Just Once...
Part One
by sarAdora

Inserting a worn leather wallet into the inside pocket of an old faded jacket, his fingers caught the edge of a small slip of paper. Legs suddenly weak, he sat heavily on the bed, re-reading the words written there. Just once... Sylva

The ache in his heart resurfaced, the memories bitter and sweet throwing him back in time.

"Syl..." he whispered to the shadows in the room, unaware a rare wayward tear coursed its way down his face and onto his lap. "Just one more time, Syl. Just one more time."


Two years earlier...

The monthly spanking party was held in an old elegant retreat in Estes Park. Most attendees lived in Colorado although all members of a particular spanking story site had been invited. He had been passing through the area on business and dropped in, thinking it would be an interesting weekend diversion.

The first social event was an afternoon gathering in the ballroom and all Tops were expected to wear nametags. Unattached bottoms could wear their nametags covered if they so desired. Everyone was excited about the upcoming evening event - spanking would be allowed, although bottoms could flag their nametags as "observers" if they wanted to watch the event rather than participate.

"RockyMountainHigh" stood on the sidelines, watching the action, putting names and faces together from the spanking site and admiring all the pretty butts he had only imagined when he read various stories and posts. There were quite a few bottoms he thought he'd like to take over his knee, but never one to rush into things, refrained from getting too friendly, too soon.

He spotted her the minute she walked into the room.


Her dark brown hair was piled loosely on top of her head, a few stray curls caressing her neck and shoulders. Looks like silk, he mused, feeling an instant and immediate urge to rub his fingers through those tresses just to test the texture.

Dark glasses hid her eyes but didn't obscure her high cheekbones or a pair of very pretty lips. Round breasts and a small waist were emphasized by her form fitting turtleneck dress and he chuckled softly when he felt a twitch in his groin since he had yet to see her ass.

Her floor-length skirt flared slightly over her hips and briefly, he held his breath, hoping she'd walk his way. Bet she smells good, too. She seemed hesitant to be there and he watched her hug the wall as she walked around the edge of the room.

He didn't have to think twice. He knew he wanted her across his lap and later, under him.

He came up behind her on silent feet, startling her for an instant. "The sun's not too bright in here," he teased, his voice gravel and resonant in her ear.

Laughing softly, she removed the glasses, slipping them into a hidden pocket and turned toward him. Taking a deep breath, she looked into his eyes and smiled.

He smiled back. He had been right. She smelled good - like jasmine sweetening the air on a sun-drenched day. He inhaled and was instantly intoxicated.


"We knew... didn't we, Syl? We knew it was good right away," he murmured, picturing her in his mind's eye as she looked that day. "We looked... we smiled... we touched... it felt so right... the two of us. Like we had done this before... somewhere... some place."


"So you're RockyMountainHigh," she smiled, cupping his cheek with a soft hand. "You look just like I imagined you to be."

"You imagined me?" he asked, flattered she thought of him, catching her hand and without coherent thought, turned his mouth into her palm.

"Rocky for short?" she queried, dark eyes twinkling at the soft and unexpected kiss, ignoring his question as a blush rose on her skin.

"Rocky's fine," he replied, enjoying her blush as he kissed her palm again. "What shall I call you?" he asked, disappointed her nametag was covered.

"Lady will do," she said enigmatically, a shy smile curving her lips.

"Do you post to the site?" he asked, determined to know her... have her... searching for any shred of information that would give him a clue to her identity.

"Yes," she answered, meeting his eyes, the tip of her tongue wetting her upper lip.

"Tell me who you are," he said softly but with a hint of command. Reaching for her other hand, he grasped both of them in his, his dominant side quickly surfacing.

"No," she said as softly.

"Why not?" he asked, keeping his voice low, unwilling to let her go, hoping he hadn't frightened her in any way.

"Because you're... because..." she seemed suddenly nervous.


He remembered guiding her through the ballroom's balcony doors, leading her to a shadowed corner away from prying eyes and ears. "I'm listening," he had answered, meeting her gaze and feeling as if they had known each other before.

Before what? his conscience asked. Before when?

"I don't know," he murmured to the empty room. "Before this time?" Shaking his head at the utter nonsense in his mind, he smiled sadly at his memories. "What ever it was, we recognized each other instantly."


"I'm listening," he reminded her, pulling her closer to his side as they let the shadows hide them. "You won't tell me who you are because...?"

"Because..." she hesitated, "I'm not ready for you to know me, yet."

"But you know me," he argued. "Don't you?"

