I Remember You
Part Seven
by sarAdora


"Teasing... taunting... the tide tickled my feet
The sand between my toes
A slight chill in the wind swept sea
Caressing... warming... the sun blanketed my back
The rays skimmed my neck
A pool of clouds in a crowded sky
Beckoning... calling... the horizon deeply blue, lies there
The distant line within my sight
A jagged edge of urging on a memory filled day
I remember you"

~ (C) ~


Their last full day together was spent the way of the previous ones - in each other's arms. Scott teased her, tickled her, spanked her, warming her bottom cheeks, her place of pleasure, and her heart. He probed her treasure spots, tweaking her body and all her buttons... The child beneath her woman's form... was desperate to lean... and did... was desperate to be held and hugged... and was... gave honestly when accepted as is... and bonded as only an innocent can... with open eyes, open arms, and open heart.

The femme fatalé... no longer innocent... resisted... until he allowed her siren's song to serenade his empty spots... fill him with honest love... freely given... offering her curves, crevices, and planes... her velvet treasures and sleek silk... open... warm... wet... and inviting. He impaled her... everywhere, his raging cock fulfilled inside her body, his rampant need to own her heart and mind and soul unsatisfied until they joined and were one. He made her crazy with desire and lust and left her longing for more of what they shared - their souls singing glory when they exchanged breaths, caresses and thrusts. He wanted more.

Lexi opened her eyes, the dream a fleeting one. Has this already happened? she wondered, or is it yet to be?

The swing squeaked as she rocked back and forth, a fine day to be sitting on the porch, the cool ocean breeze lifting the humidity. She arched a brow when the conveyance pulled up next door, attracted to the tall man who hefted a small valise to his shoulder. "Must be Stella's young brother," she mused, remembering that her neighbor said he was due for a visit. She'd know soon enough; she had been invited for dinner.

He stared at her the moment she walked in the door, drawn to her, wondering why his heart did flip-flops when he saw his sister's sixty-year old neighbor. In fine shape for an old broad, he thought as he assessed her. At forty-five, he had enjoyed his share of feminine charms but remained unattached, not completely attuned to any particular woman. But this woman drew him to her. Stupid! He berated himself. She's got fifteen years on me!

They exchanged pleasantries, commonplace words and polite smiles while their souls sang harmony in recognition. "Missed you, Scottie," a long-ago voice sang inside his heart. "It's been lonely without you."

"We've missed a step in time," his heart replied. "I'm here now and I'll never leave you."

Her eyes remained closed as he dropped a kiss on her brow, the mattress lifting as he stood beside the bed and then left the room. Lexi opened her eyes and watched him walk away, her body turning to hug the warmed spots he left behind. Inhaling the scent of him and of their lovemaking, she was content to dismiss her dream memory and lie there until he returned.

Reluctantly, he left her sleeping, moving out of the bedroom to call room service so they could share another meal before departing. Call completed, he heated this morning's leftover coffee in the microwave. As he sipped the brew he let his mind wander, his emotions suddenly in turmoil.

The day couldn't have been any prettier - warm sun, cool breeze, the sand beneath his bare feet packed and warm, the tide inching closer, children laughing at their play.

"Ow! That hurts!" the child's voice rang out as she tripped on a stone and fell to her knees.

"Let me help you," he smiled at the urchin reaching for his hand when he held it out to her. "Are you okay?" he asked as he watched her rub her knee.

"Uh-huh," the five-or-six-year old responded, looking up and startling him with her sweet smile.

Something about her triggered an elusive memory.

"My name is Scott," he told her, helping her to her feet. "And you're...?"

"Lexi," she whispered with a giggle and cupped his cheek with a child's wet and sandy hand. "And when I grow up, you're going to marry me."

Scott shook his head, belatedly realizing there had been a knock at the door, room service had arrived.

Will we ever be together again? he wondered as he wheeled the cart into the bedroom.

"What's wrong?" she asked, sitting up in bed, holding the sheet in front of her breasts.

"Nothing..." he hedged, sitting beside her, pulling the sheet away and hugging her in a fiercely tight embrace. "Nothing... and everything."

"Tell me," she said quietly, a sense of emptiness stealing over her while shadows crept into her heart. "I don't know when we'll be able to meet again," he began, "and I'm having difficulty saying goodbye. I want to take you home with me."

"We knew this time together would be brief," softly, she reminded him as she cupped his cheek, a single tear escaping. "Scottie," she murmured, tears spilling freely now. "We've had three days... let's... let's treasure them... remember them."

"I want more," he said quietly, unable to let her go, his body aching as he held her close.

A door closed.

Two hearts broke.

Two souls began to grieve.

A pit opened inside him... a chasm... his heart dropping... slipping... losing his balance...bouncing off the rocky sides... hurling down... cutting... stabbing... piercing him. "Lexi," his heart cried as his words spilled out. "I'll never let you go."

