I Remember You
Part Four
by sarAdora


It was a satisfying dream, one he thought he might have had before, but wasn't positive. It wasn't one of those movie dreams, the kind where you sit back and watch. This was the kind where you participated fully, whether you liked it or not.

He liked it.

Early morning on the beach - their summer holiday almost over. Lexi had insisted on watching the sun rise and covered her nakedness with a shift and pantaloons - dragging him out of bed - teasing him as he pulled his pants on - both of them barefoot and down the stone steps to the wet sand - the incoming tide tickling their feet.

"Any second now," she pulled her husband's hand, intently watching the horizon. "The sun will rise."

"Not for another hour, baby girl," he sighed wearily, feeling the effects of last night's wine and too little sleep.

"Any second now," she insisted, stomping her foot on the hard packed sand.

"Any second now," he grumbled, pulling her shift up and pantaloons down. "Any second now, I'm going to spank you!"

"Why?" she asked, wiggling her bottom in his hand and making him smile.

"For waking me up at this ungodly hour, that's why!" he chuckled, holding her tightly against his chest, his hand cupping her butt and then spanking her.

Ignoring her protests, he continued to warm her butt as he carried her back to their room, the comfortable 4-poster bed warm and inviting. Dropping her onto the counterpane, he shed his pants and pulled her shift out of the way so he could look at his wife before they made love. "Have I ever told you how much I love you...?"

More like a vague memory than a dream... he thought, small details on the edge of his mind, nagging him as he tried to remember more. She turned in his arms as she opened her eyes and stared at him. He stared back, thinking... remembering... "Precious," he murmured, kissing her softly. "Very precious, brat-angel."

"What's precious?" she asked, stroking his cheek, happy in his arms.

"You," he murmured, cupping her breasts, his lips dipping down to suckle... the nipples instantly hard. "Your breasts come alive under my kisses," he told her, his mouth moving to the valley between them, the silk of her flesh warm on his face.

"Scott..." she murmured as his mouth moved over her, her hands in his hair. "Scott, that feels so good... you feel so good."

"You smell good... and sweet," he uttered as he breathed in the fragrance of her morning scent, her body still sleepy warm and very inviting. "I want to know why your sex is smooth but this small nest of curls remains on your mound," he teased, his words making her blush almost as much as the feel of his lips tugging the silk between her naked thighs. "This pink flower of your sex," he continued as he nuzzled her. "Did you leave it bare for me or has it always been this way?"

When she remained silent, he lifted his head to look at her and chuckled softly that his words had caused her face to flush with color. He moved back up to hold her close, stealing deep swollen kisses from her mouth, his hands touching her as gently as if she were a piece of fine porcelain. Their lips were silent once again as they communed with just their eyes, their souls in utter harmony.

"Don't fall in love with me, Lexi," he said softly and regretted his words as soon as they were uttered, his heart beginning a slow ache when he saw her tears.

"Why can't I love you?" she asked, looking at him, a feeling of sudden emptiness overwhelming her, leaving her bereft.

The ache in his heart spread and shattered him, making it difficult to speak. He watched her bite her lower lip to keep from crying - he also on the verge of tears. Placing his mouth on hers, he suckled the wounded lip between his own, giving her succor while he formed his words. "Let's enjoy what we have," he murmured. "Let's treasure each and every minute that's ours. Let's not hope for tomorrow." Cupping her chin, his eyes begged her to understand that he couldn't offer more.

"Lexi," he sighed, unable to keep his hands off of her. "There may come a time when we need to remember this. I... love my wife... Jennifer... though she's... comatose. I can't leave her... I love my children. I can't offer more than this. I can't even..."

"Shhh," she whispered in his mouth. "I know. We're making memories for later. It's all right, Scottie," she blinked hard, offering a hard-given smile. "I'll stand back... out of your life when this weekend is over. You won't have to worry. I can do this. I can..."

"Don't want you to go," he whispered back, unwilling to express the words too loud. "I want more of you... I want so much more of you."


He ordered pancakes for breakfast and insisted she stay in bed until the food arrived. When it did, he poured coffee for her, cradling her naked body in his arms, holding the mug to her mouth, watching the way her lips curled around the edge, her tongue peeking out to lick her lips. "Were you born sensuous?" he asked as he kissed her brow. "When you were born, did the doctor smack your pretty little butt and declare you female incarnate?"

