Part Four
by SarAdora


"Tell me you love me," he demanded a few days later, his voice still soft.

"I love you, squidlet," she tweaked his nose. "And it's because I love you that I forgive you for making me sore."

"How sore?" he asked, rubbing her butt, his fingers snaking down to test the fullness of the flesh surrounding her opening.

"Almost as sore as the first time you loved me," she murmured, covering his hand with hers, stilling his movements.

"Do you remember that first time, baby?" he asked, moving to the couch, still holding her, his hand comfortable between her thighs.

"How could I forget?" she blushed. "You loved me non-stop for over a week. Every time I..."

"Couldn't resist you," he murmured, pushing her back against his arm, spreading her thighs a little further apart. "Can't resist you now."

"JC," she moaned softly. "Promise me you'll never take Viagra."

He chuckled, covered her mouth with his and squeezed her. "Don't need any, sweetheart. You're the only stimulant I need. I look at you and I need to touch you. I touch you and I have to kiss you... and after that, I have to bury myself inside your sweetness." His lips roamed over her face and neck, his hands cupping her breasts as she kissed him back.

"Let me feel how sore you are," he said, his palm gently easing over her vulva, one long finger probing her heat. "You are a little tender, baby," he confirmed. "I can feel a little swelling here. Do you remember how we got the swelling to go down the time we..."

"The time you loved me all night after our first party? That time?"

"Yes," he grinned, remembering details of that night. The imp was in full blush. "As I recall, I came home and you were sleeping with a large pillow between your legs."

"No couth," she muttered. "Absolutely, no couth."

He laughed. "I'll put warm washcloths on your sore spots," he promised. "But first, I want to kiss them and make them better."


"Have to kiss them, wife," he murmured, slipping down between her thighs. "It's my duty as your husband to take care of you." His lips rubbed against her slightly swollen folds, the tip of his tongue gently teasing her. "Then, there's conjugal rights. Did I tell you what that means?" he asked as his mouth moved over her pink opening, his breath warm on her tender flesh.

"I know what conjugal rights are, squidlet," Spencer moaned softly, his lips and warm breath making her want more of him.

"You probably think they mean marital rights, the joining of a husband and wife."

"Isn't that what it means?"

"In general, yes, but in our marriage, it's more than that, sweetheart. It's loving you in all ways that bring you pleasure," he told her, his hands cupping her bottom and lifting her closer to his mouth. "It's sharing that pleasure. It's your willingness to yield to me any time and anywhere and every time I need to love you - which is *always*," his tone teased her.

"Wicked," she murmured, reaching for him but he straightened up and pulled her with him, pulling her thighs over his shoulders. His mouth closed over her clitoris, pushing her to the edge of an orgasm, then drew back to lap her nectar.

"Now, JC," she insisted. "I need you now."

"You're too sore," he teased, the flat of his tongue teasing her clit again, her orgasm imminent.

"Please," she begged.

"Follow my orders while we're here?" he asked.

"Only if you follow mine," she countered, her breath getting heavier as she reached behind him to pinch his butt.

"Insubordinate imp," he laughed softly, bringing her fulfillment, watching her body tense, buck, and then relax in his embrace. He lapped the fruit of her pleasure while she regained her breath, then pulled her onto his lap, and held her, content with her in his arms.

"Still sore?" he asked a few minutes later.

"Terribly," she confirmed, smiling impishly.

"I'll have to do something about that," he smiled. "Every day, imp," he cupped her cheek, kissing her brow, at peace with the world.

Spencer closed her eyes and dozed, her head on JC's chest, his arms around her, filling her with peace.


"My turn to make you crazy," she said when she woke from her nap.

"Later, baby," he stretched his arms above his head, then pushed her back onto the couch. "Got to check how sore you are, first." Kissing his way down her body, he stopped at her folds and licked her. Her thighs automatically spread for him.

"How come I don't get a turn?" she sighed when his tongue caressed her flesh.

"I'm bigger than you," he grinned, "and you love me so you let me love you first."

"Wicked evil man," she moaned as his lips nibbled on her clit.

"Wait till you see how wicked I can be," he promised, loving her with his mouth till she peaked, then loving her again.

"Not fair to use your size against me," she complained when she could focus on his face. "I'm thinking of wicked payback for you, squidlet. Going to make you pay."

"Can't wait," he assured her, hugging her tight, nuzzling her neck, then filling her mouth with his tongue. "Love your payback, sweetheart."

"We'll see," she said cryptically, stroking his groin. "You're not going to be so smug when I get through with you."

Her words made him hard but he feigned a look of fear, one hand covering his eyes in mock despair. When she didn't rise to the bait, he peered at her through his fingers and laughed at her stern expression.

"Ma'am," he husked. "Ready for any punishment you deem necessary," he said smartly.

"Will you accept non-judicial punishment?" she asked, having recently learned the expression.

"Better be non-judicial," he chuckled. "Wouldn't want what you're going to do to me on my service record, imp."

