Part One
by SarAdora


The flight attendant sighed, watching them. The honeymooners were definitely in love. The bride was snuggled in her groom's embrace, his arm protectively around her shoulder, his other hand cupping her cheek as she rested her head on his chest. He was murmuring to her, periodically dropping a kiss on her hair, the arm around her shoulder squeezing gently.

She had served an early dinner to the first class passengers, smiling as she watched the man encourage his bride to eat. He fed her tidbits from his fork, and kissed her between sips of wine. The bride said something that made him laugh and he must have tickled her. She heard a quiet squeal and then a few giggles. She couldn't remember ever seeing a couple so happy.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you looked today, sweetheart?" he asked, cupping her chin and tilting her head up so he could look at her face. "Your dress was magnificent. Will you wear it for me again sometime?"

"I plan to, JC," she whispered with a shy smile.

"Good," he murmured, predicting the blush that would soon rise on her cheeks. "I want to be able to look at how beautiful it looks on you again, and then I want to be able to look at how beautiful you are when I take it off of you," he added.

The blush rose on Spencer's cheeks and she tucked her head under his chin, her arm around his back, hugging him fiercely. "You have a way with words, Commander," she said softly, unexpectedly shy.

"In what way?" he asked, grinning.

"Your words make me want you... right here, right now," she said, unable to meet his eyes. At 19 years of age, she was wise in a lot of ways but nowhere as sophisticated in the art of seduction as her bridegroom.

He groaned. "It's *your* words, baby. Your words make me so hard for you, I'm not sure how much longer I can wait to consummate our vows."

"You're hard for me?" she whispered, snaking a hand down between their bodies to rub against his crotch.

"Yes-s-s," he growled. "And you're not making it any easier for me."

"That's nice," Spencer smiled into his chest, still rubbing him, delighted that the bulge under her palm was rapidly growing.

"Are you hot for me?" he rasped, pulling her hand away.

"I'm wet for you," she admitted, pulling his head down so she could kiss him. "So very wet for you."

"I want you, sweetheart," he groaned again. "And if we weren't just married, I'd make you a member of the mile-high club, but we can do that another time. The first time I make love to you as my wife, I want you completely naked and in a soft bed."

Spencer smiled at his words. A friend had told her about the mile-high club and had teased her, saying that the Commander wasn't known for his patience. "Completely naked?" she whispered, looking at him. "I think I'm shocked," she added, putting a hand over her mouth.

JC laughed. "If that shocks you," he continued their word play. "Then maybe I shouldn't tell you that I'll be naked, too."

Spencer's lips formed a small "O" at that revelation, making him chuckle.

"My arms will be around you, holding you tight, like this," he whispered. "Your silky breasts will be crushed against my hard chest, your nipples so hard I'll have to kiss them before I do anything else." He moved her upper body closer to his chest, and Spencer's nipples hardened against him, making them both groan with need.

"You'll moan softly when I suck them," he breathed in her ear. "Your arms will go around my neck and I'll nibble at the hollow in your collarbone and then," he tilted her head up and put his lips on her neck. "I'll kiss your throat... I'll suck the sweet spot there... here..." he rubbed his lips against her. "Then I'll move back to your breasts."

JC stopped to take a deep breath, swallowing hard. Spencer's hands were fisted in his sweater and she inhaled sharply.

"My hands will be busy, too," he continued, his voice soft and getting huskier with each word. "They'll cup your sweet bottom, move down your thighs, stroke you." He pulled a blanket over them and let his hand caress her butt cheeks, his palm rubbing her through her clothes. "My mouth will leave your breasts - reluctantly," he assured her, "and kiss your sweet belly. I'll have to taste your belly button, sweetheart. I'll dip the tip of my tongue into it while my chin grazes that silky nest of curls... the silky nest that hides your secrets..." he murmured, his sexy Texas drawl thicker now. "...Secrets I want to know... secrets I have to see... and touch... taste... secrets that belong to me now."

