Part Five
by SarAdora


"What did you bring in those two big duffel bags?" she asked later when they returned to the couch, sipping hot tea in front of the fire.

"Sweats, T-shirts, socks, my shaving kit," he said, dropping a kiss on her brow, his arm drawing her closer to his chest.

"That's what you packed for me, too?"

"Uh-huh. I know you have new nightgowns and some sexy lingerie I'd like to see you wear for me, but I left that at home for us to enjoy later. Here, I want you naked, sweetheart."

She arched a brow at him. "Naked?"

"If we're not naked," he husked, "then sweats and T-shirts are enough. I have to be able to touch you, wife," he said softly, "all the time... everywhere, baby... all the time."

"You are the sexiest man," Spencer whispered, cupping his face to kiss him, then hugging him fiercely. "Were you this sweet and sexy before I knew you?"

"No," he smiled, kissing the top of her head. "Before I knew you, no one ever accused me of being sweet, but I *was* completely boring and commanding. I spent my days barking orders and my nights thinking up new ones."

"See? Even you admit you're very SEALy."

He laughed with her, enjoying their play and their teasing. His arms held her, his lips rubbed her face lingering on her eyelids, her brow, nudging her head back so he could kiss her throat. No matter where his hands touched her, he couldn't get enough, caressing her until she shivered with desire. Spencer returned caresses, the soft sweet sounds of her content surrounding them as they embraced their love for each other.

"What do Liam and Anne do here?" she asked, comfortable in his arms.

"Same thing we're doing, sweetheart." He laughed softly; Spencer was blushing again.

"They love each other like we do," she said with satisfaction. "I'm glad for them, JC. I don't think a lot of married people stay in love. I have a feeling we will, though."

"I know we will, sweetheart," he smiled. "I swore to love you forever and I will. I can't stand having you out of my sight, let alone my arms. I'll love you forever," he said again, his mouth covering hers, sealing the vow.

"What's in the other duffel bag you brought?" Spencer asked, sitting up and straddling his hips. "More sweats and socks?"

"A few books, some videotapes, board games, my laptop," he answered, waiting for the barrage of questions sure to follow.

"Which games?"

"Monopoly, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Scrabble. Liam said there's a small chess set in the desk and he left you a surprise in the bottom drawer."

"A surprise?"

"Uh-huh. Do you want to go see what it is?"

It was a very intricate vertical puzzle and he knew the imp was going to make herself crazy trying to finish it before they left. "How did Liam know I love jigsaw puzzles, squidlet?"

"The same way Anne knows I love your creme puffs," he chuckled. "Probably asked around."

"What else was in that duffel?"

"A few of the latest best sellers so you have something to do while I rest my weary bones," he grinned, yelping when she pinched him. "Admiral Burke's diaries that you gave me for Christmas, a brand new encyclopedia of fancy sewing stitches..."

"Brand new?" Spencer's eyes lit up.

"Brand new, imp," he smiled. "Completely illustrated and in color."

"The collaboration by Judith Montano and...?"

"And some quilters in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Sweden. That's the one you were waiting for, isn't it?"

"How did you find it? I looked for it on the Internet just a week ago. I can't wait to go through it." Her excitement was contagious and he laughed when she squeezed his neck, kissing him hard.

He didn't tell her he had ordered it directly from the publisher, paying for an advanced and signed copy. The book was unique and at $199, would eventually be found in a few libraries, some esoteric thread shops and in the private collections of professional quilters. Most modern quilt books cost between $18 and $25. The average quilter wasn't likely to purchase the heavy and expensive reference book. Spencer had wanted it from the moment it was announced and he was bound and determined she was going to have it the moment it was available.

Her smile lit up the room, her joy bubbling forth at this unexpected gift. It was moments like these that JC treasured. Spencer's happiness meant more to him than anything else. Whether it was a special meal they shared, a sensuous shower together, loving her awake, tickling her till she burst with laughter, a book she wanted, the simple act of holding her while they watched television - he'd do anything that insured her happiness.

"Did you bring your laptop to email your staff?" she asked, hoping he wasn't going to spend a lot of time doing that.

"No, I brought it so we could surf the net together," he said. "I want to see some of those sites you told me about."

"What sites?"

"The porn sites."


"Didn't you say you checked them out?" he grinned, his eyes twinkling at the rising color on her face.

"Not only are you a wicked man," she murmured, tucking her head under his chin, "you have absolutely no couth whatsoever at all."

"I told you I was going to kidnap you for our honeymoon," he said, his voice husky with desire as he held her. "Take you somewhere where no one would interrupt us - where no one would find us - it would just be you and me - alone - 24/7 - loving each other - doing anything and everything. You said you could handle it," he smiled, tilting her head back to look at her. "Was I mistaken, wife?"

"No," she said emphatically, her hands snaking beneath his sweats, finding him hard and fondling him. "I can handle it just fine. Can you?"

