Part Two
by SarAdora


"Welcome to our private love nest, Mrs. Squidlet," he said softly, picking Spencer up, one hand around her waist, the other under her knees. "It's you and me, baby, 24/7 for the next two weeks. You up to it, imp?" he asked, kissing her nose.

"I am if you are," she grinned, "How long do you think you can maintain that *up* position, Mr. Squidlet?"

"I may need your hands and mouth a few times," he murmured, catching an earlobe between his teeth, watching her shiver.

"We'll explore the house tomorrow, sweetheart," he promised, still holding her as he closed the door with his hip, and moved up the stairs. He had seen detailed pictures of each room and knew where he was headed. "Shall I undress you?" he asked as he placed her in the middle of a queen-sized bed.

"I need... give me a few minutes, JC. I want to take a shower. Can you wait a few more minutes?"

"Do you want me to shower with you?" he asked, knowing there was no reason for Spencer to be shy.

"Is there another bedroom?"

He nodded.

"Does it have a bath?"


"You shower in there. I want to come to you fresh and clean and..."

"All right, my love. You go in the bathroom; I'll get your toiletries. Just remember," he cupped her chin, "when you come out, you're mine."

He left her small duffel in the bathroom while she showered, then quickly stripped and took his own shower. He wanted to be in the bedroom when she came out. Donning a pair of silk boxers, he pulled the covers to the foot of the bed and sat up, leaning on the headboard, waiting for his bride. He could hear the hair dryer and knew she'd be out shortly. He was willing to indulge her every request and the anticipation had been delicious, but he couldn't wait much longer.

She came out of the bathroom wearing a white, silk robe. It skimmed the floor, hiding her bare feet. The robe hugged her body and JC could see the outline of every one of her charms. Her breasts were clearly defined, her nipples already taut. The sash around her waist emphasized her small round hips and looking lower, he could see the outline of her mound. He licked his lips, knowing his erect organ was already tenting his shorts.

Her hair was freshly brushed and pushed behind her ears but small tendrils had escaped and curled around her face. Spencer had washed off any lingering make-up, her only cosmetic a light coat of lip gloss. She stood in the middle of the room between the bathroom and the bed and slowly untied her sash so her robe opened.

JC rose from the bed and caught a glimpse of a white demi-bra and matching thong panties. He took her in his arms, kissing her with great tenderness. Moving the robe aside so he could feast on her charms, he thanked his lucky stars for the beauty that was his wife. She lifted her head to look at him and her breasts spilled over the demi-bra, her nipples teasing him as her chest rose and fell with each breath. His cock twitched.

A tiny pulse was visible at her throat and with his hands stroking her shoulders, he bent to kiss it, then moved his lips toward her breasts. Spencer stood as still as she could, her lips parting as JC's mouth roamed over her. Her bare torso invited his touch, - he knew her body was all silk and satin and he smoothed a palm over her skin. Her eyes closed.

Her navel invited his touch, a small dimple in a smooth belly, begging to be tasted. He caressed it with a finger. The thong covered her curls, secrets hidden from his view, waiting for him to rediscover. He slipped a hand between her thighs and stroked her - she was already damp. Slipping his other hand under her robe and behind her back, he whispered even though his mouth was dry. "You are so beautiful, my love."

Spencer ran her hands over her husband's chest, then slipped her arms around him to enjoy the feel of his skin on hers. "I love you, JC," she murmured, moving one hand under the waistband of his silk briefs and pulling them down over his butt. He stepped back and pulled them off the rest of the way and pushed her robe off her shoulders. His hands roamed down her back and over her bottom, cupping it briefly before moving back up to unclasp her bra.

Cupping her breasts, he bent his head so his mouth could roam over the silky skin, loving the fullness of them in his hands and on his lips. Finally, he lifted her against his chest, kissing her, and slipped a finger under the crotch of her thong. He teased her until she moaned her pleasure then pulled the thong off and laid her on the bed.

"Come to me, my love," Spencer said softly, spreading her thighs, her hand reaching out for him.

"Baby, baby," he moaned, his hard shaft leaking and swaying above her belly as he bent his head to cover her mouth with his. "I need you now, Spencer. I can't wait," he groaned.

"Love me, JC. I want you inside me... now."

It was a glorious union - JC's thick penis filling her, her juices making the passage slick, her inner walls grabbing him, squeezing him, tightening around him. He gasped when she squeezed him, the friction from his thrusting combined with her heat bringing him indescribable pleasure. The head of his cock swelled further and his balls tightened but he wanted Spencer to share this with him. He squeezed the base of his cock, delaying his climax and then pinched her clit between his fingers and rubbed the delicate organ until she whimpered for release.

