Free Fall
Part Six
by SarAdora


They dozed for a while, both exhausted from their lovemaking, both very well sated, and both wondering how long they would last.

Pip estimated they'd see each other regularly for about a month, then drift apart. There was only so much loving one could enjoy before realizing that was all they had in common.

Craig figured she'd want him for a few weeks, maybe even a month. Eventually they'd have to get out of bed and see if there was any hope for anything else between them. The sex was good but no one can maintain that kind of energy night after night.

"Tell me more about the guy at Quantico that keeps calling you," Craig said casually as he stroked Pip's back.

"Told you everything there is to tell. He calls, e-mails, sometimes he's outside my door when I come home, tired of it already." She lifted her head to look at him. "Can you make him stop bugging me?"

"Maybe. Tell me what he did when you were at Quantico."

"Always touching me. If I was doing warm-ups before a run, he'd put his hand on my back like he was steadying me - didn't need steadying, believe me. I'd be running and he'd spring out of the bushes and tackle me, say it was what could happen if I was a field agent and a perp was stalking me. At the firing range he'd get behind me, put his arms around me and... shit! You get the idea."

Craig nodded. He got the idea. "Did he do this to any other agent in training?"

"Not that I saw but some of the other women complained about his touchy-feely actions when we were off campus. They didn't want to make a stink and put their careers in jeopardy. One was a lawyer and even she didn't say anything and believe me, she had a mouth on her."

"Was she pretty?"



He promised her he took the allegations seriously and then wondered if the guy was stalking any of the other recruits. He had a little more to investigate than originally planned. But right now he had a voluptuous and sensuous woman in bed with him and she was naked and so was he and it would be a shame to waste time thinking when they could be enjoying the pleasures of the flesh.

Pulling her on top of him, he murmured. "Come here, baby. We got a lot of making up to do."

"You're kidding, right?" Pip laughed and then squealed when his heavy hand landed hard on her bare bottom.

"I don't kid," Craig said in all seriousness. "You're too sweet for kidding. Now teasing..." he smiled as he stroked her sex, one finger finding its way inside the one place he wanted to be. "I don't mind teasing you at all."

"Can't take much more," she moaned at the sensations building yet again. "And you lied to me," she added.

"I lied to you?"

"Yeah," she answered as she squeezed her inner muscles around his finger. "No one can do what you do without artificial help. How much of that Viagra stuff do you take? It's gonna kill you if you don't slow down."

"You're gonna kill me," he muttered, flipping her onto her back and diving in. "You're gonna kill me if you don't stop tempting me with your beautiful body."

"Me? I didn't do anything," she protested, then tightened her thighs around him, drawing him in, and hugging him for all she was worth.

"FUCK HER!" Hoover squawked.

"I'M TRYING!" Craig yelled back and couldn't help laughing at the absurdity of the situation.


The morning was brisk with a slight dampness in the air when Assistant Director Craig Mitchell arrived at Quantico. It was early - not quite 6 A.M. but he wanted to be on the FBI's training campus before regularly scheduled activities began. He had been waved through the guard shack, his face easily recognized and his I.D. only cursorily checked. He mused about that, made a mental note to tell the Director that a good plastic surgeon could make a terrorist's face look like his, not that anyone would want his face. Nevertheless... security should be the same for everyone, even assistant directors of the FBI.

He surveyed the grounds, most of it very familiar. Although his initial training days were long behind him, he came back for refresher courses on a regular basis. Supervising field cases took more finesse than just sitting behind a desk doing paperwork. Criminal investigation was hands-on work. An assistant director that couldn't pull his weight didn't deserve the job and the respect needed to be in charge of a division.

Within the hour, the instructor he had been waiting for arrived, eight men and six women following him. All were in fine physical shape, all with determination written all over their faces. These were the newbies, on campus less than two weeks and still enthusiastic about every aspect of their training.

The instructor barked orders for a 10-mile run on several different paths and a time limit. Craig waited until all had set out on their assigned paths and then shadowed the instructor as the man shadowed one of the women. Three miles into the run, the instructor tackled one very attractive female recruit, throwing her to the ground and straddling her body. The woman hadn't screamed or showed any other kind of reaction. She lay limp on the ground until the instructor signaled her to get up. Craig expected the two of them to wander into the bushes but the woman surprised him.

As she rose to her feet, she delivered a hard and swift fist into the instructor's groin. The pain was so intense the man collapsed before he could even gasp. The woman hissed something in his ear, leaving him breathing heavily on the ground and continued her run.

Craig smiled. Good for you, lady! And tough shit for you, buddy. Back into the field with you. You're about to be transferred to a not-so-desirable office. How does *nowhere* USA sound? Craig left the scene as quietly as he had arrived.

Later, when he had confirmed that the instructor had his marching orders, he called Pip. "Working late tonight but I can come by your place about 9 P.M. How's that sound?"

"Bring Italian and I'll put on something sexy for you," she said in that husky tone she had used when they were fused together in her bed.

"Italian? Like pasta or pizza?"

"Like long thick hard crusted Hero sandwiches with lots of the good stuff crammed inside."

"You're a very naughty girl, Pipster," his voice husky with desire. His next thought was that it was going to be a long wait until 9 P.M. to show her the long thick hard stuff he was going to cram inside her.

"I like being naughty," she laughed.

"I like it, too," he said agreeably. "And I know just what to do with a naughty girl. How's your butt, mummuhluh little girl?

"Where did you learn that word?"

"I'm a fast learner, Pipster. Your friend Morrie told me."

"Mamzer! Bastard!"

"That's me," Craig laughed, "and you're gonna find out how much of a mamzer I really am. Sit while you can."

"I'm going to make you beg," Pip taunted.

"Can't wait, kugel puss. I really can't wait."

"Kugel puss?"

"You're like pudding, Pip. Sweet and moist and did I mention very sweet?"

"I think it's time I turned the tables and made you beg."

"Do that, Pipster. Make me beg. Show me you know how to make me beg."

~ End Part Six ~

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