"I'm sure I can," he murmured, his voice a cracked groan as he gently pushed her onto her back again.

They napped for a while, content in each other's arms, their bodies sated. JC thought their first full day of married life was more than satisfactory as he looked at Spencer's sleeping face. He raised his arms above his head, stretching and then shivered when her hands tip-toed over his ribs.

"Playing possum, imp?" he chuckled, capturing her hands in his.

"Just playing," she smiled. "I like playing with you, squidlet. I like playing with your body."

"I like playing with yours, too," he grinned, pulling her up until she straddled his hips and running his palms up and down her sides, tickled her until she begged him to stop.

"I've just begun, baby," he grinned, flipping her over on the large couch, attacking her ticklish armpits with his lips, then holding her gently until her breathing slowed. "Do you know how much I love you?" he asked, holding her against his chest, his chin on the top of her head.

"Bunches?" she queried, reaching up to nuzzle his neck.

"More than that," he murmured, caressing the curve of her cheek, his thumb moving over her skin. "Much more than that."

"Are you hungry, Commander Squidlet?" she asked, pulling his head down to meet her mouth. "We need to eat something nourishing if you're going to show me how much you love me."

"Do I get you for appetizers?" he said, giving her a serious look.

"I think you ought to save me for dessert," she said softly, reaching under his T-shirt to stroke his chest.

"I need something to hold me over," his said, the ache in his voice seducing her. "I need to love you a little, wife." His hands pulled her T-shirt up and he cupped her breasts as he pushed her against the cushions. "Have to touch you," he continued to murmur, his mouth covering a nipple, his hand fondling her other breast. "So soft, so sweet," he told her, filling his mouth and hand with the fullness of her breasts.

Spencer sighed. JC's loving was always good; he was always attentive to her needs, always tuned in to what gave her the greatest pleasure. More than that, he loved her often, always letting her know how much he wanted her, often calling her from work to let her know he was hungry for her and that he couldn't wait to touch her. Every day, he showed her that he loved her and was passionate about it, making her feel desirable. His warm mouth felt good on her breasts, his lips stimulating her nipples, making them taut. She pushed against his mouth, making him chuckle.

"You like that, imp?" he teased, nipping her lightly. "Should I stop and think about what we're having for dinner?"

"Carry on, husband," she sighed, her hands caressing his neck and shoulders.

"Aye-aye, ma'am," he smiled, happy to comply.

Her soft moans filled his ears, her breathing was a little ragged and she soon became limp in his arms. JC lifted his head and still stroking the undersides of her breasts, he covered her mouth. "My sweet imp," he murmured, "I love you so."

"Now I get to love you a little, squidlet," Spencer murmured, running her hands over his biceps, her fingernails lightly scraping his skin.

JC shivered and pulled her up into his lap. "After supper, sweetheart. I don't think I'll be able to eat anything if you stop and love me now. And there's cheesecake to go along with my dessert," he grinned. "Don't want to miss having that."

"More cheesecake?" Spencer laughed. "On our honeymoon? I'm shocked."

"I bet you are," he teased, tickling her. "Since cheesecake was the top layer of our wedding cake, I took the liberty of ordering a small one to be delivered to our house every month on our anniversary. I thought we should celebrate our special day in our special way, baby." He pulled her closer, cradling her face in his palm and warmed to the subject. "We can start the day with a special breakfast or go out for a romantic dinner or if I can, I'll take the day off."

"You'll go UA for me?" she teased.

"For you, anything, baby."

"If we do that every month, what will we do on our yearly anniversary?"

"Something extra special, imp!" he grinned, "I promise."

Spencer laughed. JC always kept his promises.

He grilled steaks and roasted potatoes while Spencer made the salad and poured the wine. They touched, kissed, and nibbled on each other until the meal was ready and when they finally sat down to eat, their hunger had nothing to do with food. Spencer insisted that they had to eat real food; JC insisted that they had to drink some wine. Both were eager for dessert.

She wasn't too tipsy by the time the cheesecake scene was reenacted but she didn't disappoint him in the least. She smeared the concoction over her husband's naked chest and groin and lapped it up to his utter satisfaction.

"I should take your picture," she teased him, sucking cheesecake and his balls between her lips. "I bet it would fetch a good price on the Internet."

"I bet it would, too," he agreed, unfazed except for what she was doing with her tongue. "Especially with your naked butt in the air while you lick me, imp, your well spanked naked butt."

"Commander!" Spencer sat up, a look of pure deviltry on her face. "Have we digressed to pure debauchery?"

"I hope so, sweetheart," he laughed, pulling her body on top of his, smearing the cheesecake between them. "Married couples have been known to do that on their honeymoon."

"Tsk," she clucked her tongue. "I'm a mere babe and you are a bad influence on me."

"Uh huh," he agreed. "Gonna be that way for the rest of our lives.

~ End Part Five ~

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