JC straightened in his seat, lifting Spencer slightly so he could spread his thighs and make himself more comfortable. Spencer tried to keep her weight on JC's thigh and not on his thick penis. It wasn't an easy task; he was already hard and his words were making him harder. She hoped she wasn't so wet she'd leave a stain on his trousers.

"I'll kiss your sweetness," he told her, unable to stop describing the scene in his head. "I'll hunger for more of you and I'll spread your thighs so I can love you properly. You'll be wet by then... very wet, my love and I'll inhale the scent of you." He lifted her face to his, rubbing his lips against hers, his tongue briefly darting in for a quick taste. "You want me, baby. You want me to love you with my mouth. You want my tongue licking you, probing a little... you want my lips sucking you. You'll squirm under my mouth and hands, bambina, and you'll beg me to love you. I will," he promised. "I can't wait any longer. I'm so damn hard I might crack in two if I don't get inside you in the next two seconds."

"JC..." Spencer moaned. "I can't take much more. I..."

"I raise up over you and push into you. Your sex is wet, baby. You're so slick with wanting, I slip right into you. And when I do, you squeeze your beautiful thighs around me pulling me closer. Your sweet hot core sucks me deeper into you. You're squeezing my cock and I'm mindless with desire. I plunge in and out of you giving over to our union, our bodies joining. I want you so much, baby."

Spencer was exhausted from holding herself tight. JC's words had left her dripping wet and unfulfilled. She wanted him.

"I need you, JC. I need you."

"Hot for me, sweetheart?" he smiled, his erection causing some discomfort but the look on his imp's face worth every word he had said and every twinge in his cock. His balls, however... that was a completely different story.

"I want you. I'm so hot for you," Spencer admitted, her heated face in his neck, her lips near his ear. "Hot and wet and... I'm going to have to put my coat on before we deplane."

"I'm glad I'm not the only one," he chuckled.

"I might have left a wet spot on your thigh, Commander. Can you forgive me?"

"I don't think I would have been able to forgive you if you hadn't left one, imp."

He kept the light blanket over them and rubbed her back, urging her to try to nap. "It was a long day, sweetheart, and one with the spotlight on both of us. Take a nap. I'll hold you right here," he promised, his hand on her cheek, her face in his neck.

"Not sleepy," she argued, her hand covering his. "Your words..."

"I hope you'll be wide awake when I put my words into action," he murmured. "That's still a few hours from now."

"Did I tell you how much I love my ring?" she asked, raising her hand and then covering her mouth, a small yawn escaping.

"It *is* beautiful," he agreed, "and it matches you perfectly."

"I love you, squidlet," she said, relaxing against him.

"I love you, too, imp," he smiled, watching as her eyes closed."

He rearranged her on his chest, stretching out across the two seats and thought he'd catch a few winks as well. They had followed tradition and not seen each other before the ceremony. It had been a long day and night without her and the wedding in a very public place with a multitude of strangers - tourists - had consumed a great deal of his energy as well. Slipping a pillow behind his head, he closed his eyes, finally satisfied that Spencer was his wife and content to have her in his arms.

An hour later, the turbulence came out of nowhere, the plane dipping quickly, then rising again as the pilot took back control. A few dishes crashed to the floor, some drinks spilled and sudden gasps from a few passengers briefly filled the air.

"JC?" Spencer whispered wide-awake now and sitting up, the adrenaline pumping.

"It's all right, sweetheart. A little bump. We're okay," he assured her, his arms holding her securely on his lap. He caught the flight attendant's eye and was thankful she was calm. It really was just a little turbulence.

The pilot apologized for the inconvenience, reminded everyone to keep their seatbelts fastened and said the next round of drinks were on the airline's nickel.

JC ordered wine for both of them.

"Did you sleep good?" he asked, pulling Spencer back to his chest.

"Didn't sleep," she said, yawning and rubbing her eyes.

He laughed. "Yes, you did, imp. I watched you until I fell asleep. You were in dreamland."