Her hips rose in counter thrust, the lips of her sex spread to accommodate his size, the heat from their loving enveloping them in a cloud of pleasure. "JC," she moaned softly. "You feel so good... You make me feel full... Stay with me," she begged. "Stay with me."

"I will, baby. I will," he groaned, speeding up again, his heart pounding against her chest, his release imminent.

She was caught in a vortex. His power thrusts filled her, taking her to new heights, the rhythmic slapping of his velvety sac a wondrous feeling. She wondered how it felt to him.

The shudders increased as she gulped air, her skin tingled and her face was flush with anticipation. She reached for the sun and grabbed it with both hands, its intense heat consuming her until she melted. Her body was liquid pleasure... thick liquid pleasure... overwhelming pleasure.

Her cries of release put him over the edge, the wet heat of her body grabbing him and sucking him into that same whirlpool, spinning him higher and higher until his deep growl was lost in their love dance. Their joining had consummated their vows, sanctified them and made them a consuming joy.

He didn't know how long he stayed inside her, sleep stole over them, and blanketed their union so it could be remembered and treasured again and again.


They slept late, only waking with the sun, Spencer's head on JC's shoulder, his arm around her, fingers stroking the side of her breast.

"Good morning, husband," she smiled at the man smiling back at her.

"Good morning, wife," he said softly, dropping kisses on her cheeks and pulling her up until they were face level. "Did you sleep well?"

"Incredibly well," she grinned. "If you keep loving me like you did last night, I..."

"You're going to sleep very well," he agreed, pulling her on top of his chest, his hands beginning to roam. "And now that you're my wife, it's my strong duty to keep you on the straight and narrow."

"Straight and narrow?" she giggled. "You're just making excuses to spank me, aren't you?"

"Don't need excuses," he murmured, cupping her bottom cheeks and squeezing them gently.

"Tell me about this place, JC," she replied, not rising to the bait. "Did you rent it for our honeymoon?"

"No, baby. It belongs to our friends, Liam and Anne. It's their wedding gift to us - they want it to be our honeymoon cottage."

"And Anne *never* said a word when we had lunch last week!" Spencer said indignantly.

"No telling what Liam would have done if he found out she had, sweetheart."

"He has a temper?"

"Yes, but not with Anne. I meant he'd turn that to his advantage."

"In what way?" she asked, propping herself up on her elbows.

"Torture, punishment, payback, stuff like that."

"Like you do to me? The sweet spankings?"

"Uh-huh," he grinned.

"Now I *really* am surprised she didn't tell me."

He laughed. Spencer's words made her blush again. "I'll give you the grand tour in a little while. Right this second, I'm hungry for a taste of you, wife."

"I think I should have the first taste," she smiled, moving down his body until her tongue found his navel. "Your belly button is bigger than mine," she murmured, dipping her tongue in and tickling him.

"Uh-huh," he groaned. "It is and your tongue is small enough to tease the hell out of... Spencer, please..." he gasped, when she raked her fingernails over his balls. "Bambina..."

"More?" she asked, not waiting for an answer and nipping the tender flesh beneath the coarse hair of his groin. "Shall I carry on, sir?"

"Please..." he begged.

"Please?" Spencer lifted her head. "Junior officers do not say please, squid," she reminded him and raked her nails over his sensitive sac again.

"Aye, aye, ma'am," JC whispered, his thighs tensing, "Carry on... please carry on."

Spencer laughed, delighted she had reduced him to this state so swiftly. She kept her hands on his testicles, varying the pressure as her mouth went back to his navel.

Groaning his satisfaction he wanted more and gently pressed her shoulders, trying to get her to move closer to his hard shaft. "Spencer..."

"Tsk," she clucked her tongue. "I see the marriage contract has not done anything for your patience."

"Spencer..." he said a little sharply.

"Yes?" she grinned, sitting up.

"Imp!" he growled low, his hands reaching under her arms intending to impale her on his burgeoning penis.

"Squidlet!" she growled back, applying a little more pressure to his testes.

JC knew better than to fight with her. He fell back to the bed and covered his eyes with an arm. "I married a drill instructor," he groaned.

"Spread 'em," she ordered softly. "And bend 'em, too."

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am," he responded smartly and then gulped air when she sucked him between her lips.

She loved the feel of him in her mouth, the tip slipping beneath her tongue, then gently pressing against her buccal walls. He was thick and hot and he throbbed against her palate, reveling in the feel of her mouth engulfing him. Spencer stroked the rest of his length, her palms and fingers playing bass and treble against his shaft. He groaned as he always did when she released him but twisted his hips in pleasure when her tongue licked the underside of the tip. One hand massaged his testicles and the other played harmony on the length of him, totally in concert with her mouth and tongue.