"No," she grinned at his words. "He didn't. He was too busy checking that I had all the right parts."

"That's what you think," Scott laughed, palming a round breast. "He was picturing you like this." He chuckled as her blush spread once again. "Up you go," he coaxed her out of bed. "Time to eat."

"Can't sit at the table naked," she protested, pulling back from him.

"You're not going to sit at the table," he grinned. "You're going to sit on my lap."


"Obey me, Lexi," he said sternly, smothering his grin at her shocked expression. "Obey me in this."

"I... I..." she stuttered when he pulled her toward the other room, his hand holding her arm against his side.

"You're mine, today," he reminded her. "All mine... totally helpless... to do with as I desire. Gonna tease you... test you," he murmured as he settled her on his lap. "Gonna torment you, Lexi... touch you inside and out..." he promised, nibbling on her ear. "Inside and out, baby girl... and then I'll kiss you..." he assured her, tilting her chin so she had to look at him. "Kiss you, baby girl... kiss you...everywhere." Again, he watched the color suffuse her face, her lips parting as she swallowed air. "You're going to squirm, brat-angel," he smiled as she ducked her head beneath his chin. "Gonna make you squirm... might even make you sweat."

She shivered from his words but curled into him, the sweet gesture filling him with joy as he took the gift she gave him - an awesome gift - her vulnerability. She reached for a fork but he took her hands in his and placed them on her lap.

"I'll feed you," he said, holding a forkful of pancake in front of her mouth, the syrup dripping onto her thigh. "Open," he urged, watching her watch him, wondering if she'd obey or object.

"Scott..." she struggled against the hand holding hers. "Scott, I..."

"Open," he repeated, his voice calm but firm.

Lexi opened her mouth and took what he offered, chewing slowly, her eyes wide, watching him... wondering... She ate the bites he offered, the syrup continuing to drip... on her chin, her breasts and her belly. He also ate, spearing the pancake pieces he had cut, dipping them into generous amounts of syrup, not wiping the sticky mess as it landed on their bodies, mostly hers.

"Good girl," he cooed when she continued to eat. "Such a good little girl you are. Such an obedient brat." He couldn't help smiling at her look of indignation, but was pleased she hadn't tried to stop him. "Daddy's little girl is so sweet," he whispered, kissing the tip of her nose as she took another bite. "Such a sweet baby girl. Tell Daddy you love him, Lexi baby."

"You... you..." she sputtered, having taken as much as she could. "You are without shame!" she finally yelled, pulling her hands away from his grasp. "You are so..."

"I am so... what?" he laughed, dropping the fork and pushing her body back against his arm, licking the syrup off her breasts, his tongue tormenting the sensitive tip. He couldn't keep the grin off his face as she arched her back, pushing her breast further into his mouth. "You like this, Lexi baby?" he asked, suckling her nipple. "You like what Daddy's doing to his baby girl? Hmmm," he hummed as his hand fondled her. "Does Daddy's little girl like this?"

"Not a little girl," she whimpered, rocking back in time. "Big girl... very big girl..."

"Slut girl?" he asked as his mouth slid south. "Pussy girl? Daddy's little pussy girl?"

"No!" she complained. "Don't do that. Don't treat me like that. Don't you dare! I'm not a..."

"You're what I say you are," he growled, turning her on his lap, pushing her head down onto his knees, her legs over his shoulders. "You're my baby girl, my slut, my whore, my girl toy... you're anything I want you to be," he snapped, his voice approaching steel, cupping her bottom cheeks and squeezing. "Anything, Lexi!" he scolded and bent over her to suck the flesh of her inner thighs, then bent further to cup her face and pulled her up to meet his mouth. "Anything!"

"Scott!" she protested, her eyes filling. "Please don't do this."

"Don't do what?" he asked, his hands suddenly gentle on her, his lips brushing her cheeks, her throat, her mouth. "Don't treat you like a precious baby? Like a sexy kitten?" he murmured into her mouth. "Like a cherished lover? Like a whore? What? Tell me."

She couldn't tell him. She was torn between the cuddling and the words he used - his actions and his words incongruent, conflicting her.

"Does my baby girl like this?" he asked as he cupped her breasts, his thumbs teasing her nipples until they hardened. "Does my little slut prefer this?" he taunted as he poured syrup on her mons and dipped his head between her thighs to lick it off. "Tell me, Lexi," he finally whispered as her throaty purrs filled his ears, her eyes closed in ecstasy, his tongue and lips bringing her to orgasm.

