I Remember You
Part Two
by sarAdora


Alexis turned her head to look at him, smiling as he rubbed her bottom cheeks, his grin feral. "You are a very wicked man, Scott," she said softly, wondering how he got her over his lap so soon after their meeting. "You have no idea," he murmured, slipping a hand under the waistband of her low cut bikinis and sliding them down to her knees. "No idea at all," he sighed as he touched her bare bottom for the first time, his palm memorizing the feel of her.

Her blush was instant and he laughed softly, teasing her. "Haven't done anything yet, sweetling and you're already blushing. Why is that?" he asked as he took a moment to drop a kiss on the back of her neck.

She turned away from him, seeking composure and suddenly finding it difficult to articulate her thoughts.

"Talk to me, baby girl. Tell me," he whispered, one hand cupping her bottom cheeks, the other stroking the smoothness of her face. "Lexi...?"

"We're... I... you... we're... moving awfully fast," she murmured, swallowing hard. "I thought we'd... I mean, I know we... but..."

"Fast?" he chuckled as he turned her over and briefly captured her mouth, sucking her bottom lip between his and nipping it. "Fast is stripping you the second I locked that door. Fast is spanking you soundly the second I had you over my knee. *Fast* is plunging between these beautiful thighs and claiming you... *fast* is fucking you through the mattress and making you beg for more. *Fast* is... Christ Almighty, woman!" he growled. "I've wanted to spank you and bed you for months! Now you want to go slow? Like hell!" He cupped her face, and with a wolfish grin, looked into her eyes and spaced his words. "We're... Not... Going... Any... Slower!"

She laughed.

He growled.

She laughed again and putting her arms around his neck, kissed him. Her lips were soft on his but before he could kiss her back, she raised her head and pulled him closer. "I'm glad there is you, Scott," she whispered as her lips gently seared his cheeks, first one then the other before moving to his brow, each eyelid in turn and then back to his mouth. "I'm so very glad there is you," she repeated as her tongue slipped between his lips, offering... seeking... enjoying... and submitting.

"Lexi," he groaned, his erection instant and urgent. Pulling her into a tight embrace, his mouth covered hers, his tongue dueling and then sucking hers, the shivers passing between them as they shared the intimacy. She smiled when he released her mouth and he groaned again.

"Your smile... Lexi, your smile... your mouth..." he shook his head slightly, cupping the curve of her cheek. "Your smile... so sweet... your mouth... so incredibly rich and decadent. I don't think chocolate ever tasted this good." He bent his head to kiss her again, stealing her breath, swallowing it, and whispered. "I want to kiss every inch of you, brat-angel... taste your other lips... dip inside... sample your sweetness... make you wet... hot... make you beg. Will you beg?" he asked, his hands beginning to roam, exploring and mapping new territory.

"I might," she whispered, her eyes looking deeply into his. Their bodies stilled as they looked at each other, voices silent, words unspoken as their souls conversed. Thoughts and feelings that passed between them remained hidden... secrets to be cherished... later treasured... when they had the need to remember.

"I need to see you," he choked on a breath, tugging at the back of her dress, unzipping her, and bringing them back to the present. "I need to see all of you, Lexi. I need to see you now."

"Let me up," she said, starting to rise. "I'll help you." "

No, you won't," he insisted, gently pushing her back. "I want to undress you."

She arched a brow in question, one corner of her mouth curving into a smile but gasped when she was instantly turned on her stomach and felt the sting of his hand on her bare cheeks.

"Going to submit, sweet brat?" he asked quietly but with a hint of his dominant side, his temperament like quicksilver, swinging with his overcharged emotions.

"Yes, *sir,*" she replied smartly, making him chuckle.

"Did you say *sir*?" he asked, sounding shocked that she had used the appellation. "Did I just hear Alexis, the non-submissive bottom on the spanking site say *sir*?"

"Don't let it go to your head," she laughed. "Not likely it will happen again."

"Count on it, sweets. Before this weekend is over, I have a feeling I'm going to hear you say it often."

She gave an unladylike snort.

He laughed and gave her a few more swats... his hand warming her backside as he cupped her cheeks, unable to stop touching her. "Going to take you places you've never been," he promised as he lifted the hem of her dress, pulling it up and over her head. "Going to make your body respond the way I want it to respond. Going to make you hot... wet..." he swore, gazing at her almost nude body as he turned her on her back again. "Going to make you wet... bothered... You're going to pant... beg..." he groaned, his erection becoming painful as he unhooked her bra.

"You're so goddamn female!" he snarled as he grasped her bare shoulders, startling her. "So goddamn woman... quintessential woman... all woman," he affirmed as his voice grew softer. His eyes swept appreciatively over her nude form and he bent to kiss her again. "I am going to make you beg," he promised, his words a spoken vow.