When she felt the tightening in his scrotal sac, she hummed, her palate vibrating against him. JC's hands went behind her neck, holding her, exercising great restraint not to pull her closer, and trying not to choke her with his length. But her tongue... her lips sweetly sucking... her hands... and the low sweet sounds she made when she loved him brought him over the edge. His release came suddenly, his growling shout lost in the rafters, bouncing back and filling their ears as he shot his seed into her mouth and down her throat. His hips were still bucking when she let him slip out of her mouth, the remainder of his essence coating her chin and breasts.

Spencer encircled his softening penis, sucked the head back into her mouth and licked the tip of him. She couldn't quite identify the sound he made when she did that but she was immediately hauled onto his chest, his strong arms locking her against him.

She tried not to giggle, but a few escaped anyway and she was truly impressed that JC could growl and pant at the same time. "You okay, squidlet?" she asked, grinning against his chest.

He felt her lips curve up against his skin and knew the imp was enjoying herself. But when she ground her hips into his exhausted groin, he gave her butt a sharp smack. "Payback any time now, wife," he warned, his lungs still gulping air.

"I love you, husband," Spencer whispered, "and I love loving you. Did I please you?"

He rolled over, tucking her into his side, and stroked her cheek, one finger wiping the residue of his pleasure off her face. "I adore you, my beautiful wife and you please me very much," he assured her. "And I'm going to love spanking you, delaying your release, spanking you some more and then prolonging your pleasure while I make love to you."

"I think we should eat breakfast first," Spencer announced, trying to sit up.

"Not so fast, imp," he chuckled. "I believe in immediate payback."

"Think how much more delicious it will be if we have a little sustenance in us first," she suggested.

"You would have made an outstanding litigator, sweetheart," he laughed, hauling her back into his arms, his hands delivering light smacks to her backside as he rose with her in his arms and stepped into the shower.

She squealed when he pushed her under the shower's spray, tickling her and teasing her by nipping one earlobe and then the other. "Payback, imp," he chuckled as she squirmed, her laughter filling his heart. "Gonna give you payback all day."

"I'll get even," she warned, wrapping her arms around his back and placing her feet on top of his, a habit she had recently developed and one that tickled his fancy.

He let her stay where she was, her breasts pressing into his chest. His hands roamed up and down her back, kneading her butt while his mouth nuzzled her neck. He often craved the feel of her in his arms but he especially loved having her in the shower with him. He was in no hurry to get out.

Spencer returned the caresses but imp that she was, she couldn't resist pinching his firm butt so she did, making him growl.

"You're askin' for it, imp," he warned softly.

"I am?" she asked, trying to suppress her grin, but he felt her lips curve against his chest again and smiled in spite of himself. "You sure?" she asked again as her hands slid further down, her fingernails skimming the top of his scrotal sac.

"I'm sure," he said a little louder this time and quickly upended her. Cupping her butt, he warned her that the spanking he was about to deliver would be a hard one.

She laughed at the threat and dared him to warm her butt.

He did - sweet stinging spanks quickly turned her butt a rosy shade and then he swung her up above him until her thighs rested on his shoulders. Balancing her against the tiled wall, he kept his hands on her warm bottom and buried his face between her thighs. Spencer's hands pressed into his shoulders as his mouth consumed her. And he did consume her, kissing her sensitive flesh one small spot at a time, then scraping his teeth against it, following that with his tongue, licking her, moving to another spot. He brought her close to release, sucking the sweet bundle of nerves that throbbed between his lips, then lapping her pleasure as it dripped onto his tongue. Then he started over again, teasing her sex, loving her with his mouth, again and again until Spencer was overwhelmed with the sensations and collapsed on top of him.

Gently, he lowered her into his arms and held her while her breathing returned to normal. Kissing her repeatedly, he murmured love words, his soft, deep drawl filling her ears, his breath warm on her skin.

"Talk to me, baby," he murmured, cupping her cheek. "Come back to me, sweetheart."

Spencer sighed heavily, opened her eyes and let her head fall back so she could look at the man who had loved her senseless. "That was delicious payback, squidlet."

JC laughed softly, Spencer's face was flushed. "Just the beginning, imp. I've just begun to give you the payback you deserve."

"Are we going to have breakfast now?"

"Not yet, wife," he grinned, reaching for the soap. I haven't showered with you in days and I'm going to have to touch every sweet inch of you one more time before we can eat."

"Do I get to touch every sweet inch of you, too?"


"I have a feeling breakfast is going to be delayed a while," the imp grinned.

~ End Part Two ~

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