I Remember You
Part Five
by sarAdora


Her eyes had closed before he pulled out of her, her body limp, sated, and worn out from his rough play. Cradling her to his chest, he held her, watching as her breathing eased, the rhythm of sleep claiming her. "Precious," he repeated to her sleeping face. "My sweet brat... so precious and so dear." When he was certain she was asleep, he showered, returning to wash her with warm cloths, his hands gentle as he cleaned the evidence of their loving, his mouth dropping kisses everywhere.

A sleeping Lexi triggered memories and his mind played games, pictures from another time wrecking havoc with the vision of the woman in his arms. In sleep, one hand was fisted beneath her chin, the other palm up against his chest. She murmured in her dream, soft sounds that were sweet to his ears, sounds that bespoke of sheer content, sounds that bespoke of love.

His heart began to ache.

What's wrong, Scottie?" she asked when he woke from a nap and held her much too tight. "Did you have a bad dream?"

"No, my love," he lied to her, kissing away her frown, shaking off feelings of grief and sadness, feelings that threatened to overwhelm him. "Slight headache," he smiled, continuing to lie. "Need my Lexi to make it better."

She made it better. Her hands soothed his face and neck and when he seemed to relax, she rubbed her naked charms down his chest and to his groin where her mouth took over. She played him with her lips... her tongue... nibbling on his shaft as if it were an ice cream cone, licking under the tip and all around, suckling until he thought he'd burst, then stopped... teasing him, making him crazy with desire. Her fingers found his testes tightening and she massaged them with abandon until he growled at her. She laughed, finally bringing him to fruition. He got even, of course, hauling her over his lap to spank her bottom cheeks, teasing her own wet and swollen sex with his fingers and his lips, making her crazy in return.

"Naughty brat," he murmured as he spanked her bottom until it was the shade of pink he favored. "Naughty little brat," he smiled when she finally sighed in contented bliss. "Naughty..."

"Never told you about that dream," Scott whispered to her sleeping face. "Never told you why I ached. I never could," he continued whispering. He remembered now... the dream had shaken him and had remained with him all his days. He had dreamed he was loving her and when they had finally relaxed into each other's arms and were easing into sleep, he saw her in his mind's eye... Not the Alexis in his arms, but the one she was today - wearing clothes he thought indecent at the time - no shift, no pantaloons, no multitude of skirts, but trousers like a man. He was shocked and would have told her so when he realized it was a dream... of the future... their future... a lifetime or two or three... away.

As he looked at her sleeping face, he had realized the dream was a portend... of things to come... They wouldn't always be together in the lives ahead. There would be lifetimes without her. She would meet another and so would he... their time was not assured... no guarantees. And this time... now... he knew... it wasn't meant to be; this time they'd love in moments... fleeting moments stolen from reality... brief moments in the scheme of life... thieving precious little time together... very precious little time. He took solace knowing they would meet again, but when...? He didn't know... and his soul grieved.

Asleep, she moved in his arms, her legs shifting slightly, the top of her thigh brushing his arm, a breath escaping between her lips. He tucked her in closer so his face was touching hers, his mouth softly branding her face with kisses, the palette of his breath... warm... warmer... hot... heated breath... painting love on her skin. He wanted to remember the moment... memorize the way she looked in slumber... the way she felt... this woman in his arms... love sleeping... awaiting destiny... He thought his heart would burst.


He was determined to explore this woman... child... he had missed this time around. He was determined to push her beyond limits he was sure she had... barriers she would never cross alone. He was determined to break them down before she slipped away from him. He was going to get into that stern headspace that he remembered from some other time, warn her to behave... try not to grin when she objected... try not to laugh aloud when she went into action, defying him. His mood improved considerably, waiting for her to wake.

He covered her in one of his T-shirts, pulling the large cotton tee over her head as she opened her eyes, her arms cooperating as he slipped them into the sleeves. "Hello brat-angel," he smiled at her, when she opened her eyes, enchanted by the fullness of her lips, dipping his head to capture them with his own. "Did you sleep well?"