"How do you know?"

"You were rubbing your body against me," he whispered, watching her face turn pink. "Had to keep the blanket over us so we wouldn't embarrass the other passengers."

She pinched him.

He laughed, caught her hands and brought them to his lips. "Can't wait, sweetheart?" he teased.

"I haven't forgotten how to give payback, Mr. Navy SEAL," she warned softly.

"Can't wait, imp," he grinned, capturing her lips with his and kissing her deeply.

The flight attendant sighed. Can't believe they haven't ripped their clothes off. What I wouldn't give to trade places with that woman!

"We'll be landing in twenty minutes," she announced over the PA system, first in French, then in English. "Please gather your personal belongings, raise your back rests to the upright position, return tray tables to their designated slots and make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened. The weather in Montreal is a balmy minus 4 degrees Centigrade, 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you for choosing Air Canada and welcome to Quebec!"

"Got to bundle up, baby," JC said as he helped Spencer with her coat, buttoning the buttons that she had skipped. He insisted she wrap her woolen scarf around her neck, and when she did, he pulled her thick woolen beret over her ears. "Put your gloves on and you can carry the small duffel. I'll carry the rest."

They were obvious honeymooners and allowed off first and JC thanked the flight attendant for the courtesy. "Our pleasure, sir. Thank you for flying with us and our very best wishes for a happy union."

As soon as they entered the concourse, two officers of the Canadian Navy saluted, surprising Spencer. JC knew they would be there, a courtesy extended from a Canadian Navy officer of long acquaintance. He returned the salute and allowed them to take their bags. They were escorted down a staircase and into a closed vehicle that whisked them to a 24-seat puddle jumper. They quickly climbed the stairs while their baggage was stored and JC pulled Spencer into the first row of seats.

"JC? Are we the only ones on board?" Spencer asked, suddenly nervous.

"It's all right," he soothed. "My C.O. made the arrangements. This plane is making an extra flight, just for us. On the way back, though," he smiled, going nose-to-nose with her. "You'll have to behave yourself."

"Why?" she returned the smile, seeing a hint of mischief in his eyes.

"We take a direct route home - one plane - a Lear to be exact."

"A Lear?" Spencer gasped. "Isn't that terribly expensive?"

"The flight is a wedding gift, baby, from an old friend."

"Anyone I know?"

JC shook his head. "Not yet, sweetheart, but eventually."

"Why do I have to behave?"

"Because I don't want you to drink all the wine and get tipsy and take off your clothes and..."


"What?" he chuckled, "Did I leave something out?"

"You're... you're..."

"So hot for you, imp," he pulled her onto his lap. "So hot for you."

The Canadian sailors escorted them through customs and accompanied them to the plane before departing. The pilot and co-pilot congratulated them on their marriage, and they were soon cleared for take-off. It was a short hour's flight north out of Montreal with minimum visibility so they cuddled and kissed the entire time.

Spencer was surprised they landed so quickly and wanted to know where they were.

"Deep in the Laurentians, sweetheart, the mountain range between the St. Lawrence River and Hudson Bay - where no one can find us," he said with great satisfaction.

They thanked the pilot and co-pilot for the safe flight and then JC rushed Spencer down the staircase and into the warm SUV waiting for them. It was even colder here and snow was falling. The driver loaded their baggage, tipped his hat to his passengers and they were on their way.

"Beautiful country," he commented, "You'll see more in the morning. The sun always sets early this time of year."

"Uh-huh," JC replied, knowing the beautiful country was going to wait until his imp had been thoroughly spanked and loved and he didn't think that would be accomplished by morning.

Forty minutes later, the paved road turned into a cleared path leading to a log house. It was big and welcoming with a large wrap-around porch, the only details they could make out in the moonlight. JC gave the driver the key and they waited in the car while he took their bags in. He wanted his hands free when he carried his bride over the threshold.

"Welcome to our private love nest, Mrs. Squidlet."

~ End Part One ~

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