me order for you."

They dined on braised short ribs, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, home baked bread fresh from the oven, and the best cream of mushroom soup Pip had ever eaten. Dessert was bananas flambé and Pip helped herself to Craig's portion after she inhaled her own.

"I love a woman with an appetite," he told her with a huge smile.

"Why is that?" she asked as she took another bite of his dessert.

"Means you have an appetite for other things, too."

Pip laughed. "You think I have an appetite for you, Mr. FBI Man?"

"I know you do." His voice was husky, his desire for her rising swiftly.

"Ha!" she snorted. "No way you can keep up the same pace tonight that you had the first time we were together."

"Is that a dare, Pipster?"

"I'm willing to bet it's the truth."

"What are the stakes?"

"What do you mean?"

"If I can love you tonight at the same level I loved you our first night, what's in it for me?"

"That ought to be enough, don't you think?"

"I need more," he murmured as his fingers tiptoed up her arm.

"More?" Shivers cascaded and she caught her breath at the hungry look on his face.

"More," he nodded.

"What kind of more?" she asked and blinked, afraid she would drown in his eyes.

"You're a smart girl, you tell me."

Immediate thoughts popped into Pip's mind as he spoke, thoughts of how she could make him hunger for her, thoughts of how she could tease him until he couldn't wait to explode inside her, thoughts of how she'd make him beg.

She smiled.

It was a wicked smile.

It made him laugh.

He signaled for the check.

She dropped a handful of pistachio nuts in Hoover's cage when they returned to her apartment. "This will keep him busy for a while and we won't have to listen to him," she said as she turned and found herself caught up in Craig's arms.

"I like listening to him," Craig laughed as he made his way to her bedroom. "I feel inspired every time he yells that I should fuck you! Sort of like having my own personal cheerleading squad."

"You're such a mamzer," Pip shook her head.

"Gonna show you just how much of a mamzer I am," Craig grinned and in mere moments, they were both naked and she was under him.

It was rough and fast and hard, both of them eager to feed their desires and when their initial hunger had been slaked, they relaxed in each other's arms, content for the moment.

"You're a royal bastard," Pip murmured as she wound her fingers through the fur on his chest. "I like that in bed."

"You do?" Craig laughed, an immediate picture of what else he might do that would generate the same response.

"Only because I know there's more," Pip replied and then climbed on top of him, straddling his upper thighs. "You're not going to pass out now and disappoint me, are you?"

"You are a very naughty little girl, Pipster."

"That's a good thing, right?" she smiled.

"A very good thing," he agreed, palming her breasts. "Show me how naughty you can be."

"So soon?"



She showed him... slowly and with the gentlest of strokes, her fingers and lips brought him back to a hardened state in desperate need of somewhere soft to hide. One hand palmed his testes, lightly squeezing until his hips arched into her hand. And when he rose up to push her on her back, she jerked back from his grasp and leaped from the bed.

"You want me, mamzer? You have to catch me first!"

"I am going to blister your butt," he yelled and leaped out of bed after her.

He caught her midway between the bed and the door and flung her over his shoulder. She yelped when his heavy hand landed firmly on her bare backside and then cursed him when he laughed at her dilemma.

"Naughty cock teaser," he admonished as he turned toward the bathroom and the shower stall. "Gonna cure you of that right now."

"FUCK HER!" Hoover squawked.

"I WILL!" Craig yelled back and laughed.

The water was ice cold when he shoved her under its spray, her body taking most of the cold while he held her there. Her screams of protest intermingled with her cursing him to kingdom come made him chuckle but when she was able to get a hold of his eager shaft, he stopped chuckling.

His hand connected sharply on her derriere startling Pip and she lost her grip on him. Taking every advantage, he upended her, making sure her bottom was under the brunt of the quickly warming shower. And then he spanked her - over and over - hard and heavy, his hand moving rapidly.

She screamed until she lost her voice and when she finally went limp against him, he repositioned her so that the arm around her nestled between her thighs while the other arm continued to swing up and down against her bruised bottom.

One hand seduced, the other stung. It was an eerie combination of pleasure and pain and she hated it and loathed him for doing this to her and unknowingly craved it and wanted to kill him for putting her in that position.

And then she soared...

And when she did, he pushed her up against the shower wall and took his own pleasure within her.

When she finally opened her eyes, she told him to leave and never come back and that she was going to report him to the FBI for what he did to her.

"Do you have the Director's number?" he asked as she lay in his arms while he toweled her dry. "I'll leave it on your nightstand. Did you want the office number or his cell?"

"You're a mamzer," she moaned as he rubbed her sore bottom. "You're a kinky mamzer."

"And you're a very naughty Pipster with a beautiful body and I'm going to give you a break and love you gently next time."

"Next time I'm going to yank it off."

"Next time I'm going to torture you with my mouth, make you beg."

"You'll be doing the begging, you mamzer."

"Make me beg, Pipster. Show me you know how to make me beg."

~ End Part Five ~

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