The shudders continued to course through her as he drew her up and cradled her to his chest, his hands soothing and gentle as he rubbed her back. She leaned into him, her mind in turmoil but her body appeased. Waiting until her breathing calmed, he surprised her with one very sharp sting on her bottom cheeks. Gasping, she raised her head to look at him and inhaled sharply when his hand stung her once again. Before she could voice a complaint, his fingers were caressing gently, his palms soothed and eased the sting from the flesh just spanked. Another sharp sting followed... then, a caress, the stings turning into luscious heat, a burn she abhorred and also craved. He placed her on a very narrow precipice... between pain and pleasure, his hands delivering both, making her crazy... Her whimpers turned to soft sweet moans as he murmured... "Daddy's baby girl... Lexi baby... my little pussy girl... my sweet brat. Tell me what you want, sweets. I'll give it to you. Tell me, Lexi."

Her breath was harsh and hot against his throat, her hands clutching him as she tried to reconcile the softness of his voice with the stinging of his hands, then the sudden rough way he kissed her while his fingers soothed her stinging butt. She gave up any resistance she might have had and pressed deeper into his chest. "Scottie," she moaned, a memory beckoning her. "You're confusing me."

"Does my little girl like this?" he asked the naked woman in his arms as he patted her round bottom, fondling her. "Does she like crawling into Daddy's lap... being Daddy's little girl?"

"Don't you dare treat me like a baby, Scott Randall Faust!" Alexis warned her husband. "I'm not a child!"

"Sometimes, you are," he smiled at her. "And when you behave like one, you get your bottom spanked."

"I don't!" she yelled, jumping off his lap.

"You do," he disagreed, pulling her back and across his knees. His hand came down swift and sharp, stinging her and no sooner did he make her yelp than his hands eased the sting from her flesh. Bending over her, he kissed her bottom cheeks and pulled her up until she sat on his lap, her back to his chest... gasping when he impaled her ass.

"You're Daddy's baby girl... Lexi sweets... all mine..." he murmured in her ear. "My sweet brat... my ladylove."


"I'm going to fuck you know," he said, taking her back to bed, his words spoken as softly and reverently as if he were at prayer. "I should go slow... make love to you with all the adoration I feel. I should take you gently, fill you... sweetly, fill you, brat angel," he continued softly, pulling his shorts down, freeing himself, his cock fully hard and erect, crystal drops glistening on the tip. "But I can't, Lexi. I... cannot! I have to be inside of you. I want to fuck you until you're red and raw... claim you... give you my seed... again and again."

With that, he kneeled between her thighs, ignoring her startled look and lifted her arms above her head. Gripping her wrists, he held her down beneath his body. "Look at me," he ordered, squeezing her wrists until her eyes met his. "You are so beautiful like this, brat-angel," his voice resonant with wonderment. "So vulnerable... such a curious mix of childlike innocence and sensuous woman... so receptive... so submissive... Don't take your eyes from mine!" he growled when she had lowered her gaze. "Don't you dare take your eyes from mine!"

It wasn't a request.

He let go of her wrists and slid his arms under her thighs, gripping her hips. "Don't move," he warned, pushing her thighs wide and raised her knees to her chest. "God, Lexi, he groaned. "I have never seen anything so hot... so erotic... so completely and totally mine." He slammed into her heat, making her inhale sharply as he pressed deeply... in and out until... she squeezed his shoulders, arching forward and called his name... and then he withdrew. Still hard and unfulfilled, he leaned against the slick silk of her sex and dug his fingers into her hips. "I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk," he breathed into her mouth, exchanging breaths with her, his hard shaft probing between her bottom cheeks. "Look at me!" he growled again, and pushed against the tight rosebud between those cheeks. "Look at me while I fuck you!"

Pushing forward, he stared at her as his wet cock spread her, slowly easing in... then out... then in again, her soft whimpers twisting his gut, smiling at her when they turned to moans... long and sensuous moans. And then he pulled out and began to grind his cock against her clit. When she began to spiral once again, he pushed against her ass... between her cheeks... and up... her legs locked by his arms, spread so wide... "You're so hot... so tight," he groaned, the pleasure building as he plunged in and out of her. "My sweet whore, my own... my brat-angel... my Lexi," he roared as he emptied his seed inside her."

~ End Part Four ~

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