Part Three
by SarAdora


She couldn't stand after their last lovemaking session. They had lathered each other, rubbed hands over erogenous zones, fingers teasing and probing soft sweet places, and palms cupping firm flesh. Their lips nibbled and kissed, their tongues darting here and there for a quick taste and lost in their own world, their bodies joined once again. He lifted her, his thick engorged shaft impaling her, spreading her, and filling her.

Spencer had locked her legs around his waist, holding onto his Popeye biceps, riding him as he thrust up into her. When he was close, he pulled out, turned her and swiftly entered her from behind. Holding her with his arms over hers, he covered her belly and spread her thighs so she faced the force of the shower's spray. It hit her clit, the warm water beating against her sensitive flesh, his cock filling her from behind. She had one orgasm after another, so lost in the pleasure, she barely registered his roar as he poured into her when he climaxed.

Leaning back against the wall, he continued to hold her, still throbbing inside her before slipping out, his breath heavy on her neck. Spencer's head rested against his shoulder, her mind still wavering as the last of the shudders coursed through her. They stayed that way for a couple of minutes, regaining breath, balance and a little bit of sanity.

"I don't think I'm going to last thirteen more days, squidlet," Spencer said in awe of what had just transpired between them.

"Yes, you will," he assured her, chuckling. "I'm the one who's worried."

"You are?" she asked, looking up at him.

"The way you jump my bones, imp..." he laughed at her blush. "You okay, sweetheart?" he asked, suddenly concerned he had loved her too hard.

"I think my legs are jelly," Spencer admitted. "Give me a minute."

"Not necessary, baby," he murmured, slipping out of her and keeping her thighs spread, he washed her, his hand gentle as he stroked her. His lips rubbed her cheek, and he dropped kisses on her brow, the tip of her nose and her lips. "I love you, sweetheart. Every day, I love you more."

He wrapped a towel around his waist and another around hers, leaving her breasts bare while he dried her hair. "What do you want for breakfast, wife?" he asked a few minutes later as he dropped the towel to the floor and brushed her hair behind her ears.

"You're still hungry?" she teased, using words JC used to tease her.

"Always hungry for you, my sweet imp," he murmured, kissing her deeply. "Can never get enough of you."


Pulling sweats and T-shirts out of the duffel bag for both of them, he insisted she wear socks so her feet wouldn't get cold. When she was clothed, he held her at arm's length and wanted to know who she was.

"What happened to the sensuous siren who loved me senseless this morning, woman? Who *are* you?"

"Hmmm," Spencer hummed, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm... your superior and commanding officer," she decided.

"Don't look like any commanding officer I ever had," he pursed his lips.

"Actually, I'm the wife of one of the Navy's most talented and up and coming officers," she admitted, cupping her mouth and whispering the secret. "He's the Navy's best SEAL ever so you better show some respect."

"You're married to a Navy SEAL?" JC asked, arching his brows in shock. "Just who the hell is this SEAL?"

"He's a squid," the imp grinned, heading for the door. "Just another little sailor in the big blue sea."

He was on her in a second, an arm around her waist, lifting her off the floor and tickling her. He pulled her sweats down to her knees and tossed her over his shoulder, laughing as she wavered between laughter and protest. "I recognize that butt," he chuckled, rubbing his palm over it. "I think you might be my commanding officer, after all."

"I order you to put me down, squid," Spencer tried to snarl, but choked on her laughter instead.

"Aye-aye, ma'am," he responded smartly, still holding her fireman style as he went down the stairs.

"Now, little sailor!" she ordered. "Or I'll order you to strip."

"Okay with me as long as you're naked too, ma'am."

"That's it! Drop and give me two hundred, squid."

"Aye-aye, ma'am. I'll do them on top of you."

"Five hundred demerits, Mister!"

"That's a lot, sweetheart. Is that negotiable?" he smiled, lowering her feet to the floor and cupping her warm bottom.

"Not when you're touching me like that, it isn't."

He pulled her sweats up and gave her a light swat. "What are we having for breakfast, sweetheart?"