"Does that mean you'll take whatever punishment I dish out?" she asked, her tone serious.

JC pursed his lips and looked at her. "Yes," he agreed. "I'll take whatever punishment you dish out."

She smiled and tweaked his nose, then got on her knees to straddle his hips. "Lean your head back on the sofa, Commander Squidlet and close your eyes."

JC leaned back and closed his eyes, his large hands cupping her bare bottom.

Spencer looked at the thickly corded neck he presented, delighted that he was following her orders without protest. She ran her lips over his throat and nipped him lightly, eliciting a soft groan from him. Her mouth roamed, caressing the cords in his neck with a flicker of her tongue, pausing to suck an earlobe, her fingers pressing into his shoulders.

JC sighed. Her lips were soft on his skin, her breath was warm, her tongue was warm, and she smelled like warm vanilla. He squeezed the silky cheeks of her bottom, pulling her closer to his groin.

"You like this, squidlet?" she asked, moving to his mouth, and briefly sucking his lower lip.

"Mmmm," he hummed. "Don't stop."

She went back to his throat and licked him as her hands moved under the waistband of his sweats. Gently fisting his erection, she used both hands to stroke him, gliding up and down his shaft as her mouth continued licking his neck.

"Are you mine?" she asked, sucking his earlobe back between her lips.

"Yes," he groaned.

"Can I do anything I want with you?"

He opened an eye and looked at her. "Yes," he said, squeezing her butt.

"Is this mine, too?" she continued, stroking his cock again.

"Yes," he exhaled heavily.

"Good," the imp grinned, jumping off his lap. "Keep that pose, squid. I'll get back to it, later."

He roared when he grabbed her, hauling her back onto his lap, but before he could pin her to the couch and finish what she started, she grabbed his balls and squeezed. JC was startled and momentarily lost his hold on her and she was up and across the room in seconds. He stood, adjusted his sweats so he wouldn't trip over them and folded his arms across his chest, his glare piercing her.

The imp giggled. "Do other officers tremble when you look at them like that?"

He had to strain to keep his scowl in place - the naked imp was too delicious. "They generally take cover, wife," he said in his voice of command.

"Tsk," she clucked her tongue. "Are they all a bunch of wimps?"

"No," he said softly as he slowly advanced on her. "They're smart enough not to be in my line of fire when I'm riled."

"And are you riled now, my little sailor?" she grinned, moving around the room, keeping her distance.

"What do you think?" he said as he stalked her.

"I don't think you're riled at all," she laughed.

"You're saluting," the sassy imp giggled, pointing to the tenting in his sweats.

He growled and leaped for her. She threw a sofa pillow at his head and shoved an ottoman into his path. It tripped him, throwing him off-balance and while he righted himself, she got away.

"Captain's mast," he warned, getting up. "Better give up while you can, sweetheart."

Spencer snorted and tossed another pillow at his head. He caught it and held it against his chest, his grin feral as he continued to stalk her.

"Come and get me squid," she taunted as she pranced around the room.

"You're in for it, bambina," he warned as he eyed her bare bottom. "I'm gonna warm that sweet butt of yours and then I'm..."

"Yeah, yeah," Spencer mocked. "You and what Army?"

"That's it," he growled and in seconds, she was tackled to the floor, his body cushioning the fall and the game was over. "Now," JC said with great satisfaction, hauling her onto his chest, one hand stinging her butt, the other on her head. "Let's see who's in command."

Spencer laughed softly. "You glad I let you catch me?"

"Let me?"

"Of course I let you. How else would you have caught me, squid? I had to let you catch me," she explained. "I haven't finished giving you payback"

"Haven't finished with yours either, imp," JC replied, trying to keep a straight face at Spencer's words but failing miserably.

"Do I wear you out, squidlet?" she teased, lifting her head. "Are you okay, my little sailor?"

"Better quit while you're ahead, sweetheart," he breathed heavily. "I'm thinking of delivering that captain's mast."

"No, you won't," she smiled.

"What makes you think I won't?" he growled. "I've got you in my arms. You're not going anywhere."

"We'll see," she said cryptically, kissing his neck and rubbing his sides.

It was a solid ten minutes before they got off the floor, JC still holding Spencer to his chest. "I think we need a shower," he told her, "and then I'm going to deliver that captain's mast. The first of many," he promised, taking her upstairs.

"I think you should have an opportunity to chase me again," she smiled, slipping her arms under his and tickling his ribs. "I made it easy for you last time."

"Easy? I caught you."

"I'll be happy to chase you, too," she told him. "I bet I could catch you faster than you can catch me."

"I bet you can, too," he laughed, his hands lathering the sensuous imp in his arms, his mouth covering hers once again.

They kissed and held each other under the shower's spray - content to be close and touching. He murmured in her ear - telling her how beautiful she was, how much he loved her, how she made him happy, how he loved the way she loved him. Spencer murmured back and leaned on him, her hands roaming over his muscular chest and back, reveling in the strength of him. His love filled her and sustained her.

~ End Part Four ~

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