"Scott," she replied softly. "I'm begging... please... I've wanted you for a long time. Make love to me," she implored, her arms reaching for him. "Love me now."

"Knew you wanted me," he teased, flipping her back across his lap. "Insatiable brat. Going to spank this little bottom, first."

She gasped as his hand came down, none too gently, once... twice... again... and then sighed as his mouth followed suit, a warm and juicy kiss on one cheek, then the other. He didn't waste time with the preliminaries; he was hard for her and yanked his jeans off as he turned her yet again and then stilled his movements.

His heart pounded as he looked at the banquet she presented - full round breasts rising and falling with each breath, her nipples wine... taut... waiting for his caress. The curve of her hips drew his eye... the hollow spots accentuating the firm muscles of her thighs and then his eyes feasted on her treasure spots, his tongue darting between his lips as his mouth descended for his first taste of her.

She inhaled sharply when his hands grasped her hips, his mouth touching her soft smooth labia... unable to keep from thrusting up at his assault. His tongue dipped briefly into her warm opening, satisfied to find it moist and he smiled against her folds, his cock rock hard at her readiness for him. Inhaling deeply, his nose pressed against her clit and briefly, he rubbed against it when she moaned. He reveled at her response and couldn't resist teasing, moving up to torment her further with the flat of his tongue, running the length and breadth of it across the swollen nub. She begged him to fill her, but he wanted more and licked her... slowly... down... up... down... electrifying her responses, the shivers from her body reverberating against his mouth.

"If you don't love me now, I'm going to spank you!" she threatened, making him chuckle, his breath against her folds continuing to stimulate her. "Scott!" she yelled, sitting up and grabbing his shoulders. "Now!"

"So willful," he murmured, raising up and over her, his engorged shaft poised at her entrance. "So wanton... so demanding... so sexy..." his breath suddenly shallow, strained with emotion. "So sensitive... so delicious, my brat-angel... so delicious." He meant to push into her with slow gentle thrusts but once the tip of him was caught between her inner petals, his body acted of its own accord... swiftly plunging, seeking her heat. Her inner walls instantly closed around him, pulling him into her, the sensation rocking him with pleasure.

"Beg me," he demanded as he inhaled, gulping air, his engorged shaft retreating, plunging again, retreating... "Beg me, Lexi!"

"Please, Scott," she willingly begged, and shamelessly wrapped her thighs around his hips. "More," she insisted as she met his thrusts. "Don't you dare stop now!"

He would have laughed if he had enough breath, but all his energy was buried deep inside her. He pushed into her again, the sensation of being inside her body new and somehow, familiar at the same time. It wasn't that she felt like other women he had loved; it was more like he had done this before... with her.

Lexi's body responded in kind. She drew him into her heat, her vaginal walls pressed tightly around him, her arms holding him close. The feeling was indescribably satisfying and for a brief moment, a long held memory resurfaced as her body responded to his.


"You'd better behave if you know what's good for you, Alexis!" the tall man scolded as he watched his bride skip away from him when they were finally alone. "Your father said I should beat you if you act like a child."

"My father says a lot of things," she laughed, peeking over her shoulder at the man she had wed earlier in the day. "Doesn't mean you have to take him literally."

He smothered his grin as he watched the sassy imp flounce her skirts at him and casually walked toward her, cornering her against the bed. "Going to warm your pretty bottom, young lady," he lectured, hard pressed to keep his scowl in place. "Naughty girls get spanked when they..."

"Not on our wedding night!" she argued, hands on hips and fearless of the man who towered over her.

"Tonight and every night, if necessary," he promised, taking her in hand and soon had her draped across his lap.

"You are a cad and a scoundrel," she giggled, trying to wiggle off his lap.

"And your bridegroom and lover," he murmured as he flipped her skirts up and lowered her long satin pantaloons.

"Scottie!" she protested, as he warmed her round bottom. "I won't be able to sit or... or make love or..."

"Not to worry, my love," he chuckled as he continued to spank her. "You can be on top when we're making love."


"Scott," Lexi murmured at the man on top of her, her heart aching for some reason as she responded to him, their conjoining natural and familiar... body memory... crying out a need... reaching... remembering... always remembering...

Her soft cries of release were lost in the satisfied sounds he made when he emptied into her, both hearts pounding, their lungs clamoring for oxygen. "Scott," she whispered when she could speak. "You... we..." she hesitated, unsure of her thoughts, the memory fading as her head cleared.