"Yes," she acknowledged, caressing the curve of his jaw as if she already knew how the shape of his face would fit her hand. "As soon as I heard your voice in my ear, I knew you." She seemed as surprised at her words as he was and looked at him, eyes wide, her gaze intent.

"How? Where?" he asked, perplexed. "Where did you know me? When did we meet?"

"It's Zack, isn't it?" she said, more a confirmation than a question. "Your given name is Zachary."

He stared. How did she know? He had never posted under his own name.

"Kiss me, Zack," she leaned toward the man her soul recognized. "And then, you'll know who I am."

Gathering her closer into an embrace, he cupped her face with a large but gentle hand, touching her mouth with his. Her lips were soft to the touch and without conscious thought, his tongue sought entrance between them. Probing her mouth, he found it sweet and then, as if a goose had danced across his grave, was startled and pulled back to look at her. "S... Sylva?" The name came out of nowhere, flashing through his head, making him inhale sharply. How did I know her name? "Sylva," he said again, testing her name on his tongue and wondering why he felt like he had been kicked in the ass.

Memories flooded over him - nothing distinct - just bits and pieces of feelings, the touch of her skin, his mouth at her breast, his hands cupping her ass, her mons, the feel of her inner walls surrounding him. He knew everything there was to know about her and absolutely nothing he could put his finger on, but the strongest feeling of dj vu pulled at him. There were no coherent thoughts in his head as he stared at her, just those feelings that they were connected somehow and an intense need to be connected again.

"Sylva," he murmured once again. "How did I know your name?"

"I don't know," she whispered, afraid to voice anything out loud, certain the men in white coats would show up and take her away if she did.

"How long have you...?" he began, his voice husky with disbelief.

"I... there was... I had a feeling... one of your posts. It seemed to... I thought I recognized... I mean... I... it's silly. I don't know how long... when you came up behind me a few minutes ago... I heard your voice and I just knew. I don't know what else to tell you. Zack," she pleaded sotto voce, "I just knew."

"You're Sylva," he smiled, dismissing his momentary leap into madness. Back in control of his wits, he caught her in a tight hug, and laughed softly. "I always read your posts... and your sexy stories. He grinned, watching the blush rise on her face. "You write very sexy stories, little one." "You think my stories are sexy?" she asked shyly, dipping her head under his chin.

"When I read one of your stories," he murmured in her ear, "I want to be him... with her over my lap... my hands caressing her... patting those round globes... touching... spanking lightly... making her hot... making her wet... making love..."

"Zack..." she breathed.


They had lost track of time, he remembered, holding hands and talking throughout the afternoon, sharing bits and pieces of themselves. His voice rumbled over her, his arms pulling her close when he needed to touch her face, his lips brushing her brow, her cheek, the sweet spot on her neck. Her answering murmurs lingered in his mind, but every time her palm cupped his face, he felt a stirring deep inside him - as if every one of his lonely and empty spots responded to her touch.

Recalling their first time together, he remembered every detail of their joining... how she looked across his lap... how she felt beneath him... the sounds she made in ecstasy.

"Just one more time, Syl..." he whispered to the empty room. "Just one more time."


They skipped the organized dinner and the evening's spanking party, content in a cocoon of their own making. Instead, they ordered room service and a bottle of wine, relaxing in her hotel room.

"Syl..." he groaned after they dined, pulling her onto his lap. "I want to make love to you."

"Zack..." she murmured, gazing up at him.

"I can't wait any longer," he insisted, his hot breath washing over her. "Do you want me?"

"I've wanted you for a long time, Zack. I just didn't know it was you I wanted."

"Tell me what you want," he said softly as his mouth captured hers, stealing her breath, his hands beginning the slow sensuous dance down her back to cup her bottom cheeks. "Tell me what you want and I'll give it to you."

"Just once..." she replied, her words a quiet vow. "I want to see your face next to mine on a pillow. Just once... I want to feel your smile on my lips after you've made love to me. Just once... I want your warm breath to caress my throat and your voice in my ear telling me your dreams. Just once... I want to feel your arms holding me while I sleep. Just once... I want your hand cupping my face as you look into my eyes and see how much I desire you. Just once... I want to lay across your lap and feel your hand warming me till I cry out my need. Just once... I want to feel your mouth suckling at my breast and between my thighs. Just once... I want to love you with my hands and lips and tongue. Just once... I want you to know how much I need you... how much I want you. Just once... I want you to fill me... and make me yours. Just once... before we die."

~ End Part One ~

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