I Remember You
Part Six
by sarAdora


They spent the rest of the day in harmony, bodies reaching, hands touching... just to touch. Their conversations were filled with questions and answers, laughter, what the future would bring... and memories they shared from another time... memories neither questioned. And while they talked and gazed upon each beloved's form, their souls sought peace - the time to grieve would come later.

"I'm having a hard time keeping my hands off of you," he told her the next morning when she awoke in his embrace. "I think I'll keep you in my arms all day."

"Silly man," she laughed softly as she cupped his face. "I haven't been anywhere else since I got off the plane."

"Is that a complaint?" he asked in mock anger.

"No," she sighed, wishing for more. "I'll only complain when you take your arms away."

"Lexi," he groaned softly. "You know I can't... I have to..."

"I know, Scottie. I know. Let's enjoy what we have. I won't ask for more." I want to... but I won't.

She was surprised that they ate breakfast at the table like normal people do - with clothes on and she couldn't resist poking fun at him. "What? I'm all grown up now?" she teased. "It only took a day or so of your daddy-ing me to allow me to have my own eating utensils?" She grinned at his scowl and goaded a little more. "And look at me!" she laughed, jumping from her chair and spinning around. "I actually have clothes on... real clothes. I must really be all grown up now!"

"Not for long, brat-angel," he growled, going after her and yanking her T-shirt off.

"Scott!" she giggled with delight. "Give it back!"

"No way, baby girl," he grinned. I like to look at your breasts. Let's leave them bare."

"Wicked man..." her voice turned husky with desire. "You are a very wicked man."

"You have no idea," he murmured in her ear, his jeans instantly snug as he held her close. "No idea how wicked I can be," he assured her, unsnapping her jeans and wasting little time removing them.

"I'm hungry," she complained when he had her nude once again, his hands instantly touching her everywhere.

"Me, too," he assured her, his mouth branding her skin... sucking the hollow of her throat... nipping the flesh... kissing the sting away... moving to another spot.

"It's not your tummy that's hungry," she sighed as his hands and mouth took possession of her body. "It's your... um..."

"My what?" he chuckled, pausing... waiting...

"You're... uh... your libido!" Lexi exhaled, relieved she remembered the word.

"How do you know?" he asked, enjoying the blush that tinted her face, finding a flustered Lexi adorable.

"Well... the obvious signs," she hedged, pursing her lips.

"What signs?" he grinned, enjoying this.

"Scott!" she pouted, her lower lip extended as she banged her heel on the couch.

"Tell me!" he laughed. "What signs, sweets?"

"Your... ummmm. Your body... getting hard."

"Where?" he laughed, brushing a lock of hair off her neck, nipping and kissing the spot, making her shiver.

"Between your thighs," she gulped.

"What part is that?" he asked, his smile broad against the tops of her breasts, warm breath on warm flesh...

"Your penis," she said softly as if that were a secret word.

"My cock, Lexi?" he asked, moving back up to lick her ear.

"I think penis is a more civilized word," she mumbled, shivers icing down her spine. "In conversation," she added. "More civilized in conversation."

"My penis isn't interested in conversation," he informed her as his mouth moved back to her breast. "It's interested in..."


"I want this, Scottie," Lexi told him as her hands encircled his swollen shaft. "Give it to me," she insisted, pulling on his flesh.

"It's yours, baby girl," he told his young bride, "but it's not a leash. Go easy there!" he yelped and moved his hips forward to alleviate the pressure on his groin.

"It's really out there, isn't it?" she said matter-of-factly as she stroked it, palming the head, and admiring the way it swelled under her ministrations.

"Out there?" he choked on laughter, not sure how much more stroking he could take.

"Well-l-l, it is! It's all exposed. A man's... a man's... um... thing... is always out there. Nothing hidden like a woman's."

"Penis, Lexi. It's called a penis. Say the word, Lexi."

"Penis," she repeated dutifully and dropped a kiss on it before taking him between her lips. "Are all men's penises the same?"

"Not exactly," he swallowed hard, all concentration focused on her mouth.

"And these?" she asked, stroking his testicles. "These are nice," she declared as if they were a rare and exotic piece of art and to her, they were. "I like the feel of these... so soft and velvety and..."

"Lexi," he groaned. "You're killing me!"

"Did I hurt you?" she pulled back, taking him literally. "Scottie, did I hurt your... um... these round... your... what do you call these things?"

"Balls," he exhaled sharply. "But don't talk about them with anyone but me."

"Why not?" she asked, bending her head to lick them... wondering what they tasted like... wondering why he made such funny sounds when she did... sucking each one between her lips to see what other sounds he'd make... smiling when he groaned and growled... a sense of power growing...

"You like this, don't you?" she asked, when she raised her head and was satisfied to feel him shudder.