"Lexi," he said as he stared at the woman in his arms, wonderment briefly crossing his face, a memory tugging at his mind. "Lexi," he repeated her name as if it were tied to his soul's grace, his emotions wild and scattered. "You are delicious," he smiled, breathing deeply as he dropped kisses on her lips, sanity returning with his breath.

"Are you ever going to spank me right?" the imp asked indignantly, a hint of accusation in her tone.

"Be careful what you ask for, brat," he laughed softly, watching the color tint her cheeks as he teased a nipple between his thumb and finger, his lips moving south to replace his hand. "I'll spank you so right..." he murmured, palming her other breast and squeezing gently. "So very right..." he promised, his hands suddenly in motion, learning the hills and valleys of her form. "So damn right..." he swore as he moved down her body, his tongue darting to her belly button and tickling the rim. He raised his head when he heard her giggle and smiled, satisfied at the sound. She was at ease in his arms and even more so, naked beneath him. He was going to push her limits, test that ease, try to peel back a layer in her psyche, expose her inner core, and bare it as naked as her body. He had been starved for her body... the first taste was barely enough. Still hungry... he wanted more.

"I want all of you," he told her as he stood, pulling her with him, his hands firmly around her, his touch proprietary. "I want every inch of you, baby girl... inside and out. And you're going to give it to me," he announced as if it were a given.

"I am?" she questioned, an eyebrow arched at his declaration.

"You are," he confirmed, pulling her into the bathroom so they could shower.

"And you know this because...?" she questioned, seemingly unaware of her nude state, comfortable in her nakedness as she watched him turn the water on.

Tilting her chin with a single finger, he remained quiet as he smiled into her eyes, his grin quickly turning feral. "Scott..." she drew his name out slowly, taking a short step back from his stance. "Scott... talk to me," she hissed, her finger poking into his chest.

He grinned.

Then he laughed. Loud peals of laughter filled the bathroom as he swung her up into his arms and kissed her hard. "Delicious, brat-angel," he continued to laugh. "Absolutely delicious. Gonna have so much fun with you. You think it's possible to have too much fun?"

"Put me down, you big lug," she demanded, pushing at his shoulders in a vain attempt to get free.

"Not on your life," he stated firmly. "I've waited a long time for this and I'm not letting you go too easily."

"But..." "

But nothing, sweets. I've got you; you're mine for the duration and believe me, you are completely mine. I own you," he told her as he pulled her into the shower stall. "Every sweet inch of you is mine." "Yours...?" she blinked, willing but still unsure.

"Mine," he husked, drawing her into the circle of his arms. "Mine to spank... to tease... kiss... probe... impale... Mine to torment with my hands..." he murmured... his words drawn out slowly, nipping the lobe of her ear, his tongue sliding across her neck until it found the hollow of her throat. "Mine to torment with my tongue... my lips, Lexi," his breath warm against her skin. "Mine... all mine to love."

"Scott, you're not going to..." she opened her mouth to speak, then inhaled swiftly as his hands cupped her bottom cheeks, her body immediately assailed with new sensations. "Scott..." she implored, torn between wanting him anew and nervous with anticipation.

"Such a naughty brat you are," he lightly scolded, pushing her against the shower wall. "Such a contrast in what you say and what your body tells me."

"What... when...?" she sputtered, looking up at him. "I haven't... I didn't..."

"You did," he chuckled, keeping her on edge, his hands cupping, squeezing, slipping between her thighs. "You told me not to spank you so soon, then you practically swallowed me whole!"

"I did not!" she yelled, her voice muffled by his chest, the rumble of his laughter against her lips.

"You pulled me into your body so swiftly," he teased, "I thought you'd..."

"Scott!" she sputtered. "I..."

"Don't deny it, sugar woman," he admonished as his fingers found her treasure spot and teased it hard. "You wanted me so badly you couldn't even wait for the spanking. Such a naughty brat you are," he grinned as she blushed again. "Such a very naughty... sexy brat you are," he whispered into her mouth as his finger slipped inside her.

"You're a wicked man," she whispered back as she arched into his hand, certain she was on her way to hell in a hand basket and not at all concerned.

"Beg me, Lexi," he coaxed as his finger prodded, then explored, feeling her inner walls contract around the digit. "Beg me, Lexi," he urged as he pulled that finger out, slick with her juices, and traced the cleft of her bottom cheeks. "Beg me, Lexi," he insisted, watching her eyes go wide, as he teased those cheeks apart and gently probed.

"Scott!" she exclaimed as she tried to pull away. "I don't... I wouldn't... I've never..."

"You will," he assured her, pulling her back and briefly cupping her bottom. "You will," he promised as his mouth captured hers, one arm holding her close, the other snaking down to cup her sex. "Believe me, sugar woman... you will."

~ End Part Two ~

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