"Are we talking food?"

"Yes, food," he grinned, but other sustenance later.

Spencer rolled her eyes and groaned. JC laughed.


The log cabin was exquisite. Designed by JC's commanding officer and close friend Liam, and decorated by his wife, Anne, the cabin had every amenity they could think of. The front door opened to the great room, its cathedral ceiling as tall as the roof line, its central attraction the stone-faced circular fireplace in the center of the room. Several comfortable couches and chairs were covered in hides or tanned leather and surrounded the fireplace, making a cozy and intimate arrangement. Two beautiful wooden sideboards were against the wall, each of them large enough to hold an ample buffet if Liam and Anne were entertaining. Unique rugs covered portions of the freshly polished oak floors and floor-to-ceiling windows framed a magnificent view of the snow covered Laurentians.

The kitchen was a chef's dream. Heavy copper pots hung from large hooks over a restaurant-sized grill, and the Viking stovetop held eight burners. The cabinetry was oak with beveled glass doors, displaying a large collection of Mikasa china. Slate countertops matched the stone facing of the fireplace. Six plush leather barstools were tucked under the breakfast counter and two sub-zero refrigerator/freezers stood side-by-side against the wall. A small breakfast nook accommodated six, its picture window framing the beauty of the land.

There was a small room off the front entrance where Liam occasionally worked, reading faxes and email that needed his attention even when the two-star admiral was vacationing. He had given JC a key to the room and told him to use it at his leisure if he needed to contact his office, print a document or send a fax. Otherwise, it was to remain locked. Two large bedrooms, each with private attached baths, filled one half of the second floor. Both bedrooms had wood burning fireplaces and there was a cord of wood piled by each one. The beds were lush with down comforters and flannel linens, the warmest weather in the summer rising only to the mid-60s. Spencer thought the bathrooms were a sin and she, for one, was delighted with them. The master had a large claw-foot tub and she blushed when JC caught her sizing it up.

"Shall we take it for a spin, imp?" he teased.

"Definitely," she affirmed. "And I think we should try the sunken tub in the other bathroom as well. Both showers were huge and JC knew Liam and Anne enjoyed them as much as he and Spencer did.

Both refrigerators were stocked with enough food for three weeks in case Spencer and JC chose to stay longer than they originally planned. There were plenty of favorites. The freezers were filled with steaks, salmon and a variety of ice cream. A wine cooler held the Zinfandel, Merlot and Port. There were two large cheesecakes in the refrigerator, a covered tray of brownies, and Anne had prepared dozens and dozens of creme puffs much to JC's delight. There was also a huge box of Davenport chocolates and he knew Spencer would drool when she saw them. A variety of salad ingredients were in the vegetable bin. Six gallons of milk filled the bottom shelf. The pantry was stocked with fruits and vegetables and a few canned goods and an enormous bin of coffee beans was clearly visible. A microwave oven would defrost any frozen item they wanted right away and the double ovens would take care of the rest. JC found cereal and a variety of breads in the special "grain bag" where Anne had put them so they'd remain fresh for long periods of time.

There was a backup generator in case of a power failure and a satellite dish for the wall-sized television set. There was also a large videotape library, and JC wanted to peruse the titles, but he had brought his own. Spencer had mentioned a few movies she wanted to see and this would be a good time to enjoy them. He had his cell phone in case of an emergency and if necessary, he could drive them out of there. Liam had left his 4-wheel SUV parked in the garage. It was at least thirty miles to a populated area but JC had no intention of going there unless it was absolutely necessary.

"There's fresh mozzarella in the refrigerator, JC. Would you like some with an omelet?"

"What kind of omelet?" he asked, coming up behind her, and rubbing her round bottom.

"Um..." she thought a moment, leaning back into his chest. "Green onions, black olives, dried tomatoes and hot spices?"

"Sliced tomatoes in olive oil and basil with the cheese?" he murmured, slipping his hands under her shirt to cup her breasts.

"Uh-huh," she concurred, covering his hands with hers. "But you'll have to slice the tomatoes, nuke some breakfast rolls and make the coffee."

