I Remember You
Part Three
by sarAdora


He wanted her on the edge, wanted her wondering what he'd do next rather than anticipating his every move. He wanted her teetering between excitement and ease, his arms sanctuary as well as restraint. He wanted her craving his touch whether it was sting or caress and by all the gods, he wanted her hot and wet and begging.

She surprised him. He expected more resistance. He wanted acquiescence but didn't expect it this soon. He had been certain she would fight submission to his will, but she hadn't. Lathering her body, he purposely landed several harsh swats on her bottom cheeks and while she gasped aloud, she didn't complain, her body melting into his with every slippery sting of his palm. "Such a good little girl you are," he murmured in her ear as his hand pinched a nipple making her wince, then cupped her vulva and squeezed a little too hard. "Such a sweet little slut, so wet for me, so willing to do whatever I say," his voice slightly unctuous, provoking her. "You'll do anything, won't you, Lexi baby? Tell me," he demanded as he pushed her to her knees. "Tell me you'll do anything for me."

She bit her lip, remaining silent at his feet, her head bowed low as he growled at her. "Look at me," he ordered, tilting her head up, her mouth level with his bobbing erection. "Tell me you'll submit to my every desire! Tell me now!"

Warm water cascaded over them, two figures shrouded in a mist filled tableau acting out roles neither desired. His control slipped as he watched her kneeling body begin to shake and when a tear escaped and traveled down her cheek scorching his hand, he slid to the floor, his own tears joining hers. "Lexi," he choked, swallowing bile as his arms crushed her to his chest. "Why didn't you fight me, little one? I expected you to resist. Tell me why you didn't... tell me, baby. I have to know."

"I want you so bad," she sobbed into his chest. "I can't have you but I want you. I was willing to... I would do any... Scott..." she lifted tear-filled eyes to his and then pounded a small fist into his chest. "Why were you so mean to me just now? You were so mean! So... hateful. How could you...?"

"I can't," he confessed, holding her tight. "I want you so badly, and I know I can't have you forever. I don't know how I'll let you go... I thought it would be so easy to be with you... so easy to part when the weekend's over, but I was wrong. It's going to be so hard..." He took a deep shuddering breath, his chest aching. "I suddenly thought I'd make it rough... scare you so you'd hate me... so it would be easier to say goodbye... so I could shield my heart from you. But I can't," he admitted, his lips tracing her tears, kissing them away. "I want to hold you... until forever," his words a spoken prayer. "I want to touch you... make it good. Look at me," he said, his hand on the back of her neck. "Look at me, Lexi."

Her eyes focused on his mouth, the tips of her fingers touching his lips, feeling each syllable as his words framed his thoughts. She wanted to lick his lips as he spoke, swallow each sound as it floated into her mouth, feel the reverberations bump against her palate... Her tongue was eager to taste... to savor his words like rare and exotic delicacies... Some would escape, slide down her throat... the rest absorbed into her bloodstream, coursing through her empty spots, blanketing her fears, and easing the pain within her soul. She listened, inhaling every nuance of his words.

"I want to spank you sweetly," he murmured into her mouth, his hands touching... caressing... his eyes boring into hers. "I want to tease you till you melt in my arms, fuck you senseless... I really want to fuck you senseless... everywhere," he groaned. "Everywhere, Lexi, your sweet pussy, your mouth... your hot mouth..." he groaned. "Your ass... your tight ass. I want all of you. I have to have it all." He cupped her face, suddenly worried, wondering if he'd lost her, wondering if she'd stay, self-doubt rearing its ugly head.

"I want to take you places... let me, Lexi," he pleaded as he watched her eyes and the myriad emotions chasing across her face. "It will be so good, so right... I'll make it special for you. I promise I will. I want to make love to you," he whispered. "I want to love you until you can't stand... until you're so swollen with need... and desire... and lust. I want your lust, Lexi. I want your body... your mind... your soul. I want it all. Give it to me... give it to me," he murmured, kissing her soft lips then suckling the fuller bottom one between his own. "That's what I want to do. That's what I'm *going* to do. Will you run from me?" he asked cupping her face. "Have I scared you with my on-again, off-again madness...? Have I frightened you with my need for you? I do need you, Lexi. Tell me. I want you. I want you," he groaned again, kissing her hard, demanding a response... whistling in the dark... praying to a deity... wishing on a star.

She heard his voice as if from far away, the words a symphony of sound, one long continuous rhapsody playing its sweet alluring song. The sounds tickled her mouth and throat as they fluttered through her, filling her with sudden joy. Hummingbirds,  she thought. Like the wings of hummingbirds... beating wildly in stilled air... beating to stay alive... seeking nectar and sustenance... seeking me. He wants me.

In answer, she leaned into him, yielding... as she offered every curve and crevice, every soft and velvet part of her... offering... submitting... body eloquent in her reply.

Scott blinked back a tear as her body answered him with promises, warm promises... lavish ones, and smiled wondrously as she sought to fulfill the first of many.

With the palm of her hand, she pushed him against the tiled wall, then slid down his body until her breasts rested on his thighs. Her tongue moved toward his penis, reaching for the glistening drops on the tip, licking them... licking her lips... teasing... He closed his eyes in appreciation of the feeling, rainbows behind his lids, the glory of the sensations translated into a spectrum of brilliant hues and warm shades. Her warm breath on his surging need forced his eyes open and he watched her mouth as she savored him, her lips in concert with her hands.

"Lexi," he groaned softly, his hands in her wet hair, stroking her neck as she loved him. "So good, Lexi, so very good," he murmured, holding himself back, trying not to thrust into her mouth, letting her maintain control.