He held her tightly to his body... hugging her contours and curves... skin memorizing skin... flesh memorizing flesh... imprinting the feel of her body on his, her heartbeat pounding against his own, her soul clinging to his. She wrapped her limbs around him... her hands soft but insistent as she touched him... her mouth wet and warm as she loved him... He memorized the softness of the heat of her as he thrust his body deep into her core... along with his soul somewhere in the heaven between her thighs. He absorbed the sounds she made while he loved her... filing them away into memory banks for those times when he would be alone again. Drawing back, his body retreated... almost leaving hers, then pushed forward, his hips hammering into her again and again. His arms locked her in his embrace, his cock pounding into her heat, rubbing her soft inner walls, and bruising her... branding her. Their coupling was violent with energy, their mating raw and base.

Lexi sucked him in, squeezing her inner walls around him, her arms pressing into his back and her mouth open against his neck as she gulped air. Scott's body merged with hers, his hardness and the depth of his thrusts claiming her for his own, spoiling her for any other man. They rolled, the urgent twists and turns of their lovemaking pushing and pulling at their bodies as if another force demanded their joining and was loath to break them apart.

"I adore you," he told her afterward, kissing her brow, then licking beads of perspiration off her cheek. "I'm never going to let you go... no matter what you say." He cupped her chin, holding it firmly in his palm. "Tell me you want me again."

"I'll always want you, Scott."

Satisfied, he held her as he murmured love words in her ear, "You're mine, Alexis," he announced. "I own you."

"For how long?" she wanted to know as if the sweet promises he made would come true... as if wishes were possible... as if...

"For all time, brat-angel," he swore.

They kissed, they touched, and feasted on each other, filling their eyes... savoring each minute... filing memories away. He warmed her bottom cheeks, spanking her sweetly, teasing her body with his hands and mouth, and finally, before they parted, loved each other gently... tenderness unleashed with lust and further longing.

Three days later, he called her.

"Jen..." he whispered through the wires, still dazed at the news. "Her EEG... they monitor her brainwaves... lots of activity this morning. After three years, she..."

"Scott! That's wonderful!" Lexi exclaimed, then sobered. "Is... is she awake? Did she speak? What...?"

"No," he sighed, "Just brainwaves. Don't know what it means. Lexi, if she wakes... I... she means so much to me."

"We had three wonderful days, Scottie," she said calmly, her spine ramrod straight, no hint of the tears that streamed down her face. "That's more than we had any right to have."

"Lexi..." he mourned, "Brat-angel... my love... my love..."

~ One year later ~

Standing with his back to the Pacific, he faced east... across the continent... watching the sun rise. The sand was cool beneath his feet, a few clouds in the early morning sky, the sun a ball of flame rising. Jennifer was still asleep when he slipped from their bed, her recovery nothing short of miraculous. He had missed her terribly as had their children and he was overjoyed to have her home again. As much as he loved her... he was empty... torn... his soul in silent grief... remembering...

He missed Lexi with a heavy heart... a heart that ached... a heart that longed for her and for what they had shared. She followed through with her promises - backed off and away from him, allowing him to fulfill his life with another - wished him every joy and kissed him goodbye. She made it easy for him... changed her email address, withdrew from the internet boards where they had played, even changed her phone number so he wouldn't be tempted to call. No recriminations, no regrets.

He saw her in his mind's eye.

The pain lingered.

His soul grieved... lost in time and memories... and he wept for what they had and lost... and remembered her and the love they shared.

The sun was high when she walked the beach, digging her feet into the hard packed sand, the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico between her and the man she loved, a few thousand miles to the west.

"I miss you, Scott," she told him in her mind. "I think about you, every day. We were so lucky to touch each other this time around. So lucky to touch... and kiss... and love... Oh, my love... my love," she cried. The tears flowed once again as she remembered him... and their time together... his arms enfolding her... his hands on her... his mouth... her body responding to him... their hearts full... souls in harmony... wanting more... wishing... remembering...

"Catch me, Scottie," she laughed, holding her skirts up as she darted across the sand. "Catch me if you can."

"When I get my hands on you," he yelled in mock anger as he chased his naughty bride. "I'm going to warm that little fanny of yours!"

"Promises, promises," Lexi giggled, then squealed when she tripped on a stone, her skirts flying high and exposing the length of her legs as well as her bare bottom.

Arching a brow at her bare cheeks, he scowled at her giggle when he swooped her up into his arms. "Where are your pantalets, baby girl?"

"Didn't feel like wearing any," she admitted, her head down and with an impish grin, peeked at him from under her lashes.

"Going to give you such a spanking," he glowered at her, his hands cupping her bare cheeks. Then, forgetting his ire, he kissed her soundly.

"Will you give me a sweet spanking, Scottie?" she asked, hugging him. "And love me afterwards?" she added, nibbling on his lip, and rubbing her lips against his cheek.

"Of course," he smiled at the soft and warm half-imp, half-siren in his arms. "And then, I'll love you again."

"How long will you love me?"

"Throughout eternity, brat-angel," he swore. "Throughout eternity."

~ End ~

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