"Works for me," he agreed, turning her in his arms and kissing her deeply. "I may have to have some of your sustenance before we eat, baby," he breathed into her mouth. "I have this urge to love you again."

"You'll have to wait till I warm up," she grinned. "Right now, my bottom is facing the open refrigerator and it's a sub-zero."

He gave a shout of laughter, shoved the refrigerator door shut with his hip and lifted her high on his chest. "Trust me. I'll warm that little bottom of yours in no time, imp."

"Promise?" she grinned, nudging his groin with her foot, making him groan.

"Oh, yeah," he promised, and headed toward the great room, planning to toss her over the back of the couch, warm her tush and..."

"JC, I think we better eat, first," she said quietly. "I'm going to run out of steam if I don't eat something." She cupped his chin. He leered at her. "Besides you," she amended.

He chuckled and headed back to the kitchen.

They dined royally and JC was glad he had delayed breakfast. Spencer was really hungry and she ate more than usual. "Gonna fatten you up while we're here, sweetheart," he told her pulling her onto his lap. "Gonna love you good, feed you good, tickle you silly, and spank you sweet," he grinned, running his fingers over her ticklish ribs making her squirm, "and love you some more."

"When do we get a chance to rest?"

"When you pass out," he said matter-of-factly.

"Is there a washing machine and dryer?" she questioned, nibbling on his throat. "I think we're going to have to change the linens every day. And I think we might have to pay their water bill this month."

"Ya think?" he grinned, lifting her so she straddled his hips and leaned her back until her head was on his knees.

"I certainly hope so."

He pulled her hips closer to his crotch, his hands moving under her shirt, his palms capturing the fullness of her breasts. "Did I tell you how beautiful you were this morning, baby?"

"This morning?"

"This morning when you took me in your mouth," he murmured, leaning over her. "This morning when you spread your legs for me and let me love you... the look of you when I tasted your sweetness." He cupped her face and pulled her up to meet his mouth. "This morning when you welcomed me into your body and loved me as hard as I loved you."

"JC," she whispered, as his heavy drawl washed over her. "If you keep talking like that, we'll never get any rest."

"Is that a complaint?" he murmured, pulling her T-shirt off and tossing it.

"No, just a statement of fact."

"What hard evidence do you have to support this fact, madam?" he growled low. "I think an objection might be forthcoming."

"Will this do?" she asked, rubbing against his hard shaft.

"Yes, it will," he groaned. "Objection overruled."

"Love me, little sailor," she murmured. "Love me now."

He lifted her, his practiced hand pulling her sweats off, and then pulled his own down to his knees. It seconds he had impaled her on his hard shaft, her legs straddling his waist and his hands cupping her butt, keeping her pressed to his groin. "Ride me, baby," he urged, pushing up into her. "Push down... all the way, sweetheart... all the way... that's good..." he groaned between breaths. "Harder, sweetheart. I want to feel you... every inch of you... grabbing me... squeezing me..."

Spencer felt the warm gush of his ejaculation as he growled into her ear and collapsed against him, breathing harder than usual. JC stroked her back, then slipped out of her as he stood, laying her on the slate counter. Their coupling had been brief and he wasn't sure Spencer had climaxed. He bent over her, inhaling the scent of their joining and put his mouth on her clit, instantly sucking the wet pulsating bundle of nerves.

"JC..." she moaned.

"Hush now, baby. Close your eyes, enjoy," he murmured, his tongue and lips quickly bringing her to climax.

Watching her float back to him, he thought he'd never tire of looking at her, always eager to share her pleasure. He helped her sit up, kissing away the few tears on her cheeks, no longer surprised when she shed them in coitus. He shook his head at the sensuous imp. Of all the women he had known, she was the only one able to expose his carefully guarded emotions, bringing them to the surface, his defenses useless in her presence.

"I love you, imp," he said quietly, another affirmation of his vows. "You make my life full."

"As you make mine," she answered, stroking the side of his neck.

~ End Part Three ~

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