"Did you like that?" she asked, a twinkle in her eye as she lifted her head, leaving him throbbing and unfulfilled. "Did you want to rest a while... or should I finish?" her voice a combination of innocence and guile.

"Woman!" he growled, pulling her back to him, stunned at this turn of events. "I am going to give you such a warming... going to warm your little butt in ways you never dreamed of! I'm going to spank you so hard..." he scowled, then sat up swiftly when she laughed at his predicament. "You're getting it now," he yelled, flipping her across his lap, his hand delivering a harsh spank.

"Oww!" she yelped, then laughed again. "Some Top you turned out to be," she chortled, delighted she had riled him. Failed Top school, I see," she badgered him, reaching back and pinching the tip of his erection, making him jerk back from her hand.

"I knew you couldn't be good for long," he chuckled, swatting her bottom cheeks again. "Think I'll just have to warm this pretty bottom for a while... take you down a peg or two... put you in your rightful place..." he murmured, bending down to smoother her butt in kisses. "Gonna keep you here... across my lap... my sweet brat-angel. Gonna make you bend to my will." Several warm tingly swats and kisses later, he pulled her up onto his lap and kissed her hard. "Gonna be good?" he asked as he rubbed her bottom cheeks.

"Define "good.

"Oh yeah," he chuckled, pulling her up as he stood, both of them water logged but content. "I'm gonna define it for you, but we have a little unfinished business to conclude."

"We do?" she asked as innocently as she could.

"Lexi..." he said sternly.

"Scott..." she smiled in return. "Was there something you needed?"

"You betcha!" he grinned, lifting her as he pushed her body against the wall, impaling her before she caught a breath, his body joined to hers again. Her arms went around his neck, her legs around his waist, accepting him, fulfilling promises.

"Such a naughty brat-angel," he told her as he cupped her butt, thrusting up and claiming her. "Such a naughty girl."

"Mmmm," she hummed in agreement, smiling into his neck. "I might need a spanking."

"Believe me," he intoned, taking deep breaths as he pushed deeply inside her. "You're gonna get several... and soon!"


"Don't you tease me like that and just walk away, young lady," Scott scowled as his wife slipped off the bed.

"Catch me, Scottie," she teased, clutching her nightdress up to her naked breasts. "Catch me if you can!" she laughed, dashing toward the wardrobe to grab her dressing gown.

His swelling shaft proceeding him, he leaped up faster than she expected and caught her as she reached their bedroom door. "Going to spank you, brat," he laughed as he tossed her over a shoulder. "Going to warm this pretty butt until you learn your place."

"And where is that?" she giggled, loving the game.

"In my arms, my lovely," he smiled as he pulled her over his lap, landing the first of many softly stinging spanks on her bottom cheeks. When she was thoroughly chastised and her breath had returned, she reached for him, intent on finishing what she had begun.

"No, my sweet brat-angel," he intoned as he pushed between her thighs. "I'm in control and I'm going to love you hard. Then," he murmured as she opened for him. "I'm going to warm you up again."


Leaning back against his chest while he dried her hair, a vague memory wandered at the edge of her mind, whispering... reminding her... touching her body, a sweet warm circling... fondling her breast as if it were a living thing. "Scott," she said softly, a question in her voice. "Scott, have you ever had a feeling of déjà vu?"

"Mmmm," he replied, feeling her shiver as his mouth caught the sweet spot on the back of her neck, but when his hands cupped her unbound breasts, she moaned softly. His hips arched forward - just enough to fit himself to the cleft of her ass, teasing her, his need pushing against her, erect again, swollen, and desperate for her heat.

She smiled when she felt him and turned in his arms. "Are you insatiable?" she asked.

"For you... yes, but it's been a while..." he hesitated, carefully choosing his words. "Since Jennifer... her illness... it's been a long time. I... a few times, I..."

"Shhh," she murmured softly, putting a finger on his lips. "Don't tell me any more. It's you and me, right now. Let's enjoy the moment. Let's..."

He smiled at her, loving her tenderness toward him, a feeling she didn't have to show, a feeling she didn't have to share. So complex, he thought. Pixie imp and naughty brat... sweet woman... all woman... He covered her mouth with his, his tongue seeking entrance, slipping between her lips, and dueling... time to ante up... winner take all.

She sucked him hard, holding on, tickling his mouth in return, then yielded, leaning into him as he held her tight. "Sensuality personified," he murmured, taking what she offered.

"What?" her warm breath filled his mouth.

"I said you're much too sensuous for your own good, my sweet brat-angel," he pulled back to glare at her, making her giggle in response. "Time to warm that bottom once again."

"Again?" her mouth made a little "o" in feigned innocence.

"Again and again," he laughed softly, about to begin the game. "Time to get into your head, sweets," he cupped her bottom cheeks, "and prod... and probe... and then plunge into your sweet..."

"Scott!" she blushed at his words.

"Lexi!" he laughed, perching on the edge of the tile vanity and pulling her across his lap.

He didn't get into her head. The hour was late; they had traveled that day and were physically worn out from the short time they had been together. They were also emotionally exhausted, their encounters draining them, though neither admitted exactly how deeply they were affected by their meeting.

They ordered room service, their mouths silent while they ate, their eyes probing each other's souls, and their bodies singing hallelujah each time they touched. He teased her with caressing spanks and followed with sweet kisses, her naked bottom barely covered by the T-shirt she insisted on wearing while they ate.

"Tomorrow," he told her, tucking her into bed, spooning behind her and holding her close. "Tomorrow brat-angel," he promised. "We're going to play my game."

"What game is that?" she yawned, her eyes closing as he kissed her neck, sleep claiming her.

"The undressing of my Lexi," he murmured to her sleeping face. "The peeling back of layers... exposing you... taming you... spanking you... loving you."

~ End Part Three ~

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