Free Fall
Part Seven
by SarAdora


"I think it's time I turned the tables and made you beg," she told him.

"Do that, Pipster. Make me beg. Show me you know how to make me beg."

The next evening, she waited until he placed all the food on the coffee table, waited until he took off his jacket and waited a moment more when he arched a brow in her direction. And then she opened her robe.

"Christ on a clamshell, Pip! How do you expect me to eat dinner when you're dressed like that?"

"Like what, Mr. A.D. Mamzer? Like this?" She posed seductively, one naked hip thrust in his direction, her hand slowly moving toward her sex, fingers extended.

His breathing was audible.

"You like?" she teased.

"I like," he barely managed to croak and stretched an arm toward her but she jumped out of his reach. "I'm gonna strangle you," he yelled as she took off toward the bedroom and he shadowed her footsteps. "I'm gonna spank you and then I'm gonna strangle you."

"Yeah, yeah," she laughed and leaped onto the middle of her bed.

He came to a halt, stared at her stance, and groaned.

"There's a bit of drool on your chin," Pip taunted as she stood above him, her thighs spread, those magnificent breasts swaying from her exertions, and on her face a look that combined innocence and sexual invitation all at the same time.

"What are you going to do first? Strangle me, spank me, or let me eat my long hard Italian sandwich?"

"I'm not Italian," he moaned as he swept her off her feet and onto her back, her robe cast aside as his mouth descended. "But as soon as I torture you a little, you're welcome to sample the goods."

"I thought you wanted me to make you beg," she gasped as his tongue put her on the edge of ecstasy and her hips arched closer to his mouth.

"I'm first, you're second, the spanking is next, then food, then more spanking then more sex, then I'm gonna strangle you."

"Never happen," she moaned as she pulled his head closer to her need. "You'll never remember all that. Oh! Do that again, please," she whispered as his fingers joined his tongue.

"FUCK HER!" Hoover squawked, ruining the moment.

"I AM!" Craig shouted back.

"I have a recipe for roasted macaw," Pip muttered. "We're gonna roast him after we eat, dip him in parrot juice and feed him to the crows."

"I like him. Let him live," Craig chuckled and went back to the sweet task of bringing Pip to a pleasurable coital conclusion. And then he sat up to watch the look on her face transform from mild pleasure to pure ecstasy and very slowly, back to an awareness of her surroundings.

"My turn," she murmured as she reached for him.

"Not through with you yet," he whispered back and flipped her over his lap.

"No! Wait! I'm starved. If you spank me, I won't be able to eat. You'll wear me out!"

"Definitely not FBI material," Craig quipped and toasted her bottom cheeks. "This is for luring me with your naked body, your lush naked body," he said as his palm descended on one cheek and then the other. "This is for making me chase you," he added as he raised his knee so her butt was slightly higher and then he caught both cheeks at the same time. "And this..."

"I'm going to make you suffer!" she threatened. "I'm going to make you crazy, make you sorry you ever met me, make you... Please! Enough! I can't take any more!"

"Sure you can, kugel puss. You can take everything I give you and more."

"I can't!"

"You can," he assured her and tossing her onto her back, he let her catch her breath while he stripped away the rest of his clothes. "Long hard things come in lots of flavors, Pip. Wanna try this one?"

She tried.

And she teased.

And when she had him on the brink of explosion, she paused to lift her head and look at him. "Now what, Mr. A.D. Mamzer?"

"Now I'm gonna strangle you," he moaned, desperate for her to finish what she had started.

"Do we get to eat next?"



"My word on it."

"In that case I want to hear you beg."

"Please," he said quietly, much too quietly.

"You're starting to sound more like a fagele mamzer," she teased as she lowered her head to give him what he wanted.

"You're not going to be able to stand and sign, tomorrow," he told her later, his arms tightening around her. "So you better call in sick."

"You took Viagra again?"

"No," he chuckled. "I'm taking you again. Then I'm gonna spank you again - so hard - you're not gonna be able to sit or stand and then we're gonna eat and then I'm gonna..."

"You're good, but you're not that good," she smirked.

"Is that a dare, Pipster?"

"No, it's not. I'm a little tired. Let's take a break and think about this for a while. Did you really get rid of my problem?" she asked, changing the subject.

"I did. End of discussion."

"So I can go back to Quantico and finish my training?"



"If you're in the FBI, I can't see you socially. I want to see you socially. Correction! I *need* to see you socially. So you can't become an agent."

"My career is nowhere because you're a horny mamzer?"

"I'm greedy. I want more of you. The only way you can be in the FBI and I can still see you is to make sure you work out of a field office far away from mine. That's not gonna happen. I need you close to me."

"You don't rule my life, A.D. Mamzer!"

"Wanna bet, Pipster?"

"Don't you dare spank me again," she yelled as she tried to leap from the bed.

Gonna spank you," he murmured as he crushed her into his embrace. "Gonna spank you and love you and see what happens when we get out of bed. Give us a chance, Pipilina. Let's see if there's anything here for us. If not, okay. We gave it a shot. If there is something, we'll work it out, career-wise and life-wise and why the hell am I talking to you when I could be doing sweet things?"

"Yeah, why the hell are you talking to me when you could be giving me more of the good stuff and..."


"Yeah, yeah," they both laughed.

~ End ~

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