"Mmmm," she hummed against his mouth, wiggling into his shirt, wondering why he was covering her and glad that he had, uncertain as to his motive for doing so.

"Hungry?" he asked with too much nonchalance and innocence, Lexi's defense antennae twitching.

"A little," she admitted, almost certain she had just entered a no-man's zone, ...do not pass GO, do not collect $200...

"Up you go," he said in measured tones, an arm under her bare bottom as he lifted her to his chest. "Let's get some food into Daddy's baby girl."

"Scott..." her voice still subdued from sleep, the sound of caution creeping in... slightly edgy...

"Does my Lexi want to play first?" he asked, his voice still muted, seducing her into complacency, his smile a gentle one. "Does my baby girl want Daddy's cock inside her? Tell me, baby," his voice cajoled... urging her to answer despite the crudeness of his words.

"What...? I... Scott!" she exclaimed, wavering between sudden lust and wantonness and feeling like a child again. "You... don't do that!" she quavered with uncertainty, then pouted, her face a study in contrasts, her emotions wild and hovering.

"Don't do what, baby girl?" he asked, his voice soft and soothing, calming her nerves with warm breaths on the hollow of her throat as his hands gently roamed her back. "Tell Daddy what his baby wants," he urged, carrying her to the couch, placing her face down on the cushions, her knees propped on the edge. "Does Lexi like this?" he asked softly, spreading her thighs until he had displayed her sluttishly.

"No-o-o!" she resisted the position, knowing her body was exposed in what she considered a humiliating way... open to his gaze... no pride... no shame... her psyche struggling.

"You like this, don't you?" his words trailed over her spine as his hand sought entrance to her sex, fingers probing, his thumb pressing into her ass. His other hand snaked around her, found her engorged nub and rubbed it while he explored her until she moaned with lust, pushing back into his hands. He teased her with his fingers... heated litanies on her body and in her head as she sought bliss... the bliss he decided to deny her.

"Scott..." she breathed harshly when all movement stopped. "Don't leave me like this. You... I'll make you... You're not going to... How could you!"

"Very easily, brat-angel," he chuckled at her frustration. "I'm going to stand behind you now, and just look at you," he taunted, daring her. "Don't move!" he ordered softly.

The moment he stood back she rose to a kneeling position, and then cried out when he landed one sharp stinging crack on her butt. "I told you not to move," he said as calmly as if he had asked if she cared for a cup of tea. "Put your head down, Lexi."

She refused, shaking her head, trying to stand.

"Put it down!" he ordered once again, one hand on her back as the other landed another sharp spank.

"No!" she shouted, then gasped as he stroked her folds, her body swiftly betraying her.

"Yes," he insisted, leaning over her back, his weight pushing her down. He nipped her neck and put his arms around her, under her shirt and cupping her breasts, gentled her once again. "Daddy wants his little girl like this," he said softly. "Obey me, Lexi."

As long as he leaned on her, she was easy in the awkward position, her exposure covered by his body, her defiance evaporating with the weight of him on top of her. "Lexi's such a good girl," he murmured, "Such a good little baby girl. Daddy's so proud of you. You're going to be so good, aren't you baby? So good for Daddy. Tell me."

"Good..." she said so softly he had to strain to hear her words. "Lexi good for Daddy." Her inner child was primed.

Slowly so as not to frighten her, he stood back, still speaking softly, his words vocal thrusts as his fingers played with her. He spanked her gently... lightly... the occasional sharper sting... interspersing hugs. He fondled her as he spoke, probing all her swollen luscious parts, surprising her with kisses between her cheeks, her pinked petals, his hands palming and rubbing her breasts. "Such a good baby girl," he crooned his song, rewarding her with kissing licks as she remained in place on her knees while his hands and mouth continued to touch her intimately.

"Come to Daddy, Lexi," he urged pulling her unresisting body up, sitting and putting her over his knees. "We can take this off now," he told her as he removed her shirt, leaving her nude across his lap.

"Nice," she sighed as his hands roamed over her back and butt, then squirmed as he prodded sensitive areas once again.