"Love it," he admitted freely, pulling her on top of him, quickly impaling her with that "penis thing" and spanking her bottom cheeks in rhythm with his thrusts.


"It's interested in..."

"Your penis is interested only in one thing," she reminded him, unashamed at spreading her thighs beneath his questing mouth.

"So are my hands," he breathed against her open folds... and my mouth... My mouth is very interested," he said, exploring her with his tongue. One hand cupped her bottom cheeks as he teased her with his lips, the other reaching up to find a sensitive nipple, kneading in rhythm with his tongue. He teased... her taste on his lips, intense sensations throwing her off kilter, her body straining up... her breath gasping with each stroke of his tongue.

"Scott," she moaned, climbing higher. "I need... soon... please..."

With the flat of his tongue, he stroked her... her clit engorged... Her thighs went rigid and he pressed harder, humming against her pulsating nub... her hands fisting the sheets... feeling the convulsions of her orgasm. He continued to stroke her... slowly now... savoring the taste of her as if he were sampling the finest wine. Her shudders were cresting waves... her breath panting... hips arching... her body horizontal only because he held her down. Chuckling softly, he watched her body suffused in color and as it faded, her hands reached for him... her petals crimson... open... luring him... For the briefest moment, he hovered over her... erect... swollen with need... desperate need... The tip of him brushed against the lushness of her entrance... Instantly, her body grasped him... held on... and sucked his erect cock into that special place of pleasure.

"A woman's hidden sex is much more interesting than a man's," he told her, his breath still harsh, chest heaving. "It's in delicious layers..." he breathed deeply, trying to fill his lungs while he shifted his arms to support his weight so he could stay joined to her. "The outer petals..." he explained, capturing her lips for a deep kiss. "Velvet smooth... full... pouty... draws my mouth..." his hips swiveled a little, his body hardening sooner than he expected, smiling as he felt her inner walls converge. "The outer petals shield your pleasure button..." he kissed her again, "and the opening to all that wet silk inside you. All that hot... wet... heat... inside you, Lexi," he groaned softly as she squeezed his cock again, his scrotal sac rubbing against her... tightening... as he felt her juices coating him. "And there is nothing quite like the feel of the inside of you," he assured her, turning on his side and pulling her legs up to his waist. His hands sought her bottom cheeks, patting the round globes until she demanded more. He complied... spanking harder... lost again inside her... warming her until they climaxed once again. Rolling onto his back, he kept her spent body on top of his chest. They were sated, completely exhausted and totally drenched with perspiration. The air they breathed was filled with the scent of their lovemaking...

"Are you going to make love to me all day?" she asked when their breath eased, barely enough energy to whisper. "No," Scott murmured as he kissed her wet brow. "Part of the day, I'm going to let *you* make love to me."


He was naked on his back, watching her. She was naked, resting on her thighs... holding his foot at her breasts and licking between his toes... watching him. Her licking tongue sent shivers from his foot to his groin and caused him to curl and uncurl his toes. Pushing his legs together, she straddled his calves, then leaned forward to caress his thighs and hips. With just a slight curve to her lips, she caught his gaze while she ran her tongue around the tip of his penis. Instantly, it saluted her, making her giggle. Opening her mouth, she let her tongue peek out and then circled her lips as she held his gaze.

Scott groaned, unable to take his eyes off her. He was caught in the sensual web Lexi wove as she began to rock her sweet ass on his flesh. Back and forth and side to side she rocked, slowly inching her way up his body. And then she bent her head and licked his inner thighs... first one, then the other... tiny shocks traveled down his hardening shaft to his balls... up... back again...

When her soft labia finally reached his penis, she rubbed against him and pressed the swollen head hard against her throbbing clit. He gasped aloud when she impaled herself onto him, but groaned when she pulled off to settle her butt on his upper thighs. Leaning forward, she teased his flat male nipples with her thumbs.

"Lexi," he groaned, pulling her forward, anxious to be inside her... "Lexi, stop teasing me."

She smiled at his frustration and went back to rocking her hips as she straddled him... sliding to his belly... back and forth... side to side... up to his chest. The slight furry ridge down the center of his chest tickled her vulva and she sighed at the sensation... rocking back and forth.

He watched her soft folds inch toward his mouth... wet... slick... her clitoris engorged. The sight and scent of her sex inflamed him and he had to taste the fruit of her pleasure. When her bottom cheeks reached his shoulders, he pulled her to his mouth and held her there while his tongue explored her sex. One brief taste wasn't enough... he wanted more. She reveled in the feel of his hot tongue inside her and she rocked back and forth on his mouth, enjoying the pleasure.