"Does my baby like this?" he probed further, fingers intruding, increasing her frustration, distracting her so she couldn't concentrate on his words. "Tell me, Lexi," he teased, enjoying her obeisance. "Does Daddy's baby like this touching?"

"Mmmm," she wiggled her hips as the erotic spanks began again, one arm around her, his hand under her, pressing her clit.

He alternated spanks, sweet rubbing spanks... short stinging ones... his other palm pressing against her outer folds... a finger pushing inside... stroking... curling into her inner walls... withdrawing... The heel of his hand remained in place, pressing the sensitive bundle of nerves, keeping her on edge. Pushing her back and forth between frustration and fulfillment convinced him she would do anything he asked of her. "Turn over, little one," his deep voice low, sucking her further into the web he wove over her emotions. "Turn over and spread your legs, Lexi," he said softly. She did and he rubbed her exposed sex, stroking her until she was sopping wet. "Do you like this?"


"And this?" he asked, probing deeper.


"And this?" he asked landing a light sting between her thighs.

"Mmmm," she moaned in ecstasy, warm wet answers to his lightly stinging slaps.

Her leg raised of its own volition... her knee bent at an unconcerned angle... revealing more of her sex... the petals unfolded and exposed to his eyes and hands. His heart filled again, a curious combination of love and ache, honored by her trust, her vulnerability and exposure a gift she gave. He was humbled at the beauty of her gift, her body opened to him, her gaze a blend of sweet innocence and sensuality. She was wanton when he commanded - quiescent when he told her to remain still. She was his.


"You'll never tame me," she insisted after they had disagreed, pointing a finger in his face, then retreating a safe distance, placing both hands on her hips. "You're just a man," she scoffed at her husband of five days. "My mother said men think with that thing between their legs. And... and..." she pouted, "You only want what's between mine. And you can't have it!" she announced, tossing her brown curls over her shoulder as she flounced from the room.

Scott smothered his laughter. Although he had bedded her, Alexis was still innocent in the ways of lust but so sincere and he didn't want to discourage her frank speech. He remained where he was, standing quietly... she'd return shortly with an apology. Her mother had also taught her that her husband was to be obeyed. Contrary to her nature, but true to her upbringing, she came back to him and with eyes downcast, whispered her apologies.

"I'm sorry," she barely spoke the words. "I didn't mean to be so rude. Will you forgive me?"

"Look at me, Alexis," he commanded. "Will you obey me, now?" he questioned when she lifted her eyes to his face.

"I don't know," she admitted, unwilling to make matters worse by lying to him.

"You don't know?" he laughed softly, gathering her to his chest. "You're a brat," he told her, amused at her words. "A truthful brat," he added, kissing the tip of her nose. "But still a brat."

"Do you still love this brat?" she asked, her eyes filled with uncertainty.

"Throughout eternity, brat-angel," he assured her. "Throughout eternity.

"You can make love to me, now," she smiled at him as if she were royalty, bestowing a rare favor on a cherished knight.

"I can?" he grinned, taking her by the arm to the couch and easing her over his lap. "I will, sweet brat, but first I'll show you who your master is."

"Not fair," she squealed when he flipped her skirts out of the way and warmed her rounded bottom.

"It is if I say so, brat-angel."


He waited until she came back from ecstasy, her body relaxing as he cuddled her, remembering other times like this... savoring the feel of her in his arms. Lexi's tears had followed her orgasm, her mind confused by memories she couldn't identify, but at peace in Scott's embrace. The tears flowed as she looked at him.

"You're okay," he told her, his voice a soft breeze on her cheek, his lips catching her tears as his arms gentled her shaking body. "I'm holding you, Alexis... brat-angel. You're mine, baby girl... always will be... all mine."

"Don't fall in love with me," she threw his words back to him, daring him to deny his feelings.

"Too late," he whispered to the girl that he had loved lifetimes ago... and to the woman in his arms. "I already have."

"You're married, Scottie... you can't..."

"I can," he affirmed. "I can love both of you! I love... what I have... I love you... I love us... Lexi. I love us!"

~ End Part Five ~

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