His fingers drew circles on her hips and silky thighs, caressing her as he kissed her... teasing her with his tongue... his lips. Filled with her scent and taste, his senses were overloaded and he still wanted more. Lexi was caught in the pleasure his mouth was lavishing on her sensitive flesh, and for a moment, lost touch with where she was. When his tongue stroked her clit in earnest, she had to force herself to shift back to his upper chest.

"No..." he groaned, trying to pull her back to his mouth, but she resisted, slipping back down his chest.

Resting her hands on his jaw, she took several long breaths and then leaned down to taste herself in his mouth. His strong hands pulled her back, but she started rocking again and he let her move down his body. With her hips momentarily paused at his navel, she bent forward to gently suckle his nipples, running her teeth across them, delighted when she saw goose bumps rise on his skin. Then she lifted herself onto his manhood once again and moved up and down on him just long enough to cause a rapid pulse in the hollow of his neck. When she was sure he couldn't take any more, she lifted her body up, slid down between his thighs and took him in her mouth.

Scott surrendered.

For the better part of a half-hour, Lexi had rubbed her succulent silky bottom all over him. The sight of her engorged sex had been an aphrodisiac, but when she rocked her sweet ass back and forth as she moved up and down his body, she had stained his chin and neck... chest and belly... with traces of her liquid heat. It was eroticism unlike any he could remember.

Lexi found the combined taste of her juices mixed with his seed pleasing to her tongue. So, when he peaked, she swallowed, and then sat up so he could paint her breasts and neck and belly with his cream.

The pleasurable waves that washed over him seemed endless. He was completely drained, wonderfully satisfied, and had no words to describe the pleasure she had given him. When his breathing finally slowed, he turned to the woman who had bewitched him with her magic hands, her delicious mouth and her soft sweet body. Cradling her, he tenderly kissed her swollen lips, tasting himself in her mouth and on her breasts. His seed was on her... everywhere. Gathering her close to him, he covered their sticky bodies with a sheet and rested his chin on the top of her head. In seconds, they were both asleep.


Lexi woke when Scott lifted her onto his chest. Gently, he rubbed her face with his while his hands roamed her back and hips. The memory of her loving him was very fresh. "Lexi baby, are you awake?"


"Are you hungry?"


"Tell me what you want, sweets. I'll order it for you."

"I want you." she whispered softly, raising her head from his shoulder.

"I think that's my line." he smiled, cupping her face and tenderly gazing at her. "How about something more substantial?"

"Let's take a shower instead."

Sitting up, he pulled her across his lap. "Let's not," he grinned. "Let's warm this little fanny, first."

"Scott, we smell," she wailed. "We need to wash."

"Uh-huh," he agreed, admiring the way her butt pinked under his hand. "Can't resist," he smiled, his mouth eager to follow his hand, dropping kisses between spanks, grinning when she made more demands.

It was a while before they dragged themselves into the shower, taking turns lathering each other... and when they were squeaky clean, Lexi stroked his chest... kissing him... down his belly... slowly kneeling in front of him. It didn't take any effort to awaken his manhood and she played him with her tongue and lips... stroking... blowing warm breaths... fondling... massaging... suckling... playing his rampant cock like a finely tuned instrument she had mastered.

Sitting on her thighs, she urged him to his knees. Soon, he was straddling her chest and had to brace his arms against the shower wall because her mouth and hands were all that mattered. When he climaxed, she had one hand holding his erupting organ between her breasts... the other continued to stroke his testicles. Scott's strength drained... and he slid effortlessly to the floor... the last several hours had been some of the most carnal in his entire life.

At long last, he turned onto his back, letting the water wash over him. When he felt refreshed, he pulled Lexi on top of him, turning her so her back was on his chest with her head under his chin. Tucking his feet under her calves so he could spread her legs, he stretched his arms over hers. When she was immobile, he moved their bodies so the center of the shower's spray was aimed directly at her vulva. She immediately jerked back trying to change position, but his arms and legs held her securely in place.

"Payback, little girl," he grinned, stretching his hands to her folds and parting them so the force of the spray stimulated her engorged clit.

Lexi squealed... gasped... held her breath... and gasped again. "Scott!" she cried, the feeling intensely pleasurable, causing her to climax within seconds. She couldn't talk... she could barely breathe... caught in the waves of one orgasm after another.

When she opened her eyes, he was holding her, kissing her throat and breasts and every other part of her as he dried her. Instantly, her face was in full blush.

"How can you be blushing?" he laughed in delight. "You rode my body like a filly in heat and then you brought me to my knees... literally. You weren't blushing then." Still laughing, he nuzzled her neck and continued to tease. "If this is what you do when I spank you..." he arched a "daddy-ish" brow, "I think I'd better spank you again... and soon."

Lexi was pink from head to toe and he knew it. Holding her close to him, he covered her face with light brushing kisses. "I love the way you love me, my brat-angel."

~ End Part Six ~

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